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Found 1 result

  1. Getting baby on 2 wheels

    My wife has been learning to ride. Apparently, she wants a 2-wheeler. A friend gave her 3 solid lessons on using the clutch and she feels confident enough to take the MSF course. The course provided by Harley was canceled at the last minute so she starts the 3-day class this Tuesday. Anyhow, she started on her little CT 90 (thanks, CiD) and learned to shift using a clutch on a TTR125. So naturally, we went bike shopping yesterday. Her friends were all suggesting the Sportster, Suzuki Intruder, Rebel 250, Honda Shadow, TW200, etc. We hung out with Ted at Southday yesterday and he showed us the new Honda Rebel 300 & 500: fuel injected, fat from tire, ABS, lower center of gravity, lighter than you'd think. She sure likes it. But then a friend said, "Come take the FE350S sitting in our garage. It's street legal. We never ride it." Hmmmm.... I ran across this quote while researching the Husky, and I think this group will understand: "There is a reason dirt bikes with license plates ignite the hearts of even the most jaded of riders. They are a shot of moonshine when beer doesn’t do it for you." To be continued....