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  1. Happy birthday Radly Boy!
  2. Brett

    Lost a Good Friend This Weekend

    Randy and I saw him almost every Saturday afternoon to have a couple of beers. I will really miss Donnie and his kind smile!
  3. You're assuming the Vette was not also accelerating through the last 1/4 mile of the race. The wording is vague but it only stated the vette met the dragster at an honest 200mph. Look up stats for The Texas Mile I think the Lingy vette did 240-250 in the standing mile. Well actually it’s the article assuming the Vette maintains a 200 MPH pace to finish the 1/4 mile in exactly 4.5 seconds. The current dragster record is 4.4 seconds, so it passes the Vette right at the end. If it kept accelerating, the Vette would finish first, nullifying their point. If it passed the Vette “within 3 seconds” as the article states, the Vette would actually need to slow down. So my point is, the passing takes the full 4.5 seconds, which is “No where near the 3 seconds the article mentions”.
  4. Impressive comparisons! But it takes 4.5 seconds to go 1/4 mile at 200 MPH, so the Vette gets passed right at the end. No where near the 3 seconds the article mentions.
  5. Brett

    Another New Guy

    Welcome Mike. I'm also a 49 year old native ... maybe we shared history together (?)
  6. That sounds like a great adventure, Rad. But what I wanna know is, did you get my tank bag wet? You shoulda borrowed the rain cover too. Now you have to buy me a brand new one. I looove new tank bags!
  7. Brett

    adventure bike ideas

    Good comments all around, albeit some off-topic from kellymac's query for "Adventure" bike input. He's already got a 530 and showed interest in going LARGER into the "official" adventure bike category rather than smaller. Since there's been plenty of Strom talk and we haven't heard from Craig, I'll chime in. 1000 cc = V Strom 650 cc = Wee Strom LOL In any event, as previously mentioned , they're not made for the dirt but can be taken there. Craig told me he's done with dirt on his Wee Strom, now DRZ only. Also, while attending the Jimmy Lewis School a guy on his Wee just could NOT get through a section so Jimmy rode it and actually tossed it right in front of our group. As he's picking up the bike he says to his wife Heather, "no more V Stroms allowed at the school".
  8. Brett

    adventure bike ideas

    I remember on the LER that Mike lost his brake again ... A true story: I rode my friend Roger's KTM 950 one Sunday and by Friday I had purchased one ... Rad, you rode mine one Sunday at Ocotillo Wells after laying out Desert Dash routes, and by Saturday you had purchased one ... and came straight over to show it off!
  9. You're right, it's Rad. And he IS "a bear on a big bike"!
  10. Even the entrance to Devil's Hole is a bit gnarly - Am I mistaken, or is that not Dig Doug's Micky in the background (?) :-(
  11. Not as gnarly, but here's trying to access Race Track in Death Valley the back way on big bikes & Big Bear
  12. Brett

    Loud Pipes Discussion

    Maybe posted here before ... I don't know ... but this is really funny! http://www.southparkstudios.com/episodes/251889/
  13. Brett


    Thanks for welcoming me the other day here: http://www.spokesmenmoto.com/ I now welcome you to SDAR!
  14. Brett

    New KTM Dealer in Town

    I also understand that Rocket will no longer carry KTM or offer warranty service. Nor will they be able to order more parts, so may eventually not even offer paid service ... we'll see.
  15. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/5908177/
  16. Thanks for posting Rad and I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. The best, most amazing images are in the first of the two galleries.
  17. Brett

    I Don't Want a Pickle

    I was there but wouldn't agree they were "taking all the handouts". They knew a lot of the answers to the quiz questions and they got "prizes" for it. So they weren't "taking" stuff, they were "winning" it. The Yamaha guy even teased the rest of the crowd about it. Then he started throwing stuff over their heads to people who didn't even need to answer questions. BTW, only then did he get to the better stuff like hooded sweat shirts. As for someone snatching an item out of another's hand as someone mentioned, I can't say as I didn't see it. But that wouldn't be cool, I can say that much ...
  18. Update: Just spoke with him. Collar bone is a CLEAN break so should heal well on it's own. Scapula is surrounded by bone and muscle tissue and will do the same. The 6 broken ribs he can hear/feel "clicking" as he moves, so OUCH!!! That will give him quite some pain for quite some time. Turns out he actually does have a lung puncture, but it's also expected to heal on it's own.
  19. Just spoke with his wife MJ. Many questions yet to answer regarding treatment for the ribs, shoulder and collar bone. Cat Scan showed a fracture in his back as well (spine) and when possible will do an MRI to determine if it's old or new. The lung was collapsing due to pressure from the ribs and is responding to treatment. Thankfully no puncture!
  20. The incident happened on Black Canyon, which is the dirt road that comes off of Mesa Grande.
  21. I understand that some local shops may support our sport & are therefore listed in the new forum Prefered Merchants. I also know that beyond our standard level of appreciation for this, there will be certain misgivings about certain shops for various reasons that may be discussed here in this forum. We also encounter good experiences at some shops that should be shared as well. Overall I have very good experience with Motoworld of El Cajon. I have not used their shop but will certainly try them now that they handle KTM. Their accessory dept. run by Geoff King is exceptional. I also just ordered 3 KTM parts that they OFFERED to let me pay for when picking them up rather than ahead of time. GREAT service! I have not been to All American KTM in a couple years since being lied to, and several of my friends & I experiencing serious shop violations. Perhaps they're better now? My favorite place for rubber replacement is Kenny at Santee Motorcycle Supply. I also like supporting a small local merchant. Rocket Motorcycles is arrogant beyond belief and insulting at every opportunity. They have also recently lost the only reason to go there, i.e., the 2 best KTM mechanics in town. Kon-Tiki is now run by the son ... yes, Alex from Rocket (great mechanic) has now taken over Pop's business, bringing KTM & Triumph wrenching skills with him. Just did the first service on my new Tiger ... top notch! Another good local shop is San Diego Sport Cycles. They're the closest shop to my house and have good experiences there. They also buy a big block of well placed Suprecross tickets every year, so that's handy. Although I don't have too much 1st hand experience with GP or SD BMW, I've hear some very nice reports about both. I don't have a lot of new experience with House of Motorcycles since it changed hands. The experience I've had hasn't been good. They also cut off the Red Hot Riders for discounts in favor of a younger sport group. I guess they had more $. Quincy in Lemon Grove is know for good bike discounts. They are also known for a shop that few would trust. I've had some work done there on my FJR, but wouldn't want to entrust my KTMs. Fun Bike ... well, I think it's been said quit enough ... I'm no too sure if this forum is meant to be a catch-all for comments like this, but some may wish to start individual threads focussing on each local shop, including the good & bad experiences. But for now, it is what it is
  22. So you're coming then??? Already have a Saturday overnight plan with family in Carlsbad, Sunday morning Super-moto ride, Sunday afternoon BBQ with our SSC street group, and a Monday detox session planned. Wish I could participate in your punishment offering, but seems I'm all booked up ...
  23. I'd have to concur with that, perhaps low-level-advanced riders ... On previous outings where some are having issues in the difficult sections it can take forever to get through it. Then you're out of time and half the route doesn't get done. I am also quite aware of what "difficult" means to Doug ... :scare: :scare: :scare:
  24. Brett

    Recommend Street Tires for my DR650

    PIRELLI SCORPION AT (all terrain). I've done track days at Streets of Willow on them - fabulous! Buy them from Kenny at Santee Motorcycle Supply. He matches Internet pricing and could really use the business in this tough economy. (619) 449-0344

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