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  1. paranoid56

    Rekluse Core EXP 3.0

    man, this is the first i have heard of this lol. quickly looking at some online stuff it says for regular bikes they should be changed every 30hrs of riding? i am at almost 1000 miles on my drz and i have had it on since new lol however looking, i cant totally figure out what "dampers" are. does anybody have a pic?
  2. paranoid56


    having a gps always sounds nicer. trying to figure out a race book sounds like a PITA as i have never seen one in person lol. However i do love watching Dakar.
  3. paranoid56

    Spot GEN3

    super tempting, i have the trace on my truck and should pick up another one for my bike as its parked outside.
  4. paranoid56

    Rekluse Core EXP 3.0

    anybody have this setup on their DRZ400? i have had it for a year or so, but on my last trip out i killed the clutch lol. I am wondering if i am not riding it correctly, IE keep it at a higher RPM then normal to keep the holding power.
  5. paranoid56

    New guy in Mira Mesa

    doh, i missed them
  6. paranoid56

    New guy in Mira Mesa

    Hello all, new guy here in Mira Mesa. Currently riding a new DRZ400SM but trying to find some dirt wheels. Dont get to ride as much as i want as i work to damn much was riding a old xr650l for a long time till a lady pulled out in front of me and decided she wanted to stop if you see me riding around feel free to say hi