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  1. Old School

    Classy Gear
  2. Should be good out there. Sorry to miss the trip. My wheels are off for tune-up. Not many good days left out there.
  3. DOT Rear Knobby

    Amgems, See what you have started. People making personal comments . Are you getting that bike tuned up for all that free time coming your way? Thanks Kyle, I will have to try that after I get out of jail for running the Maxxis.
  4. DOT Rear Knobby

    Just installed another Desert IT ( Maxxis ) Nylon=Tough. Run it until the round profile goes flat, about 1400 miles. You can run it much longer you don't mind a square profile; 10mm remaining. The MT43 for me, was a great tire straight ahead over rocky loose garbage. I found it un-stable when you throw the bars and slide around a corner. Lost it several times as the rear disappeared. There is some version of the Kenda Brand that people like for cost and durability. Bags
  5. SPOT-X

    Well this Spot X looks to be a good addition to the communicator market. I just bought into the Garmin InReach device and found it to be much easier than I imagined to use. The Bluetooth function was pretty much effortless to use and had the benefit of easy access to All your contacts. Once you send a message to family or anyone their reply is much like responding to a call. In other word, they have your contact number be it through InReach. The stand alone messaging on the Garmin is pretty flexible as well, with pre-set message, and jog dial writing. I found the Weather intel for be valuable when there is no local cell connect. For me the tracking on the InR is only good as a backup to the Montana. The small screen works fine because I don't use the mapping much. The qwerky(sp) keyboard is a big plus on the X. That big screen on the X is another advantage. I currently am paying $250 annually for the Spot 3, including 10min tracking, device replacement and $15 Network Maintenance. Network Maintenance is a BS adder in my opinion. So, pretty pricey for the value. My device will be shut down this month before renewal. Bags P.S. The Quick Start Guide explains that you can add up to 70 contacts via your web page or manually on the Spot X
  6. poway Ktm

    Mark in Paradise knows where he is
  7. XLADV,, Didn't know about that one. Great that those Shamrock Guys helped you outta de mud Love your sleeping accommodations Thanks for the Report!
  8. Computer and/or GPS

    🤩😎 ‘Now you Guys are off topic!! Need to go ride for awhile.
  9. Lucky to have been invited to the 1st Annual Rendezvous, Dualsport Ride By PBDBlue - Thanks a bunch Pal
  10. Kx 250

    There is a market for that
  11. Kx 250

    Love the document hanger. How does that work??
  12. A Couple more to wrap the report Randy and I were quite lucky in the weather; 65 - 70F throughout the day with cloud cover. These very remote locations offer a unique situation. For me, it is hard to totally cut loose and ride normally because of the heavy consequences of injury or mechanical difficultly. I end up strolling through the view, which is actually appropriate in a national park setting. The trail is 70 miles in the canyon and 100 miles truck to truck in the BLM. Something of a BIG Bike roll was the ride south of 3 Step into the Montezuma Valley. The route we took was west toward Newspaper Rock and south up to 8000ft of the Abajo's. Dropped into Monticello for fuel and decide if we needed rain jackets. Ha, we didn't. Pavement, then graded roads into Montezuma where we found working ranches using sandstone for hay storage and these goofy houses built into the alcoves. There were two Pueblo sites; one cliff dwelling and the Three Kiva community site. See you there next time!
  13. Good News, They could use a new narrative on the circuit. It would be good to see someone butt heads with Marquez,,, Ha, as if that isn't happening now. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Bagstr P.S. - Any Truth to the rumor that Rossi will retire and become the Official Party Director for the circuit?
  14. Honda CB 500-4 1972

    You Know; It was pretty darn audacious for Honda to mass market a 4 Cylinder motorcycle in 1972. And reliable as well. What a concept! Kinda' like coming out with a reliable Orange off-road bike. What were these people thinking?
  15. Honda CB 500-4 1972

    CID, Can not imagine what it is like to wait for that UPS Truck to show up in the driveway. Bagstr
  16. We had Home Cookin' for dinner and breakfast! That and a clean private shower room, made for a comfortable stay. Scott and Julie offer a warm welcome and good service. So,,, After dinner the crew adjourned to the outdoor fire pit. The days reports and lies offered a couple of hours or High entertainment. This event was billed as the 1st Annual Rendezvous, and it drew big personalities from Adventure Rider; unaweep, Colorado Uli and Tragic Overlander provided a round robin of competitive standup comedy. Truly the highlight of the event; Stories, Lies and Laughs. Stolen motorcycle in Mexico, bought back in the middle of the desert with help from the locals at 3:00 AM. Rides where the bike rolls off the side of the trail and the guy walks out until his feet are bloody to catch a ride with a Mormon family. You cant make this up. Or maybe you can make this up. In the category of miracles, my daughter happened to be coming off a kayak trip on the Colorado River. She dropped her boyfriend off at a San Juan River input and joined us for a couple of nights. She had fun being around the ADV gathering. Luckily there were a couple of other women in camp. So three of us are closing in on the end of a 160 mile dualsport ride and pulling up to a stop sign along the south road into camp. 15 seconds before I reach the stop, my daughter flashes by in her camper truck. I come to a stop and look right; she is out of the truck inspecting the tires. Her tire monitor flashed low pressure. Sure enough, right rear is quickly deflating. Randy swings into action and rides to 3 Step to get a tire plug from Scott's well stocked shop. He is back in 30 minutes with a plug and we install the string plug. She had a cheesy little pump, but the thing inflated the truck tire to 45 lbs. I led her into camp on my 450 and pulled up the the Cantina. After pulling off my helmet, Bagstr exclaims " I had to tow her in. " Big Thanks pbdBlue for running up to the shop to bail us out!
  17. Honda CB 500-4 1972

    That is Excellent!! You musta had a good connection on the plane. I am sorry, ( kind of ) are there any other colors for the fuel tank? So, You were a lowly sophomore when I was a SENIOR.
  18. MauleR, Not True - That mediocre part.
  19. Do you agree; It is all about Mo mentum or Less mentum in the dirt and sand obstacles?? All good fun, glad your gang got it on.
  20. Showed up today!

    Interested in the Manx ??
  21. Nice Concept. Always a treat!