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  1. kvanderstel

    Wow! It Actually Rained!

    I went out this morning, Pamo Rd, up Black Mtn. Muddy, loved it, slippery rocks, loved it, rain, loved it, got wet, loved it. It's the simple things...
  2. kvanderstel

    GSXR 1000 titanium muffler

    No mods the carb or air box yet. I do plan a jet kit and opening the air box a bit. I did that to my 90. Again, lots of noise can come from an open air box, so I want to be careful
  3. kvanderstel

    GSXR 1000 titanium muffler

    I called Stockers and they said they didn't have any. I don't see any on craigslist at the moment, the last one I saw on ebay the guy wanted $300. But yeah Afry, x40F0x is the one to look for, yes again 01 & 02 seems to be the golden years. I used a can from a gsxr 650, on my older 90 DR650, but I wanted the lighter weight for my 07. Right now I'm leaning towards the DR O-series pipe with a 1 inch insert to kill the noise. Thoughts?
  4. Been looking for a 01 or 02 GSRX 1000 muffler. It seems these are a hot ticket for DR650's. I see a few on ebay, but they are seem to be a little too expansive for my taste. Anyone know where to find one?
  5. kvanderstel

    90 DR650 vibration

    Yes, item 1 in the diagram. It gear ring has helical cut gears and seems to be riveted on, does not look serviceable. But it is loose, I would figure the gear should be fixed tight to the basket....
  6. kvanderstel

    90 DR650 vibration

    I took the clutch assembly apart, and I noticed the helical gear ring on the back of the basket is a bit wiggly. Is that the cause of my vibration?
  7. kvanderstel

    90 DR650 vibration

    Well, both are easy to check. The muffler theory will require that I bother the neighbors a bit, but it shouldn't take long :rolleyes:/> :rolleyes:/> :rolleyes:/>
  8. kvanderstel

    90 DR650 vibration

    I've picked up this vibration that is definitely engine related. I feel it all the time but gets more rhythmic as rpm's increase. I have yet to check engine mounts, I'll do that soon, but are there other internal things I can look for? It runs great, no weird noises, nothing. Ok, one thing, I swear, the sound of the engine seems...... Muffled? Maybe I'm dreaming. This engine has counter balancing right? Could a broken clutch spring do it? Suggestions welcome
  9. kvanderstel

    DR650 tank bash

    Well I did it, I went and bashed my nice steel tank on my 90 DR650S, what a noob. Anyway, finding a replacement tank on an ancient bike is almost impossible. It doesn't leak, but my pride has taken a beating. I was up on Black Mtn Romona, stalled, drifted backwards lost my footing and bam, there goes tank and front brake lever. I guess I could try pulling the dent and then bondo, any suggestions?
  10. kvanderstel


    Anyone gonna tag this? I have no idea where it is, I'm just waiting for a familiar spot.
  11. kvanderstel

    Million Dollar Garage

    The cars must be protected at all cost? And he's got a Chevy Cruz down there? A useless hole in the ground. What a waste. Oh well, it's his money.
  12. kvanderstel

    My buddies BMW GS650

    So my buddy (GS650) and I (DR650) were heading south on Thing Valley Rd last Saturday at rather slow speeds. I thought he was right behind me, but he was actually to my left. For reasons unimportant, I made a quick stop and cut left. Well he was right on me and we had a gentle collision. I swerved to the right and didn't go down, but we were in soft sand and he fell. After helping him lift his bike back up we noticed his right front brake lever was broken. No big deal, I apologized and said I'd get him a new one. Well, he picked one up on the way home from San Diego BMW and it was $45!!!! What? $45? for a brake lever? Oh well. I guess I'll check my rear before coming to quick stops.
  13. kvanderstel


    Looks like Lake Morena, is it?
  14. kvanderstel

    Pine Valley north

    So Thing Valley doesn't open up through to Kitchen Creek?