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  1. I bought a Race Tech SRSP 622856 Sport Shock Spring 5.6 kg/mm for my WR450 and then realized I needed a different size, so I'm selling this new one for $75 shipped. It's brand new and has never been mounted on anything. It's been sitting on my workbench waiting to go on the bike when I realized it's not the one I need. My loss is your gain, I'll be buying another one for $100. (stock ebay image but it looks just like this)
  2. FTL900

    I want a 450!

    Been there, done that. I had my 450 taken apart the first week I got it, to go thru the carb and to replace the faulty electric starter. Now it runs better, but 3-4 rides later, the e-start is too slow, so I gotta check connections and then take that apart again. I'm gonna do the 2004 e-stater mod while I'm in there.
  3. FTL900

    Variety of garage stuff for sale

    MAN, I need one of those utility carts but I'm in LAS VEGAS.... oh well. GLWS. Those work lights on a stand also double as a great garage heater while you're working!
  4. FTL900

    Noobish Death Valley Dirt Roads?

    Scotty's Castle was on the local news last night and they were showing the damage and how much they've cleaned up. They may be open by now, call ahead for updated info.
  5. FNG in Vegas, I'm pretty active on ADVrider and someone there mentioned this forum as a great resource for information on trips south of the border. I'm planning an asphalt excursion next spring, and it'll be 5 Baja n00bs, so I'm currently in the early planning phase. We'll be going down as far as Bahia de LA. I'm also looking at a longer trip (3-4 weeks) into mainland Mexico later, dates will be set after the baja trip. Pic from our week-long Oregon trip, August 2015.