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  1. Crawdaddy, i used to live in the Imperial Valley and have ridden with SDAR a little bit and helped at the Dash. I now live in Kingman and would love to ride with you guys when your over in Bullhead.
  2. ricko1320

    Leaky Countershaft Seal

    Are you sure thats not just flung off chain grease and lube?
  3. Kato, make sure the end of the clutch cable rotates freely in the lever as you pull it. If it doesn't it will break like that .
  4. I'd be glad to help, I know the area and have 85 toyota pickup with lockers if needed. Willing to help with anything.
  5. ricko1320

    North/ Northwest of Mammoth advice

    I've been up here in the Mammoth Lakes / Lee Vining area all summer and yes some lakes and streams are low but people seem to be catching a lot of fish.
  6. I'm working up here for the summer, maybe I'll get a chance to ride with y'all. There are pay campgrounds in town with hookups and a free one about 10~12 miles up 395.
  7. ricko1320

    'Nother Vid and a Gig

    Great combo of tune and creation, and I love the acoustic guitar. Thanks
  8. Thanks for letting me tag along, I had a great time. Been reading the forum for a while but just never made it to a ride. As I suspected this is a great group of resourceful folks. Looking forward to the next one. My tarp didn't work , woke up at 2AM shivering so I rode home and from the looks of the visitors it might of been a blessing.
  9. Hi all, long time follower but never seem to make it guy. Going to try show up tonight if I get off in time. Thanks.
  10. ricko1320

    Anyone in Yuma? Let's Ride!

    Hey, it's winter here in the Imperial valley, only 90.
  11. Look's cool, I stumbled across the start area of this when I first moved to El Centro in 1969. I have a couple of pics from the start of a model T Ford and a Triumph side hack . They raced what they had back then.
  12. When will this be available , or shown , or is it a DVD ?
  13. I think that is Navy range, and now posted. I think it's used for helo practice.
  14. ricko1320

    The Glowing Header

    Might check ignition timing, retarded timing will do that.
  15. If the rod bearings are too loose, or if the head is worn where the cylinder meets it the piston can touch the head when in operation and can lead to broken rings. A manual or Ron Woods would have a spec for deck height, the distance the piston sets below the top of the cylinder and/ or head.
  16. When you reassemble, check for loose rod bearings, and check deck height. Make sure that piston won't touch the head, especially if the cyl. worked into the head.
  17. ricko1320

    Shift in the universe?

    Soylent Green , you eating your neighbor ?
  18. Hi long time reader but not much posting. I have a klr with bad paint job , if that's cool you could use it for the weekend.
  19. Thanks, I read often but usually haven't much to say. Been using the air cond. jeep a lot more than the m/c.
  20. This may be obvious, but be aware the humidity has rolled in and nights are staying warm down here.
  21. ricko1320

    A Week of Pasta

    Hi, sorry to butt in, is Devils Canyon officialy OK now ?
  22. ricko1320

    Old Norton

    That's just too cool!
  23. Hi SteveO, sorry I didn't get back to you, I left on vacation to the Sierras.
  24. Hi all, I'm a new guy here but I've ridden for years. Some friends and I did Sawmill trail last weekend in Jeeps and it's open but the second half is indeed steep and rocky. Santa Rosa spring was running fine and cold,as well as other wet spots on the trail.

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