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  1. What's your status? If you can make it I'll move forward and get my name printed on my jersey as well so we can match. too much bro love for me, you too killed me last weekend. I have family stuff going on but have fun guys Haha! Don't pull the trigger on those jersey prints just yet little guy. I will keep you posted. Really gotta sweet talk the wife after being gone all last weekend.
  2. RP415

    Big Bear dose

    What an Amazing ride! Here is a little video of me following Brian (BP619) up tree trail.
  3. Taking the wife out to dinner and buying her flowers today! I want to do this ride bad. Pics from past years look amazing!
  4. RP415

    Big Bear dose

    Tree trail. South of Big Bear city. Thanx for the info Mimi
  5. RP415

    Big Bear dose

    Looks awesome! What area of Bear is that second video in?
  6. It's pouring in downtown SD. If the rain makes it up to Ramona riding should be awesome tonight!
  7. Sounds like a fun adventure! I want in on one of these soon!
  8. Wow Brian nice find! But you missed out watching the sunset with a bunch of dudes...
  9. I am watching this one...sounds fun if its not too hot!
  10. RP415

    Saturday or Sunday?

    Im a for sure maybe on this ride as well. Sounds fun just gotta make sure Sunday is free.
  11. Super fun ride and really good write up Truman. Can't wait to do it again!
  12. Yeah I was talking to Jason about my 500 on the 2'fer Tuesday ride and 2 days later he had one LOL
  13. Good time for sure. Might have to change your name to "TheFlyingCowboy" haha!
  14. RP415

    Saturday or Sunday?

    Fun ride today Brian! Lets make this one happen soon!