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  1. Rob, I have a ‘94 ATK 605 dses if you are still interested. I’m in Utah. 

  2. Hey all. Going to be doing a lot less riding this year and more stuff with kids. Expecting a lot of work travel so my time to ride all these different bikes has been slashed. Slimming down to a single bike, so this one will have to go to a new home. Been nothing but incredible!!! I believe every owner of this bike since new has been an SDAR member. Hope to keep the trend going. All the positive stuff you hear about 200s....its all true. Its a beast/mountain goat of a little bike! For single track/trail bike, this bike is decked out and ready to go! https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/d/temecula-2006-ktm-200xcw-plated/6793497048.html The SD plate can be transferred to the next owner if you want, no special requirements, done through the mail. For an SDAR member maybe we can make a deal. I live in temecula and work in Rancho Bernardo. I can transport the bike during the week and meet up down near Rancho Bernardo if that helps anyone.
  3. RobATK94

    Garage clean out.

    still have the endure engineering seat available, new price. fits all big bikes 08-11 except 2011 SX/SXF models that updated a year before the others.
  4. RobATK94

    Garage clean out.

    Got some parts I need to clean out. Enduro Engineering tall soft seat. Was on an 09 KTM 505xc. $75 Scotts Stabilizer top mount kit. Was on an 07 KTM 450XC. Part number on plate is for 3rd position. Should work for most of the RFS era big bikes. $75
  5. RobATK94

    Good riding near Phoenix??

    Me and a buddy are looking at meeting up around the Phoenix-ish area in a couple months. It's in between the two of us. Are there any good riding areas too good to pass up out there? He doesn't have a plate, so OHV only. Looking for some good single track. Anyone have suggestions? GPS tracks? I'm open to other areas, not stuck on Phoenix. Probably 2 days of riding. Thanks
  6. Have some street helmets I am clear out. All mediums, all shoei, all have clear and smoked shield. Ive got the original boxes, helmet bags, manuals, chin skirts, no stains, scratches, or bad smells. RF1000- $100 obo RF1100 - $150 obo SOLD. RF1200 - $350 obo. Has both clear and smoke pin lock shields. Willing to to trade towards a shoei hornet adv helmet. I live in temecula and work in rancho Bernardo. I can meet at either place or somewhere near by.
  7. RobATK94

    5000w Coleman generator.

    Knew I forgot something. 150 for you guys.
  8. Anyone need a 5000w generator? Make a good deal for SDAR member. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/tls/d/coleman-powermate-powerbase/6704502226.html I live in temecula and work in Rancho Bernardo. Can meet up somewhere in or between those areas if anyone wants to check it out.
  9. Ive done the same. Fraction of the price of the fue rated bladders. I think if you google it, there was another forum where a few guys did some long term testing and it holds up really well. I think those guys left fuel in the bladder for a month, hung it upside down, and reported no leaks or damage. That was enough for me to give it a go. They come in a few different sizes and mine have taken a beating.
  10. RobATK94

    GPS maps

    THIS! Make your own routes. Ive been very happy with the map accuracy of California trail maps. Ive done a few trips and made a point to get into the middle of nowhere using these maps and everything was exactly where it should have been. trails and roads that almost dont physically exist any longer because of rain, overgrowth, and zero maintenance and use are easily found on the mapping software. Every time I had to cut off or bypass something, easily found other ways around because of all the detail and time spent on these maps. This is a picture of a road we ran last year. really the "road" got less and less visible, and more over grown until it turned into nothing. It got to the point that we were just riding the line on the GPS. we followed the line and 10-15 miles later we picked up the other end of the road. No idea if this route exists on any other maps or not, but I would have never come across it otherwise. Ive rode now from Temecula to mono lake and back almost all in the dirt based off of routes created 100% from California trial maps. never had an issue. If the guy who created it reads this, you are the man!!! Keep it coming.
  11. great write up. Hope it sells well and pushes the other manufacturers into updating older dual sports or coming out with new models that fit the CRFL, DRZ, WRR, LC4, niche.
  12. RobATK94

    Shinko 525 cheater

    Got one on the 200xcw and it works great on all kinds of trail conditions. Haven’t been to the desert yet. Seems like it would work just fine until it gets torn to shreds. I think the stiffer sidewalks and harder rubber compounds really standout in these conditions. I’m guessing the performance will be great but the tire will get beat up much sooner then it wears out in fast nasty desert terrain.