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  1. wr250rrrrr

    Coast Highway VR Ride

    Del Dios with the GoPro Fusion 360
  2. I had a pretty sweet VR camera for the weekend. This is best viewed with Google cardboard or VR goggles. If you watch it in 2D it's kinda lame. I figured I'd post it because it's the only thing stereoscopic 360 that can do 4K and be mounted to a helmet. The stitching gets wonky when objects are too close to it, so I returned it. The GoPro Fusion is not stereoscopic, but seems to be the best way to record now. I hope the stereoscopic stuff gets lighter and smaller. Camera - https://vuze.camera/camera/vuze-camera
  3. wr250rrrrr

    Anyone else geochache while riding

    Is it cool enough yet?
  4. wr250rrrrr

    Commitment, regardless

    Thanks. I didn't think so. Nothing like starting out a video doing illegal stuff, then preaching made up laws lol. Maybe it will take the focus off my (legal) video for a bit.
  5. wr250rrrrr

    Commitment, regardless

    Wow, I must really be a dick because I didn't know this and do it all the time! Is this true? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4SePfjpv_Q
  6. wr250rrrrr

    Left on red, not happening.

    More tests, I hope to try out a couple more things tomorrow.
  7. wr250rrrrr

    Left on red, not happening.

    The iron foil didn't make a difference
  8. wr250rrrrr

    Commitment, regardless

    I agree, it does look like I was aggravating the situation. The thing is the GoPro is on my helmet, and I turned my head, I did not steer toward the truck. I think the wide FOV causes it to look that way. I was in the middle of the lane the entire time. If you pause at the end and look at the bottom of the video you can see. I made eye contact with the guy, which you can't see well in the video either. He was yielding to me, but not stopping. There was a car right behind me and the car let the guy in, causing everyone behind the car to rage and start making dangerous passes. It interests me because at work when I'm committed to doing something, and I have to stop to do something else it bothers me. I think that when a lot of drivers get the idea of doing something in their head, it's hard for them to shake the idea. I also kinda feel like people think that since they're in front of you, they have the right of way, in a right on red situation.
  9. wr250rrrrr

    Commitment, regardless

    This wasn't a close call, just one of the few times the camera was rolling. I don't get why people are so committed to right on red. I see it all day long. People are always telling me to chill out, yet I actually stop and yield in this kind of situation.
  10. wr250rrrrr

    Staying cool with gear on

    Yeah I figured there must be some people here in the same predicament. Actually, I should be wearing some armor instead of the jacket. The jacket isn't bad it's perforated textile with the armor built in. There's some really cheap armor on Amazon... I'll probably swing by Cycle Gear and get something. My 500 mile service is this week, and then I don't care how hot it is, I'm going to the desert.
  11. wr250rrrrr

    Staying cool with gear on

    I've been looking at some jackets and vests that have hoses and cooling water flows through them. It's pretty neat but then you need a source of cold water, which is usually large and doesn't last long. Even the smallest peltier cooler that runs on 12v seems bulky and excessive. Okay, anything on a 250cc seems bulky lol... Then you've got the evaporative stuff. They rely on humidity to be less than 75%, and work really well in dry climates. If you sweat you don't have to add water, if you don't sweat a little water will last longer than I had expected. The issue is if you wear stuff like this under a jacket, or under a helmet, it won't be able to evaporate, and becomes useless. This started as an effort to reduce my electricity bill at home (not a good place for solar panels) I decided to try out something cheap. I got this last week - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0091CBUHK I work from home, and with this I am able to comfortably tolerate 80 degrees at around 50-60% humidity. I'm impressed with how well it works. I programmed my AC to turn on for 10 minutes every hour, during the time where I'm home alone working. The AC is mainly to reduce the humidity. I went for a ride on Saturday, and thought maybe if I put the headband around my neck it would help. I went home and grabbed it, tied it around my neck and it helped quite a bit. The best part is that it works while you're stopped, which is really the only time this heat bothers me. I don't mind anything above 5 mph. Anything below and I start considering riding in shorts and a tee shirt. Since there is a lot of blood flow through your neck, cooling your neck cools your core temp as well. Anyway, I'd say it's the best $6 I've spent in a long time.
  12. wr250rrrrr

    Left on red, not happening.

    Thanks guys. There's a little delay because I'm waiting for parts, I think I may have found a 100% legal super cheap solution. Based on my research, the following statement is true, but not all of the time. "The ferromagnetic effect increases loop inductance. However, vehicle-induced eddy currents decrease loop inductance even more. Therefore, net effect is decreased loop inductance when a vehicle passes through the detection zone of an inductive loop". Ferromagnetic effect is metal containing iron in a magnetic field. Vehicle induced eddy currents will vary based on the orientation of the device (starter, solenoid, relay, etc) that produces the field. If the inductive loop is north side up, and you produce a north side down field, there won't be much effect. Another huge problem is that some sensors are south side up, so when your vehicle induced field works on one sensor, it's not always going to work on the other. A wire loop works really well. The loop should be a single turn, and shorted where the wire's ends meet. The effect gets smaller with the loop. So if you were to put a wire loop on your bike, it may end up too large because the effect lessens as it gets further from the sensor. Ideally your loop would be the same size as the traffic sensor loop, and that's not gonna happen. Because there are way too many variables involved, and because the highway department isn't going to audit and fix every single sensor. I think the only solution is to carry some iron. Bikes have high ground clearance and very little iron. The thought of adding iron weight to my bike is not appealing, although I'm willing to bet an iron kickstand in the down position would be more than enough. Anyway, there's iron foil, just like tin foil, but iron. Pretty cool. I have some on order from China and it's going to be a couple of weeks before it gets here. My thought is to make boot inserts, a few layers thick would not be noticeable, and cheap enough to cover all of your footwear for a couple of bucks. This way the type, orientation and frequency of the traffic sensor doesn't matter.
  13. wr250rrrrr

    Left on red, not happening.

    Cool dude, I have a lot of hobby robotics experience. My race data logger is coming along nicely, maybe we can compare notes sometime.
  14. wr250rrrrr

    Left on red, not happening.

    Thanks Daryl. Yeah I tried that, I think the main issue is that the starter isn't close enough to the traffic sensor. The WR250R doesn't fire right up when the engine it hot. I would imagine it cranks over enough times to require enough power to create a decent field. I think a lot of that field is attenuated by the metal case around it, the rest is gone from my ground clearance.
  15. wr250rrrrr

    Left on red, not happening.

    Obviously none of this post should be considered or used as advice on what to do in any situation. Thanks. I made some calls today. I was told this by a traffic supervisor cop (not my words). Going through a red light that is operational (for everyone else) is illegal and you'll get a ticket. If the traffic signal is off, as in no lights in any direction, only then is it legal to proceed. Stuck lights (even with cars) and lights that cycle too quickly are considered (by the police) to be operational and they will write tickets. The judge usually dismisses the case, unless you caused an accident, or did this in a reckless manner. That's great and all but I really don't want to have to run red lights, and certainly don't have the time to get pulled over. I had a hard time search for the actual written laws, but I don't think it matters. According to this it's the traffic engineer's problem: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB672 I called the traffic engineering dept in San Diego and Vista. Civil Engineers were happy to answer questions. They said what everyone else says, magnets on the kickstand, with the kickstand down, at the edge of the loop. That's not a good solution for me, the only way that would work is to disable the ignition interlock on the kickstand. They offered to send someone out to the light at the end of my street. They just ripped up that intersection and added another lane so I would assume that the electronics are new and hopefully adjustable. They also said there's an app, "San Diego Get It Done." Any traffic signal that doesn't detect motorcycles should be reported. Especially left-turn pockets because they are newer loops, and are designed to detect bicycles. You can get a lot more detailed info here, specific to the intersection, but it's not updated often - http://www.dot.ca.gov/serp.html?q=inductive+loops&cx=001779225245372747843%3Auh1ozfcfcdu&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&nojs=1 And here - https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/research/operations/its/06108/02.cfm I built my own loop (figure 2-5). I'm reading it with an inductance meter so we can draw some conclusions and maybe clear up some of the problem. A lot of these are obvious, some were not. 1. The inductance changes the most with proximity. 2. The mass doesn't matter. 3. The loop generates its own magnetic field. The side facing up will be north or south, if you're using a magnet, use two one with N down and one w/ S down. This could be why magnets work for some people and not for others. 4. The edge of the loop isn't much more sensitive than the middle. 5. I better get back to work, more later.