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  1. Nice vid Kris, I think I might have to go check this place out. Also saw your other vid of Nate Harrison grade. I am new to the sport and am looking for places to go get some experience under my belt without getting in over my head. These two places look pretty good to me. John
  2. Jeff and Josh, thanks for leading the tour. Lark Canyon is a great place, hope we can get together again some time. Bikeslut, would have been nice to meet you. It turned out you gave some great advice about early morning rides. It was definitely worth the pain in the a** to get up so early. John
  3. OK, starting to plan this out. Is the 6:30am time suited up and ready to ride or just pulling in to the parking area? Also, how long are we planning to ride? bring extra gas, food, water I've printed out SDLineman's directions to the Lark Canyon, any special area we are going to gather? How can I tell who you are? I'll be in a black H2 w/ red XR400. Looking forward to it!
  4. OK, count this noob in!
  5. Sorry, I was gone for the day... Ok, I'm not sure what rights I have as a total noob, but 5:30.... is that AM, are you serious! I'll will go with the majority. I'm up in Vista, so yes we could join up or caravan out there. Let me know. I've got a Joe hauler for my bike and a brand spankin' new 6x10 trailer that needs to be broken in if anyone else is up this way and wants a lift.
  6. newb friendly ride sounds good to me. I'm just getting back into the sport so I can't be any sort of guide, Big Bear or otherwise. More local ride on Sunday sounds great to me. Let me know if interested - i'm eager to take my new to me bike out for a ride. John