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  1. I came into a pair of excellent condition Klim Latitude pants in size 38 that I'll never be tall enough for and hopefully won't fill out from all the quarantining. Also have a Garmin GPSmaps 78 like new. Never figured out the software, so it's looking for someone who can use it. (GPS Kevin? Maybe it is too legacy even for him) Comes with rechargeable batteries. The former owner of the pants would be happy to know they're out riding again. Price too low to mention. ; ) Well, Goofy Footer is the proud new owner of the Garmin. If anyone could use the pants, I'm willing to make it an early Christmas gift. They really are nice, but I swim in them.
  2. I'm looking for a shop to work on my 97 Road King. I'm not very experienced, so looking for someone trustworthy. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hello, adventure riders. My name is John, I'm 57 and I ride an'07 DR 650. It is my first bike, I also ride a '97 Road King. I've had the DR for about 4 years and have done more road than dirt, but really want to work on my dirt skills and leave the pavement behind more. I met Dan rider at his day job and he encouraged me to join. I'd like to join some easy day rides to work on those skills. I'm also interested in learning more about buying and using a GPS that's suited to the purpose. Thanks for the encouragement and knowledge base. I look forward to meeting up and riding.