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  1. happy birthday bro, lets go ride..

  2. I had mentioned earlier the faster I go the more I loose.I will hit 90mph and she will be spitting all over my boots. "I Don't think I need a smaller bike". I replaced the cap twice.Still running a 1.8. No cracks around the neck. I'll put a temperature sticker on her and see how hot she gets. My neighbor has a 2008 450 ktm. Do you know if the radiators are there the same? Thanx for the troubleshooting ideas spaugh! Great Info.
  3. The recovery system is a great idea! But I've been ridding this bike for at least two years now. From open desert to singletrack trails and its never dumped coolant like it does now.I'm loosing 8 to 12 oz of coolant. Thanx Crawdaddy
  4. I'm loosing coolant every ride.The higher the rpm's the worst it gets.The one next to the radiator cap. About a 1/4 inch above the top of the fins is my coolant. Thanks for replying Spaugh
  5. I noticed about 3 months ago some coolant coming from the vent tube.It was 8:00 am in the morning temp. was about 50.I got up to 65 mph and more coolant would push out. If I"m just cruising from 10 to 30 mph it doesn't leak. I changed the radiator cap, changed the coolant, I also let the bike run without the cap to make sure I didn't get air bubbles in the radiator. There was good circulation in the radiator. Removed the thermostat, checked the water pump and recently had a hot and cold leak down test done thinking I have a bad head gasket which detected no leakage.Each of these test I did individually then did a test ride. STILL HAVING ISSUES !!!!!!! ANY SUGGESTIONS ?
  6. Cline530

    Newb in Temecula

    There's alot to explore in the Bishop/Mammoth area.I need to invest in a GPS unit any suggestions? Welcome Cline.. I am another Murrieta / Temecula local.. I have been using a Garmin 60CSX for 4 or 5 years now and love it on the bike.. They make some great mounts for it and it is easy to wire into the bikes battery so it is always on when you want it on.. I would be happy to show it to you and how it works.. Thanx for the info. Everyone!
  7. Cline530

    Newb in Temecula

    I'm riding tomorrow if it dosen't rain.
  8. Cline530

    Newb in Temecula

    There's alot to explore in the Bishop/Mammoth area.I need to invest in a GPS unit any suggestions?
  9. Cline530

    Newb in Temecula

    I live in the Temecula area. I have a 2008 KTM 530. I have been riding for 20 years. I like riding in all types of terrain. Recently, I have ridden in Mammoth, Bishop,Prescott,AZ, and Sedona,AZ. It looks like you guys had some cool rides posted on this website and I would like to go on some upcoming rides. I may ride tomorrow (Sunday) if anyone is interested.