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  1. Pictures after success. Marshalls cobalt drills and Grabit extractor,, ineffective. Next up Martins Shop in El Cajon. Then Ricks Machine Lakeside.
  2. Broke off the 6mm shift shaft bolt on the KTM. Last week install Hammer Head safety wire bolt and it sheared after one ride. Have a Speed Out set but the bolt is Not drilling out!! Need a hard twist drill I guess. Seeking advice of source for hard twist drill. Also, are these Speed Outs strong enough for this application. Heading to Harbor Freight on a song and prayer. Thanks for input. Dave 619.994.9481
  3. Strategy, Driving up to Marshall's ( awakened in the 0300 hr and searched their web page ) Yes quality Speed-Out and or Grabit extractor, reverse drills. I figure to keep buying stuff until success is found in the parking lot. Oh my. PMB , yes all that. Kug says it is not too hard to remove the shift shaft. That's motivation for me! All else fails, I will turn it over to a machine shop, i.e. Rick's Machine in Santee
  4. Indeed planning Light and Variable for Friday ABDSP. Tamarisk Grove or Carrizo Wash Rd or breakfast Kendall's. 85 f Tubes Tools Water. D Edit: Apparently 79F - Better bring a coat. Edit 2: Group decided Breakfast @ 0800
  5. Still in a State Of Equipment Failure tonight. I will have to cancel out for Friday, Sorry!! Hopefully you can put the good weather to use.
  6. Thanks Guys, Bought a couple of 10x Hard / stainless drilling Milwaukee / cobalt bits. Also, a new Speed-Out titanium kit. None make enough progress. So, full stop tonight. I will try to locate machine shop in La Mesa or El Cajon Friday. U Champ, Thanks for offer. I will see if I can get a shop to help first. I will call you Friday to coordinate something if I fail in town. Waste of a Great Day in the Dez!!
  7. Hey Guys, 6mm shift shaft bolt sheared ( Hammer Head replacement ) Working on it. May Not make ride Friday. Will advise as evening progresses. Dave
  8. If I Must You two linguist OK with 0800 Kendall's?? Good choice as who knows when the Looo Dez will be this cool again. Bring on the Sand! B
  9. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/aspen-are-turning.1256328/ Whoa
  10. Yes,, heading into Anza Borrego Friday Sept 22. Ranchita high forecast @ 60F, Diablo Drop 79F. Still daydreaming which route. Menu choices; Tamarisk Grove to Culp, Carrizo Wash South off the S-2, Breakfast to Anza North loop. Show-up about 0800. Sand and Rocks! Exceptional September Weather B
  11. Hey Guys, Thanks for sharing your story. Nice photography / I know it takes time to shoot with and process real camera data. Acknowledging the hardships of the trail helps everyone understand these are much more than Starbucks Fantasies. Loading up you trusty off-road bike with 30lbs plus of camping gear puts the challenges of the single track in a whole new category. Having gear for remote safety, repairs, food and water for that 95F single track adds up. Enduring a night of rain; loading your wet tent and grabbing a gulp of breakfast can be an inspiration or a misery! In the end, you will remember those nights spent on places like Muley Point, not the cold hands and three hours of rain racing back to security. Much Respect for Taking Up the Challenge.
  12. Nice Boots! Looks like you'se guys stopped at Muley after all,,, On return??
  13. Word has it that the desert floor will be 85-86f Thursday and Friday. Working up my mo-mentum for a Friday AM inaugural. Stand By.
  14. What Does BDR stand for? Is that Northwest lingo?
  15. Yep,, The Dez paid off today. Met-Up with HM Berg and Alyeska in Borrego and Ocotillo OHV today for a Fair Weather ride. The wind had smoothed the sand hills to Feather softness. Flash flood action wiped clean San Felipe and Fault washes. Unexpected Splendor experienced today. Thank You gentlemen, great fun. Oh, did I mention 73f @ 0800, 88f @ 1300. Lead rider was cautious as the flash flood made conditions Variable. One and two foot waterfall drops And monster slash over on Truckhaven,,,Oh My!
  16. Photos - These were my first and last cell phone ride report photos. Except for riding up to the flash flood gash on Truckhaven, I would not have taken a shot with the phone.
  17. I Believe - Weather appears to to be holding @ 85-90F for Friday. Unless several folks show-up I will skip the coffee shop and suit up and ride. Arriving 0800. Everyone is Welcome to experience the Rocky two track and the Deep Sand mountains and canyons. Back to parking area about 1:00pm. 70 ish miles, no gas or food stops ; tools, tubes and water.
  18. Yes It Is,,,Which dictates riding in the Dez... Step into a Diff reality The Not Global Warming cycle means - Anytime things can happen. Last night I worked on the moto for the first time in 4 months. There was mud in the recesses, mud? When was that?
  19. You will be the designated Target! 10-11:00 ish
  20. Check the New Post - Kendall's Friday Sept 15
  21. May I suggest the North Shore Cafe in Faunskin; followed by a visit to the Big Bear Discovery Center https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.northshorecafe.com%2F&source=maps&cd=1&usg=AFQjCNHlxsBzP2swjiJofdnMlbhx3dGNXg&ved=1i%3A1%2Ct%3A3443%2Ce%3A0%2Cp%3AUje5Wb3QCJX2jwPFw7pw%3A245
  22. $10 or six pack of Sculpin. Pick up in La Mesa
  23. Hey BIG Thank You for invitation. You have a tolerance for temperature that we on the coast envy. Will be be joining in the fun when temps go below 90f. Enjoying the sea breeze at the moment. Do you remember Coronado??