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  1. Dez dash folks will possibly catch a glimpse of the course???
  2. This weekend our only local and first National H&H for the first time a bunch of years. A National in our local dez. D38s Road Runners MC is the sponsor club. Come out and ride it/support it or watch it. The loop 2 sections should deliver a solid spectator view.
  3. Deals on Motos

    oh jeez its got a paddle on it......that's a sickening thought for me.
  4. more of the course from another rider.kind of picks up from where my cam stopped
  5. Title sponsored by Veys Powersports San Diego---The best game in the SoCal/ Tecate zone for HS/GNCC/XC racing(riding). I consider these events short closed course GNCC type events. Usually end up with no more than 50 miles on the clock, 2-3 hours doing multi loops of the closed (safe) course. Courses have traditionally been just under 10 miles in length (7-10). Great environment spectator friendly for your fans/crew, fun Mexico flavor all within 1 hour and way less close to the Tecate border. 3 this spring and the series final in the fall.
  6. Ty also has an in the tank filter as well....but most guys I know settle for this set up. BTW aerospace uses these metal screen/mesh type filters as well. I still say its a good idea to have a backup clean injector in your long range trail pack, kind of like carrying an extra spark plug.
  7. Second try for this additional info to the above post, to further bullet proof your F.I. system with added filter efficiency.
  8. race location east of tecate off the libre road on the right at top of hill just past Ojai rancho
  9. Dirt bike rental in San Diego?

    Baja bound adventures , sometimes has Hondas for rental use. if they are not deep down south on tour. www.bajaboundmoto.com
  10. Found oil

    I agree with logroller.
  11. Found oil

    I use maxima, my cousin uses rotella, my sister uses motul, my brother uses amsoil, my nephew uses spectro etc etc etc and everyone of them will internet shame anyone who says they use any other brand than what they use...which is always the best oil to use. my suggestion do your research and make your own decision or you will get deluged with information some good some not all very opinionated. hence the tune " Oh no another oil thread" PS the only guy I know that has done a real scientific oil test (at the customer level) , has used Rotella in his KTM350EXCF since new which now has @ 10K miles and at least 2 full length of lower California trips as well as many hardcore trail and race miles and local round town runs. He has sent his oil samples at every change out to an independent oil analysis company and received glowing reports every time. So although I use Maxima products, I will say with confidence that the Shell Rotella threads do hold merit , he has the actual data to prove it. Amsoil? is another good company, but experience with their product line I've got zero.. my tuppence oil thread.
  12. Stuck My Hand

    racing incident.......but Kenny should have maintained more poise and patience.......he paid for his intensity. again.
  13. Anyone have one of these? Not the standard model Africa Twin, but this new adventure sport model.
  14. http://www.losancianos.com/events/?action=evregister&event_id=4 no time keeping- 3 special tests, from base Hacienda Santa Veronica test 1 25 miles to remote*- from remote test 2 25 miles to fuel/lunch remote test 3 25 miles back to RSV finish. discussion underway concerning fuel options at remote 1-2, personal splash carry or maybe club splash carry (small container) for those that don't have 50 mile range to get through test 1 and 2 (50 miles) to fuel. If you really want to do this pay attention and check in/mark calendar, it will sellout fast. for those with new evo KTM/Husky 300s I think we can easily make 50 miles, I really need to do a good mileage test with someone that has a mileage recorder(odometer/gps/smartfone etc). unlike my 2014 TE300 which hit reserve at 40-45 miles and was scary to push to 50. mccain will be a good mileage test place, more throttle=more fuel use to get a safe example. PS guy in the picture is Noah Kepple
  15. Got my participation prize...9th from 59 in class. another Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro (adventure) for the bench racing stories.
  16. I finally relented and installed the Flo Motorsports big fat 7075-T6 alloy with steel pin footpegs onto the 2017 TX300. I had my arm twisted around for months before I did the same on my 2014 TE300....and after...I have been amazed at how much much connected to the bike I feel. Note my oem brake pedal spring just broke, but fortunately I have the FASSTCO spring assy on my master cylinder, I like the 2 spring set up, Fasst says to remove the oem spring with their rig I like the brake feel of having both springs. Note TM Design works plastic skid plate with Obie Link guard attached, FasstCo brake cylinder spring kit, Rekluse core exp 3.0, brake snake, P3 composites pipe guard, FMF Gnarley with Powercore 2,1 Ti muffler, swingarm cover with graphics-note its cut because in stock form they chafe on the master cylinder, so I cut the forward section for clearance and make new zip tie holes, ZipTy racing master cylinder reservoir extender with ZipTy cap with Motul RBF660 fluid on this machine OEM Toyo pads set up. On all my other bikes for years its been EBC Carbon X red pads on the rear.
  17. Go with the Flo and other tech stuff too

    PS I post these tech things for food for thought info.
  18. KTM Twins beware!

    local close easy to deal with Rocky Mountain ATV.........super fast, super service full OEM catalog service. (mostly I use for OEM parts for my Japanese bikes.) Or very local, like San Diego local Bike Bandit. If you want to stick with on-line. also East coast selection fast and easy is AOMC Appalachian off road MC. just my 2 cents. Ive also used KTM Hutt in the past don't even know if they are still around. mostly I just call into or email my dealer to order stuff to support my dealer.
  19. I second and third that commendation- S101 full boat, front to rear, HSCD to LSCD to REB, top to bottoming cone, on my reborn from the basket 2001 YZ125. Scary good* *meaning I can go scary fast under control (and both of those are a far reach)
  20. https://www.bajabound.com/
  21. Sunday Feb 4

    sunday donde?
  22. Ken , You may be a little on the high side with your speed calc. but heck that's what GPS is for. The gearing commander program has it at 93 mph at 7500 RPM in 6th gear. with OEM 14/45 final drive. www.gearingcommander.com