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  1. mufflerbearings

    RSV singletrack this weekend?

    I don't know why my previous post shows up so funky. Here's a pic:
  2. mufflerbearings

    RSV singletrack this weekend?

    Anyone want to ride some singletrack around Rancho Santa Veronica this weekend? I plan to truck my little 2-stroke down to RSV early Saturday morning, stay one night, and come home Sunday evening. Probably won't venture outside a twenty mile radius of RSV.I've only scratched the surface of the RSV trails on a way-too-big bike, so this will be a lot of aimless wandering and route finding on a more appropriately sized bike.Pic of smoker for attention. https://photos.smugmug.com/Anza-Borrego-Nov-2015/i-tRwHSxr/0/053bfb6d/X2/IMG_1097-X2.jpg
  3. mufflerbearings

    El Camino Del Diablo Gila Loop

    What a killer ride! I knew I should have ditched work and gone with you guys. Of course, I'd be looking for a new job now... but probably worth it.
  4. It was a great ride! Not as hot as I had anticipated, and in fact I even got rained on a bit. Since I was solo, I rode my KLR to force me to keep it mellow (it's also a much cushier ride for the three hours between my house and the border). I rode through the pine forest past Laguna Hanson, which still had a decent amount of water. I stopped and chatted for a while with Ruben at Oxxxo de la Sierra. He has two very basic but clean little cabins to rent. I think I'll head back up sometime this summer for a dedicated Laguna Hanson exploration trip and stay here. It was still early in the day by the time I reached the highway, so I pointed it for tacos in Valle T. I love old Japanese cars, so when I saw this Civic at the park, I had to ask the owner about it. He said it's been passed around between 17 brothers and sisters for the past 40 years. I took the wine road out to Highway 1, and crossed the highway to the coast and up to Erendira. I met a friendly group of riders at Coyote Cal's, and they introduced me to the legendary Larry of bajatrailrides.com fame. Larry is living the dream in San Vicente. I look forward to returning with a more appropriate bike to check out some of Larry's stash of singletrack. I rode Compadre back to the border. The road appeared to have been graded very recently, which created invisible grabby pockets of sand and silt (extra fun on a KLR!), but it should improve as it sees some traffic. Can't wait to head back...
  5. I'm the King of Short Notice. I'll really try to plan ahead next time and give some advanced notice so that I might have some company for a change!
  6. Well that's a bummer, Jacob. I hope you're up and running again soon. I'll be heading south again in a month or so; I'll hit you up then.
  7. Thank you for the heads-up, William. One never knows what kind of trail conditions to expect between Mikes and Coyote. I just take my time and look for bailout lines.
  8. I know it's very short notice, but I'm thinking of doing a mellow loop from Tecate to Rancho Coyote and on to Cal's this weekend. Those destinations aren't set in stone; as usual, I don't have any firm plan. I'll be on my XR650R and not tackling anything too difficult. Anyone interested in going?
  9. Day three photos?...... C'mon Tim - help me get through this work day!
  10. All the functions of the phone work. Text, email, internet, calls. There are sometimes weird connectivity issues, but for the most part, everything works the same as at home.
  11. Thanks for posting, Goofy Footer! Awaiting more photos!
  12. I have a pretty basic Verizon plan. When I cross into Mexico, everything works. Coverage isn't great in some rural areas, but that's to be expected. Verizon automatically charges $2 per day for each 24 hour period when the phone is used in Mexico. So if you use your phone in Mexico for three days during your billing cycle, you will only pay an additional $6 for unlimited usage in Mexico during those three days. There are no additional charges from Mexican carriers. This works in Baja and on the mainland. Just call Verizon and tell them you want this service.
  13. I think the drunk guy is rather handsome. Thanks for letting me camp and ride with you guys! I'm just glad everyone made it home safely after all the head-on collision/flat tire drama. I managed to get exactly one photo before my camera gave up. (No Kato, this is not a tweaker disassembling a weed wacker.)
  14. Sweet pics and write-up, Jacob! I wish I could have joined you, but it looks like you managed to find the goods and had a great solo ride. I was laughing at your description of the hippies and their hippy food; I'm guessing they didn't source that Organic Sesame Tahini Sauce at the local tienda. And great news on the job!
  15. I believe you're referring to the route through Uruapan. As of last weekend, it's in good shape. The steepish section that descends into Rancho La Lagrima is in about the best condition I've seen. There were only two unlocked gates.