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  1. Hello Bri-Man. How's your planning going? Doing a similar trip in October. I too am in my early 40's so we must be going through a mid-life something, ha, ha. 11 Days. San Diego to Cabo and back. On as much popular trail single track as I can get my tires on, but then a ride back on the highway so as to not take too much time off from work. I'm looking for some help finding camper shell trail. Purchased Lizard Ladies v1, the E32 topo gps maps to go with my Garmin Montana, but no mention of camper shell. Understand it, like a good surf break, needs to be protected so totally appreciate that. Any info on camper shell would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. So new to this forum... pretty cool how Eric kept everyone posted the entire time. Did anyone ever see his official write up? Would love to learn more about his route too \ learn from his experience. Planning the same type of trip this October. San Diego, CA driveway to Cabo, Cabo to driveway. Glad he made it back.