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  1. To follow up on this. I ended up going with Superior Metal Finish in Spring Valley, just based on a few Yelp reviews. Gloss black powder coat. The good: Decent prep, degreased and sand blasted and threaded holes plugged. Good application, thick, even, well cured and hard, looks good. Reasonable price quoted up front. The bad: I told them be sure not to paint over the VIN, I need that to be readable. And don't get any paint on the steering head bearing races. Sure, sure, no problem we'll be sure not to do that. Of course they did both. Added another couple days with them as they fixed that, but they did fix it pretty well. And they were never done when they said they would be, so call or text to confirm work is ready to pick up.
  2. To follow up on this. I called NCY and talked to them about what I wanted done. They said they would just send the head out to Motor Works in National City, so I might as well deal with them directly. So I went down to check them out. Very legit operation, got great service from Cisco there, head was done in a day, reasonable price, quality result, I'm happy.
  3. Thanks simi and paul, some good leads there.
  4. I need someone local to SD who can do 3-angle valve work on a KTM RFS head. Who do you recommend? Thanks, --Paul Q-B
  5. I'm gonna pull the motor on my 2002 KTM 400 EXC for a bottom end job and figure this is the time to repaint the frame. I'm thinking to go with a nice hard urethane vs. powder coat, but could go either way. Good prep and good result essential. Any recommendations? Thanks! --Paul Q-B
  6. Q-B

    SOLD - 14” Bandsaw

    Now sitting in my shop. Thanks, David!