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  1. Good luck! The technician test is not too hard as long as you read the study guide and prepare with flashcards and practice tests from hamstudy. They just released a phone app as well, if that's something that interests you. The website still works on the mobile browser, but the app is a little better on your phone. It's only a couple bucks I think.
  2. @Rexx Riot unfortunately due to some changes at the city of Carlsbad, we're not able to use the location we were previously at. We have a new location in the works and I think we'll be ready by September for the first test. If you need testing sooner you can check the SANDARC website for a different location, or if that doesn't work I can see about holding a special session. Yes the test prep is still the same - the KB6NU guide and hamstudy.org are the best resources out there in my opinion. As far as finding repeaters, you'll want to check out websites like Repeaterbook.com and see whats in the area you will be riding. For radios - you can go from something as cheap as a 25 dollar Baofeng, up to hundreds of dollars for the new digital handhelds. A lot of people kinda crap on the Baofengs because cheap and Chinese, but to be honest, the newer ones aren't bad. And the best radio is one that you don't care about damaging. I'd never want a multi-hundred dollar radio on my bike or in my pack when I ride.
  3. I was hoping to give a quick heads up about my radio club, we've got a better time and location now - 2nd saturday of every month in carlsbad at the police station, and the tests are free
  4. I had to do the same with my Tundra, air bags work great.
  5. Anyone want a free hand toolbox or three? I'm in San Marcos.
  6. I'd be interested in this. Does the engine run but it's a pump issue?
  7. Hello all - My club (Tri-Arc) has been offering ham radio testing on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:30am. Our testing is 100% free - just show up with your ID and you can test. We do prefer if you pre-register with us so we can have the paperwork pre-filled out for you, unless you like filling out forms. Because we fill out everything electronically, you'll get your callsign by the next business day, unlike some other clubs where it can take weeks. You can find more information on our website: http://exam.kk6nlw.com/ If you are interested in studying for the test I can recommend both the "No nonsense guide" by KB6NU and HamStudy.org. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  8. Daniel

    Car / Vehicle VHF radio

    Exactly - it's kinda a huge pita.
  9. Daniel

    Car / Vehicle VHF radio

    What you'd have to do is make your own - if Rugged Radios could give you a bare wire harness it could be done - there's an RJ45 for the mic that you can get the pinout for and a 3.5mm audio jack for a speaker on the back - it's not impossible, but it's not simple either.
  10. Daniel

    Car / Vehicle VHF radio

    Here's one that might be good for us - they are super flexible which means less chance of snapping it. Made by the guy who runs hamstudy.org so it goes to a good cause too. I've got one and it works great. https://signalstuff.com/antennas/
  11. Daniel

    Car / Vehicle VHF radio

    Yes, a mobile radio inside a vehicle does not work. Getting even the shittiest $5 chinese mag mount will help.
  12. Daniel

    Car / Vehicle VHF radio

    You are correct that the difference from 5 to 8 or 10 watts is not much of a change. See here: http://geoffthegreygeek.com/amplifier-power/ Really the most important thing is a good antenna to make sure that most of that power is actually getting transmitted.
  13. Daniel

    Car / Vehicle VHF radio

    I have a Yaesu FT-8800r, it cost around $300. The reason I picked this radio was that I could unlock it for transmission on any bands(not that I would ever do anything illegal like that), and its VHF/UHF, with dual VFOs. Then I slapped a mag mount on the center of the roof of the truck - whatever was cheap at HRO. Do you need VHF and UHF? VHF only radios can be had for cheap - like the FT-2900r(right now around $150, but seen it around $130 on sale). Like Sneeker said, the antenna is key. You'll want to try to place it in the center of a large metal surface - like the center of the roof. If you aren't averse to drilling holes, that would be the best way because you will get a better ground plane - I'm going to do it soon with my truck and ditch the mag mount.
  14. Daniel


    The cart & box for $50? How tall is the cart? I'm wondering if it will fit under my workbench. Edit: actually I can figure out a way to stuff my old one underneath I think, so I think I want it. Whats the best way to contact you?