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  1. Damn wish I could join you guys - have fun, looking forward to photos RIDE SAFE HERMANOS
  2. It's very important to torque the lower triple clamp to 10nm and the upper to 17nm as well. They are sensitive to over-torquing the lower, for sure. My '17 CC forks have been serviced twice and look okay/"normal" so far...
  3. My (carbureted) 2014 Beta 498RR setup for Baja/desert (when I lived in SD) has 6,000 miles and 180 hours on it with zero issues. Suspension was meh out of the box - reliability, engine, and fit for my frame are excellent. George and a couple other tuners improved the suspension after ~$700 in work. My 2017 Beta 300RR Race Edition now has 99 hours on it and all that's gone wrong (at 50 hours) was a leaky thermostat. Yanked the t-stat and added silicon hoses. No issues since then. I can say that my 2017 suspension is light years better than the 2014. Sachs rear shock might be unchanged since '14 (unsure), but the forks are WAAAY better. The Race Edition has the CC forks. No valving, no tuning, just re-sprung for my weight. Very happy with the 300. But a 2019 GasGas EC300 will be my next singletrack machine (if I ever wear out the 300RR) Cheers from Idaho!
  4. Hey everyone! I've already searched the forum, but didn't find anything about this... I have a couple Montana friends visiting in the next month, both of whom would like to ride while they're here. One of my buddies will ride my other bike, but that still leaves one of them without a dirt scooter. Are there any shops/companies that rent DECENT DIRT BIKES (ie. WRs, KTM EXCs, XR 400s, etc) for trail riding in/around San Diego? A beat up KLR will not help, as we'll head to McCain or Corral for a day or two for some intermediate singletrack. Thanks!
  5. mtnmanseth

    SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    Arnie guided my very first Baja ride - just for the day for lobsters at Puerto Nuevo in late 2013. I was fresh from Montana with a DR650 and was admittedly nervous about going into Mexico on a motorcycle. Arnie provided reassuring words and a consistent smile throughout the experience. Arnie helped me with a couple maintenance projects since then, and I attended a couple of his flat track races in Del Mar just to cheer him on. He was always, always positive and enthusiastic. He was a great guy. I'm stunned by this news. You will be missed, Afry.
  6. mtnmanseth

    Off to Ridaho - Thanks SDAR!

    I haven't been too active on here lately, but before I move to southwest Idaho later this week I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to many SDAR folks who have helped me with bike maintenance and been my tour guide since moving to SD in 2013. I recall Googling "San Diego dual sport" and stumbled on the SDAR forum. I met many of my best SoCal moto homies through this forum and it was great to see you each year at club events and the Desert Dash. This is a great community of knowledgeable and generous fellow moto nerds, and I'm glad I found ya! Feel free to PM me if you find yourself near Boise. Ride safe!
  7. Good plan! I'm out - decided to move to Idaho early. Have a great time
  8. I have that time off and am interested in joining. Do you know the trails in the area fairly well? I'd likely bring the new (MT plated) 2T Beta for techy singletrack, if that's your jam too...
  9. mtnmanseth

    2017 KTM/Husky300 2T tech stuff FYI

    Hahaha! Nnnnerd! Ps. See you Sunday buddy
  10. Shot in the dark, but anyone driving from Vegas to SD in next couple weeks with room for a moto? Considering a new 2T 300 from a Vegas dealership - but need to get the bike here! Braaaap!
  11. mtnmanseth

    Anyone driving from Vegas with room for a bike?

    Yeah but most strippers don't drive a pickup?
  12. mtnmanseth

    2001 YZ125 Basket case project (done)

    You should really consider running 33:1 instead Stellar work homie, Can't wait to BRAAAP it!
  13. Comment submitted to CA State Parks. Still researching about National Monuments and developing an opinion. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to PARTICIPATE in public policy SDAR!
  14. Pro Tip: The "discounts" can be HUGE... Motoworld gave me 20% off $600 knee braces recently!! Couldn't believe it - was so pumped about that. Thanks, Admins, for making this a great community. Many have helped me with bike maintenance projects (thank you), and I've met my favorite douchebag moto bros off SDAR (you know who you are). I'll be contributing.
  15. mtnmanseth

    The Rincon Trail Itch

    April or May? In.
  16. mtnmanseth

    Happy Birthday Crawdaddy!

    HBDCDYBADY!! (happy birthday crawdaddy you bad ass daddy you)
  17. mtnmanseth

    Dirt bike rental in San Diego?

    Thanks guys. Tom, I'll be in touch!
  18. I'll be there with a gal on a XT225... perfect. Save me some training wheels!
  19. Hey guys, don't mean to hijack the thread, but was planning on doing a 3-day Baja blast w Rigger this weekend (Tecate -> Meling -> Coyote Cals) but am reading all about protests and unrest due to gas prices at the New Year. They apparently hijacked a fuel tanker in Rosarito within the last couple days and a friend said they experienced several days delay headed from Cabo due to bridges being blockaded by burning tires and fuel through northern Baja was scarce. Anyone have any up-to-date info on safety and whether gas will be avail @ Sawmill or Valley T these days? http://www.bajainsider.com/article/gasoline-price-hike-sparks-protests-still-shortages EDIT: Talked to Goofy, sounds like this weekend is not good timing for a big loop. Trip postponed.
  20. Wow, average of 233 miles/day for 6 days. That's intense. I would certainly get my moto fix and gladly put my bike on a truck after that trip! It's on my must-do list in the next few years, I'll have to connect with Andy re: route and trip prep. Thanks for update.
  21. This ---- pisses me off so much. So conditional and hypocritical. We have to stay out, but as soon as big energy wants a piece, "Be our guest!" We will ride.
  22. mtnmanseth

    Let's See Your Christmas Toys!!

    Naw, looks like it but it's mounted to a fairly sturdy large commercial computer desk (with steel base)... may be moving the vise to my new tool chest, but the wood top is so nice it might be hard to drill holes in. Let's ride, punk.
  23. mtnmanseth

    Let's See Your Christmas Toys!!

    New tool chest from Costco!