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  1. KIP

    Copart motorcycles

    Anyone buy from copart? Did you use a broker? I am unable to bid directly for vehicles in San Diego
  2. KIP

    Need Employment help!

    I think EDF renewable energy has operator positions open. One or two former co-workers from San Onofre went there. I think they monitor electrical production from windmills there using computer based SCADA systems. I good fit for a computer LAN guy. The only problem is the 24/7 rotating shift coverage which can be a blessing or a benefit - more days off in a row. Anyway they are in Rancho Bernardo. Good luck.. I know what it is like to be out of work after the same person that keeps shutting down desert access helped to shut-down the nuclear power plant. Thanks BB!
  3. KIP

    Buying a Jeep & a RV

    I think the 1997 and newer TJ Jeep Wrangler with the Six cylinder is a good way to go. Back in the day I had an 98 Sahara that I towed behind a 1989 class c and it was a nice set up. I have a wrecked 04 Rubicon buried in the garage (bought that way) that I need to build. If possible the jeep you get should have a select trac trans - (the one that is not full-time 4wd) and if possible the Dana 44 rear-end. I am not up on the newer stuff as I am a big fan of the old inline 6. As far as the motorhome goes that is tough. I do like the 06 and newer ford V-10 with the 5-speed auto. Class Cs are ok for smaller rigs (under 29') - your carrying capacity is limited by the chassis and tires. Class A's are good for storage and more expensive tires that can carry more load. I run an old 79 440 Vogue 33' class a. I do work on it frequently and it gets 6.7 MPG. But the other day when I hooked a tree with the rear bumper and bent it at a 45 I did not care. I broke out the torch, heated it up and bent it back. If you find a nice used jeep you probably won't loose much money on it if you decide to sell it. It is easy to loose money on Motorhomes. Good luck
  4. KIP


    White Dodge Dakota with an Arizona plated bike in the back - probably a KTM - south on the 15 near Hwy 76 around 7pm.
  5. KIP

    Washing machine tub fire rings?

    what is illegal about the "typical washing machine tub" I took an old truck tool side box and cut it down welded it up and cut a few holes in it for air. As long as it is 18" above the pavement it is legal at silver strand state park where I use it.
  6. http://www.lamesatoday.com/profiles/blogs/crime-watch-979
  7. KIP

    Eagle Mike's KLR Tech Day

    KLRs are special and unique bikes - full of strengths and fraught with a few weaknesses that have been Identified. With an inexpensive KLR and a couple tech days you will have a very reliable and capable machine. It may not be as nimble and sexy as many, however few are as faithful and dependable! Glad to see Left Coast KLRs and the tech days are still going strong.
  8. KIP

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    Because Dirt Hurts! As their old DVD promo says
  9. I did some trail damage on Ranger once - I damaged an LC4 engine. Should have used the kick-stand for a quick turn around!
  10. KIP

    4 stroke trail bike

    As far as a commuter goes the tractor-like KLR is very heavy and solid on the street and still good for dirt.
  11. KIP

    susuki DR200SE?

    If you get a DR200 look in the free stuff section - I put a jet kit in there
  12. I had a street get off where I was dazed and doing illogical things afterwards - like trying to kick start my VFR. Sent the X-11 to Shoei for a free inspection and got a form letter back with the helmet saying it was trashed. I would like to x-ray it or something since it only has a small scrape on it.
  13. KIP

    KLR 650 Footpeg Fix

    Seen it happen b4
  14. KIP

    Need North County Mechanic

    Thanks for offering bro that's really cool. The last time I did this job myself I had a problem with a couple of the studs breaking loose from the hub. Probably because I really suck when it comes to torque wrenches, but that's why I was thinking I'll just go with a real mechanic this time. Tech day coming up. The Official Website for the Left Coast KLR Society and the San Diego/Julian Tech Day Next Tech Day Oct 15, 2011 2222 Commercial ST San Diego, 92113
  15. KIP


    Sunday 9-11 @ 10am-ish - Newer KTM, white and orange (kinda checkery), Guy came down our culd-e-sac in Allied Gardens off Zion. Turned around and lifted the front wheel a bit on power. Wife said "someone you know?" I said "No, but they have a nice bike."

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