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  1. http://www.cyclenews.com/2018/01/article/dakar-rally-stage-10-report-walkner-leads-wild-stage/ Video - Crashes, Withdrawals Big lead changes P.S. The Dunes in 109f Temps
  2. That is Amazing Stuff. We all want to jump on the bike and ride, but these drills help tremendously. Well done narration
  3. Thanks again gents for breaking loose and assembling for a tour of AB north. PMB, Bushwhacker, Garage7, Van and the Governor. Sand Hills, Old Borrego Pole Lilne, Goat Trail, Pumpkin Patch, Calcite Mine and a GRADED Slot Canyon Drop. Found an abandoned Jetted stuck in the Slot Canyon below the drop. " Waiting for a Tow "
  4. He is sayin' Out of the box it is 150MHz - 174MHz. Can be programmed for 146.505 the club uses.
  5. Got a text from a guy from the Otay Noob Ride that wants a Dez Experience. So Hey, I can watch the Development Program. After the meet and Greet BFest, 3-4 hrs of Saand, Rocks via Two Track. Return to parking lot about 1:00pm. Now if I can just remember his name. P- something. Tubes Tools Water/snacks No Gas 75 miles. All are welcome The Governor
  6. Misinterpreted the post. Hope to see you there.
  7. Slaugo, Sorry my friend, I don't have a real truck. Bags
  8. After the Ride everyone is a Hero. Great that you all Took the Challenge. Sunset on the river without bugs is Great. Rattle Can the thing! It is an Adventure Bike.
  9. Thank Mr. B Good intel, especially on the mic. Please buy the mic first, then piece together system. As example: We were riding in the area of South Carrizo wash through man high ( woman high n places ) creasote brush at start of ride. One gent was late arrive and some of us rode east for a warm-up and I stopped to take photos after pulling off the two track. So I finish the shots and ready to ride back toward start area. Even thowbI am off the bike I hear CID call out “We are coming At You”. I return “ Copy”. As I step off the track to my moto, here comes Chris. Whoa, you do not want to see CID coming At You on the trail. The Point - Both of us knew what to expect! Radios save your butt
  10. Holy S*******, I mean How Much do they want? Did you buy? That is Livingroom Art. B
  11. You guys are spendin' a good deal of time saving money on a bottle that cost $7.00 and lasts years. I use a few tablespoons each cleaning. Definitely clever gents tho.
  12. So, Looks like time to give the motor a chance to breathe The Twin Air is still in reasonably good shape. The " FILTERSKIN " is doing it's job. I use the No Toil cleaning and oiling system - Water clean-up and it all goes down the mop sink drain in non-toxic state All Better - All to help the motor survive and thrive Bagstr
  13. There was that creepy feeling of being watched when we stopped to take in the view,,,,Now I know who it was! We missed your spiritual contributions - Not to mention Performance Art. Enjoy the City P.S. I only yelled once. Considering the subject, an exhibit of self control.
  14. CID, Bushwacker, FakeBowers, Steve, HMberg and The Governor behind the camera. Hit the Sweet Spot Today. Truly amazing the quality of people a guy can talk into showing up in the wilderness at 0800. Competent reliable riders that can take care of themselves And their buddies when needed. Fabulous Conditions; Blue sky, Moist but not muddy ground, little wind in the morning. As the day built, you could see the flora coming to life. Creosote, cholla, ocotillo all showing the first hours of exploding into color and growth. The life of the environment infected the bipeds on the scene and we set off northbound. Arroyo Seco del Diablo Drop, Fish Creek downstream to Paul's Most Fabulous Wash ( aka Loop Wash ), upstream to Olla Wash and the Mud Palisades. Winter shadows over the folds of the razor ridges and vertical comped lines of the palisades in the crisp morning - fabulous. Bagstr talked a few riders into dismounting and hiking up the sandstone ridge of our out of sight campsite. Some of us shared our thoughts with the panorama. The landscape shared it's wisdom. Some just made suggestive jokes about the shape of random sandstone pieces littering the surface like so many wasted thoughts. Thanks gents for taking time to walk the steps of time. Back on the trail, we rode up the ever popular Sandstone canyon which never ceases to amaze. Went until two track dissolved into rocks. CID and The Governor pulled over for a quiet moment while the other four bounced upstream to play in the rock piles. Moments of quiet are good. Off again south and up the SAND hill of Diablo Drop. Like I said, good to be out with guys that can take the challenges in stride. The moist sand in the corners and echoes off the canyons made for a highlight of the day surfing south in Diablo Canyon. Some of these clowns brought their " track " tanks so we stopped briefly at the trucks for fuel. Some were inattentive as the six rolled out to the pavement for a few minutes of Motard up Sweeny Pass and south to Mortero Road. Crossed the tracks on the way to Dos Cabezas where we should have listened more closely to the Bobble Heads of wisdom up on the mountainside.. Heading east and north again the gang had a grand playtime in the sand hill at the RR Horseshoe Bend. What a bunch of kids! Laughs and stunts, full measure. The spell was broken alas as the kids realized " Hey, I'm almost outta gas." To the pavement my friends! We should have chose Mortero W to have a better chance of avoiding fuel transfers on the highway. Hey, I didn't mind watching a guy push his bike in the sandy road the last 200 yards. All in the Spirit of the Desert. Thanks Gentlemen, The Governor
  15. Amgems, That shot is of the top of a Rock Pile halfway up Sandstone. I hadn't been up that for about a year and there were definitely big changes i.e. rock obstacle gone, new piles making new challenges. The view is the clean side of a rock climb. One of the other shots is CID just bouncing out of the mess.
  16. Congratulations on survival. Walked to "work" today. Drove to Trader Joe's for food. Loaded bike for Dez. No casualties.
  17. A Great Day in the Dez?? Welcome Aboard - All who can make the Trip. You know; A good deal of the fun is - Not knowing what conditions will be. NOAA has no idea what the actual local situation will be. Definition of Fun!
  18. Edit: South Carrizo Wash ( at the Trees ) 0800 Wednesday As I feel an overwhelming need to speak, ( polite society not being receptive ) a tour of overlooks is in order. Each overlook to serve as a forum on the topic on one outburst directed at one individual. My hope is that this activity may serve as a palliative for my mental suffering. The concept is to express ( no yelling allowed ) my advice to a few needy individuals; express my thoughts to the horizon and hope for a coping inspiration derived from nature. You may or not want to join in this therapy, Please note these will be solitary conversations as opposed to group activities. You are free to have you own private conversation or simply enjoy the view. The Governor, sometimes known as Bagstr P.S. First choice is Tuesday Jan 9, but the expected rain may delay the date
  19. Thnx Gents. If the washes get some wet, I will be a happy rider.
  20. 0600 Rainfall Totals - More to come http://www.weather.gov/sgx/ Totals Forecast
  21. Tools Tubes and Snacks, about 80 miles. Sand, Rocks, Gravel. "He" will not be with us. No Dogs on the trail please. Intermediate skills to be comfortable. But hey, happy to watch you try the challenge! Tents optional. Road to trees ( east from Hwy ) is easy 2WD quarter mile. On the trail about 0830, return 1:00 - 2:00pm. 30 minute Happy Hour on return to trucks. Thinking about east from Drop to Loop Wash then reverse west to Olla or Sandstone, Who knows?
  22. Quite True But; It is not the Dez floor but the drive down, I see as the challenge.