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  1. SUNDAY SIGN UP WILL BE OPEN THROUGH OUT THE DAY FOR LATER RACES! : ) So if you are a quad rider that races later in the day you do not have to be there at 8am. : )
  2. This is something that really ticks me off. I know this area quite well and I have been down trails that came to a halt with markers and baracades and signs about the sheep. Now all of a sudden those people that posted those signs and baracades for the sheep and artifacts receive a big fat check and here comes the bull dozers! Makes me so mad!!! I have a really nice picture of some of those big horn sheep. If I find it I will post it.
  3. Keeping up with things, the Harley Baja was auctioned off for $1,500. Great Price! If you are going to this event this weekend and you made reservations after April 18 at Pala Resort please let me know so I can make sure you are in the Pay It Forward Block or you call them and make sure to tell them to put you in the block. This will help with next year to get a better group rate. DON'T FORGET TO BRING SOME CAN FOOD FOR THE FOOD BANK! Did you see the News this morning on KUSI? My husband Tim Townsley and the George Ryan, President of Pay It Forward. District 38 Racer Geri Spencer with her kids and George Ryan live on Camera speaking with Dave Stall about Pay It Forward District 38 Racer Jack Smith
  4. SDORC Posted this on Facebook. SUIT FILED TO HALT OCOTILLO WIND AS COALITION HOLDS PROTESTS IN SAN DIEGO AND EL CENTRO http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/node/9679
  5. This bike was also autographed on the tank by Dave Ekins and Mitch Mayes. Up close pics and a few videos of the bike. Pics and Videos of Bike
  6. The D38 Pay It Foward Club is auctioning off this very cool 1973 Harley Davidson Baja 100 on Ebay. This is a charity Auction, The bike was donated by D38 Racer Mark Brown. Thank you Mark for Paying It Forward and your generosity! This bike would make a great addition to someones collection or if you would like to start collecting bikes this would be the perfect bike to start with. It is Clean and it Runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the Auction here. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230777343520&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:MOTORS:1123
  7. 2nd Annual D38 Pay It Forward Fundraiser, Proceeds to benefit the Imperial Valley Food Bank. This event will take place at Pala Raceway. This will be a fun family event, We have great raffle prizes donated by our sponsors. Bring your friends and family and come watch the race and support the community that you race in, camp in, and have fun in! Overnight camping is available for $25.00 Please bring Can Food and Non Perishable food items for the food bank in resuable grocery bags or box. No Plastic bags please. If you plan to stay at the Pala Resort during the weekend of the Pay It Forward Event. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY April 18 Call 1-877-725-2766. Tell them you are with the D38 Pay It Forward Fundraiser at Pala Race Way and tell them the booking number DPAE12A. Come Race or Watch! CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE:
  8. Looking forward to the 1-8 Race and seeing everyone. This is a picture that my husband took at last years race.
  9. I have a place in Jamul with hundred year old oak trees and I have lost some of them to the Oak Borer Beetle. Very sad to watch your trees slowly die, trees that have been around for hundreds and hundreds of year.
  10. Roaring Rory


    Hello everyone, My name is Rory. I am from Imperial Beach, My favorite place to ride is Ocotillo/Plaster City. I am volunteer field editor for S&S Off Road Magazine and I am a member of the D38 Pay it Forward Club. I enjoy helping out my off road community as much as I can.
  11. I-8 Dezert Racers' Speed Limit 100 Desert Scramble April 15, 2012 EVENT FLYER http://amad38.com/RaceFlyers/2012_I8_Speed_Limit_100.pdf See you there!

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