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  1. Sometimes quite days are the best therapy.
  2. Help with photos - Click the " Insert other media " box at lower right of window. Choose Insert media from URL. Paste your hosted photo in the window. Go story, thanks for working up the narrative. The Governor
  3. The Old Stagecoach route from Vallecito Wash east to the north side of Coyote Mtn. has been consistently closed for habitat restoration. If I understand your route. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZNpa1OTsYkbkUamudPjkhcRjNlo&usp=sharing Note " Gate Closed" east of Bow Willow camp
  4. Yes Well, You are playing favorites again .
  5. Change it out,,,,you need the practice with trail only tools anyway. Aaand, how do you know the tube is intact? Be it the 101 like JAJA or 50 miles from the pavement. There enough variables out there without that risk. Walking from Vista del Malpas, you would be kicking yourself.
  6. Everyone is doing fine, Thank You Very Much. We all have a few miles left in us! As always Schwinn had many good stories to tell. Ask him next time you see him about Racing BMX bikes down Palomar Mountain as a kid ( well he still is a kid, but you know ) .
  7. Could be Alyeska's out of Borrego Sp. He is traveling at the moment.
  8. Mike, The terrain map omits the pine Creek link north toward Lucky Five Ranch but satellite shows . Dirt all the way to hard right at big oaK Dave
  9. Last year they did that, and roads to the north side as well. Took awhile to get them back in riding shape. Pbd, we will look forward to seeing you all healed. We need a good rain to clean up the grading And the jeep junk.
  10. Mr. J, Sorry to say - That is the most labor intensive piece of " engineering " I have ever seen. The stock part. Bags
  11. So,, The ball is the shift lever??
  12. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D79U7nL4M3OG8s3hpb-x0S8cLGMtUE4r&usp=sharing Pine Valley to Indian Protrero Trail. Park at the Post office in PV, pavement to Pine Creek, turns into jeep road. View in Satellite or Terrain. Starts as single paved lane then at top of first canyon turns to forest road as you turn north off pavement. Hard right at second summit marked by single large Oak. Top of Portrero is beautiful mixed Pine/Conifer forest. I would turn around at the forest as the drop to Sunrise Hwy is loose and rutted in places. The pavement has little traffic but occasional truck coming at you! If brave enough to drop onto Sunrise, you can travel north up to the gate opposite Lucky 5 Ranch Rd. and travel a somewhat slick DG two track over to a desert view. ( Dead End ) Have Fun
  13. Too Spoilt for 87f Monday . See ya’ll Thursday.
  14. Interesting Low Fuel Tank / Motor Guard
  15. In, wife Depending. Man, could go Monday as well for a Calming Cruise. I will see.
  16. Yep, Bagstr is In. Only if they are serving that great Pulled Pork and coleslaw. Try to come early ( to beat the traffic ) and check out the KTM accessory wall at NCY.
  17. "Actually many of the worlds problems were solved in the Avi parking lot." No truer words So long as there is Iced Beer nearby
  18. " About 45mph " Down from what? Good Healing
  19. Options _ https://www.rei.com/product/799982/sea-to-summit-head-net-with-insect-shield https://www.rei.com/product/869659/alite-mayfly-chair https://www.rei.com/product/113137/shedrain-mini-compact-umbrella
  20. Thank You Crawdaddy! Every Year Crawdaddy invites the Dualsport Community to ride the Nevada and Arizona backcountry as a thank you for the support he gets for his charity and other rides. I believe he sees this as a Give Back to the Community. He has spent endless days of " sacrifice " scouting routes and editing GPS tracks in the two states that Bullhead City and the Colorado River Straddle. So, he has put together these tracks.... Gosh, these tracks are quite special. Bring your A Game, or stick to the Easy Ways. As a guy that has some rudimentary intermediate skill, these rides are a significant challenge. And that is exactly what Chris wants them to be. Two days of relentless challenge. I only rode Friday this year as I had a family event to attend Saturday. Given my declining physical capacity ( 66 ), it probably was a good idea to skip the second day anyway. As we finished leg 6 of 7 Friday, I joked that if I rode any more Hard Ways, I wouldn't be able to hold my beer after the ride. Luckily I had ridden the 7th leg with Amgens, Crawdaddy and Lendon +1 last year, so didn't totally miss out. When we reached the Christmas Tree Pass road, I announced my route change back to the river and recovery. Didn't want to break the good karma the group had going, but the right decision for me. That last leg was going to be a workout but darned exciting! Sorry to be the one to break the spell. The celebration down on the river overlook was confirmation of our group solidarity. These tracks are serious Fun and serious Work! Back to the Point!! This is a tremendous weekend and I am grateful to Crawdaddy for his gift to the Dualsport Community. Additionally I would express appreciation to my Riding Pals, none of this would be possible without the support and encouragement of these gentlemen. Skill, responsible decision making and a big dose of Team Spirit enable me to go places never to be done alone. Long Live Dualsport, Bagstr
  21. Big Question - Is it a street motor with street maintenance or a 20 hr oil change deal? Thinking it is a street motor which would make it easy to live with. That sweet Akro can side mounted,,, Plan on another monster Cat Can. All in all, a nice looking design. Good Fire Road bike.
  22. So,,, There was this Droooop. Crawdaddy throws a bunch a stuff at you,,,One after Another. Friday morning, one after another and you top another ridge, but Wait There is More, a Drop as big as the climb you are soo proud of. One by one we Hero down without mishap. But Then we are sitting on the bikes admiring how brave we are and RiggerDan lines up and someone says,," You are not thinking of climbing That Thing?" You know that is all he needed sitting on his 300 Maximum Moto. Off he goes, and we are All Thinking, No Way!! He clears the bottom third, we are amazed. He traverses the top two thirds. We are Shocked, Did he really just do that? Yes He Did - Amazing Just one of many happenings in the middle of nowhere.
  23. And on my head. With Such Friends,,,,