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  1. I have them on mine and like them very much!
  2. Lol almost! Came damn close. Didn't help that I had 4.5 psi up front and 4 out back. Sure had fun though! Decided to stay and ride the Cle Elum area because of the fires. Bummed that I don't get to ride Idaho but it's all on fire and or closed. Will give it 2 weeks and see if I can do a mini excursion as I drive through on the way to Utah...
  3. Made it to Washington. Rode a bunch at the East Fort Rock ohv area in Oregon. New pics are up at the link... These damn fires are making it hard to visit some good areas, hope they get a handle on them soon.
  4. Yes haven't forgotten! Trying to get up there a bit sooner than scheduled so I can hit him up...
  5. Thanks! The Carson river, just outside of Markleville. Just my luck though, they stocked it the day after I left. Rode a few miles of the Rubicon trail, super fun and rough. Want to go back with another person or two and ride the whole thing...
  6. Well I'm off on my adventure. Left Murrieta last Wednesday and made it to Mammoth as my first stop. Tahoe came next and tonight I'm 25 miles South of Susanville. Hoping to make Oregon tomorrow. Anyways I don't have service too often and I don't have a computer with me, so I'm putting all my pics at the following link. They might have gotten out of order, I'll fix it when I can get on a computer. http://s1110.photobucket.com/user/drabnor/library/Pacific%20Northwest%20trip%20Aug-Sept%202015?sort=3&page=1 I'm taking go pro footage of the single track or interesting trails, but I'll try to take more pictures too. Plan is to drop the truck off at my in-laws in Washington and go ride a big loop of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Then pick the truck back up and drive to Colorado or Utah before heading back home through Arizona. Have to be back by the end of September...
  7. Hey, you took more photos than I thought. Nice work! Have you watched/edited any of the GoPro footage on the big screen? Watched most of the footage, some good stuff. Got that mtn bike guy falling over
  8. Here are my pics from the weekend: http://s1110.photobucket.com/user/drabnor/slideshow/Stewards%20of%20the%20Sierras%202015
  9. I'm going on a riding vacation end of July, but might have to bump it up a few days to go to the fundraiser. Want someone to tag along on the misc stuff?
  10. Drabnor

    KTM Replacement Brake Pads

    I ran the organic KTM ones with good results, they do wear pretty fast but stop great, not so much on or off like the stock pads 54813090100 is the part number
  11. Drabnor

    haha SOMEONE got a new Austrian.........

    Hey Drabnor How do you like the EU map? and how is it different from stock? Big difference! I love it! Stock my header would get really close to glowing red, and the end cap of my muffler would vaporize any clothing that would touch it(lost a good jacket to that). Now with the EU map the bike does not feel like it is lean all over the place and it runs a lot cooler. Didn't chart what my mpg was stock, but I'm still getting over 50 mpg now(haven't tested exactly yet). I'm sure the bike made more power when it was super lean, but I was not comfortable with it I just felt it would cause damage to the motor eventually...
  12. Drabnor

    haha SOMEONE got a new Austrian.........

    I didn't fall for the BDSB stuff. Just desmogged, checked the tps setting, euro map flash, and removed the sound screen in the tailpipe and she rips...
  13. Drabnor

    Bike needs a lift to Olympia, WA

    Yes end of July beginning of August, taking August and September off and doing a loop from CA to OR, WA, ID, UT, CO, AZ I'll pm you with some more specifics
  14. Drabnor

    Bike needs a lift to Olympia, WA

    I'm headed up that way in about 5 months, if you haven't found anything by then I'd be happy to bring it with me...