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    Be at punto conejo BCS for 2014 Baja 1000 and thankfully every year after that!
  1. I found this one on the Pacific side way down south of Punta Conejo. Can ride on top or on the sand below.
  2. I will be riding all over around the Los Barriles area on my new 350 exc November and December. Hit me up when any of you get near by.
  3. o3dave

    Anyone here have the brand new 14 KTM 500EXC?

    Im looking to pull the trigger on a new 500 exc also. KTM says change the oil every 500 miles and adjust the valves every other oil change? Sounds to fussy for me. Hoping to hear otherwise.
  4. o3dave

    First post

    Hi all, found this site on google. Im planning my first big ride to Cabo from NW Oregon. Looking forward to learning some GPS and route info as well as gear and what works and doesnt. Dave