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    enjoy riding Mountain bikes- Nobel Cyn; Cowels; Mission Trails; Sycamore; playing w/guns; volunteering at the Rescue Mission and the newest hobby---dual sport moto's-especially riding the fire roads!
  1. Moto Toad

    Garmin Zumo

    Bikeslut; I like your approach to my woes, but am surprised you didn't throw a an adult beverage just for good measure. Fakename; thanks for the link, perhaps there will be a geek who knows how to make these things hum. For as expensive as they are, you'd think this would be simple!
  2. Moto Toad

    Garmin Zumo

    Gosh…feeling inept; i am normally not technologically challenged, but when it comes to my Zumo it all goes out the window. All that i want to do is to simply record where the heck i've been; and on occasion up load someone else’s tracks. Today for instance, I uploaded a trail from Bagstr’s or C-daddy for Black Canyon. The waypoints all loaded, but I had to open each one separately, not as a complete loop. We ended up taking the fire road to the immediate north which runs into a gate, not locked, but states Pvt Property-Alford. We ended up on the correct trail, but not as a result of the Zumo! Can anybody offer any simple directions/suggestions before I shoot it!
  3. Moto Toad

    Transferring gun ownership

    The way you did it in Minn is the way gun ownership is conveyed in most states. However, you are now fortunate enough to reside in Ca, and we have the most onerous gun/ammo regulations to be found. One might argue that you'd be wise to simply avoid the paperwork; especially in light of the continuous on-slaught of new restrictive regulations that continues to be promulgated by our elected officials!
  4. Moto Toad


    I am staying in my Suburban Sat Night only - would be in to split a spot with you or someone. I've got a spot reserved for my 31' motorhome. If anyone needs a bed for the night, I've got room, or you can park in the space if there is room. BruceH/Kip; Butterfield said that its ok to park extra vehicles; just pay a small fee. Bruce i'll look for you and maybe take you up on the bunk. Do you still need help getting your bike out there? If so, PM me.
  5. Moto Toad


    TH; thanks for the offer. I might take you up on the trailer if the weather isn't nice. Butterfield said it wouldn't be a problem; they sound pretty easy goin. We'll work it out....whatever benefits the group....'cept I ain't spoonin' with anyone. Getting uppity all the sudden? For whomever; my enclosed trailer with futon will be there, too... Also will have a couple of sleeping pads in it... I'll spoon with anybody Ken; absolutely no biggie. Truck beds were made for crashin in. If its real crappy out; there's always the cab or someone else probably has a spot on the floor; won't be able to hang with the "spoonin" stuff tho.
  6. Moto Toad


    TH; thanks for the offer. I might take you up on the trailer if the weather isn't nice. Butterfield said it wouldn't be a problem; they sound pretty easy goin.
  7. Moto Toad


    Dumb question; if i'm intending to sleep in the back of my truck do i need to reserve a space at Butterfield? If so, anyone else doing the same and just want to split it?
  8. Moto Toad

    Google Earth Upgrade

    Dame; anytime i have challenges with software, if all else fails, simply uninstall the current version and install new. This process seems to solve many problems; not sure why.
  9. Moto Toad

    Google Earth Upgrade

    This might be old news, if so i guess i'm slow at more then just riding a Moto:) You can now upgrade your Google Earth to version 5.0, which offers many of the features that previously were only available in GE Plus, which was a fee based program. If you already have GE, just upgrade via the Help Tool; real simple.
  10. Moto Toad

    Pay Check Bounces-

    CArdiff; my $.02 for what it's worth. As an employer now for almost 25yrs i empathize with any business owner in this current climate. Countless friends who are also owners have depleted their personal savings; had their credit lines reduced or eliminated and are also challenged with A/R collections, all in the face of diminishing business activity. My counsel, not discounting the wisdom already shared; if you believe in the company and/or owner; i'd ask them what their plan is mitigate this situation; where is the cash coming from to get over the hump? If they have a plan that seems acceptable, then perhaps you figure out how to weather the storm with them? If they don't, or if it doesn't seem plausible, then i'd agree with others, probably need a new job. The days like the movie "Its a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart are unfortunately all but gone.
  11. RW; if you don't get any takers today, (Sat) and want to push it back to Sunday; i'd join you. Sounds like my kind of ride; but taking my son to Coral Cyn on Sat for a mud ride. PM me if interested. Thanks
  12. Moto Toad

    checkin' in

    I also ride the Xchallenge; first thing i did was to install a bottom plate to protect the sump pump. This is a MUST have on that bike. The rear rack is also nice for carrying some gear.
  13. Bob; thanks for the invite this morning; absolutely a great day for a ride- wind; mud; snow; hail; no-visibility and below-freezing cold! Clearly i need a lot more practice riding in the mud and getting my speed up, and maybe something smaller than the 650 to learn on. I had to cut the ride short, after realizing that the bike wasn't going to re-start without bump starting it, if and when it shut off. I guess the fuel injection didn't like the cold! Fortunately, Wayne and Matt saved my bacon; Wayne was able to get it going with my pushin the bike and Matt gave me a ride back to the other bike. Thanks guys. All n all; absolutely great way to spend the morning. Thanks MotoToad (Eric)
  14. BC; if you know the trails, which it sounds like you do, i would have an interest in plugging in if its not too rowdy. I've only been riding in the dirt since earlier this year; i'm on a 650challenge. Been riding Mtn bikes for long time, (Anderson; Nobel Cyn; Cowels Mtn; Mission Trails, etc); certainly having a motor between your legs makes it totally different, but i'm learning. Let me know where you are launching from, and if you are ok with kinda of a newbie.
  15. This sounds like a fun trail. If you want some company, and can schedule this for a Sunday ride, i'd join you. I'm a novice with a big 650.