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  1. Paultergeist

    Don't laugh.....I am riding a Honda Grom.....

    That is a great idea. I just stumbled across your Alaska trip thread......when you get back and have recovered, it may be time for mini-bikes!
  2. Paultergeist

    Never really considered myself a Honda guy

    Thank you for posting that first photo -- with all the bikes lined-up. I am going to show that picture to my wife: "See honey, I don't have nearly enough motorcycles...."
  3. Paultergeist

    Don't laugh.....I am riding a Honda Grom.....

    Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome. TrophyHunter, I ride out in your part of the world primarily (Jamul, Potrero, Campo, etc, also Julian, Ramona), as these parts are accessible via non-freeway from Lemon Grove. Picking your brain over a beverage would be great -- my schedule opens up a lot more after the fourth of July.
  4. ....but I believe a considerably-larger motorcycle is in my future. Greetings. My name is Paul, and I live in Lemon Grove. I have had a Honda Grom for almost two years now, and have ridden around much of San Diego County backroads on that bike. At only 125cc, the Grom is not exactly freeway-friendly (or legal), but the little bike has surprised me with what it could do. Aside from pavement, the bike has handled dirt roads around Anza Borrego, Jamul / Chula Vista, Ramona, and some of McCain Valley Road near Campo. It is the first motorcycle I have owned in quite a few years, and I am having a good time with it. It is small and light enough that my buddy and I (he owns one as well) can simply pick the bikes up and load them on his truck if we want to haul them somewhere. The engine is super-easy to work on and overall, the machine has been a lot of fun for me. I am, however, finding myself desiring to go farther off-road than the Grom is equipped to handle. Some folks have taken Groms and highly-modified them to make them more dirt-capable. While that is yet an intriguing idea, I have a feeling that a better path for me may be to simply get a larger bike more suited to my future riding intentions. With that, I went on-line to do some research regarding bikes and stumbled upon this forum. I am initially looking forward to discussing specific motorcycles with others possessing more experience than myself, and I hope to join in on some of the group rides. Anyway, that's my story. I am happy to be here.