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  1. the internet....engineers and mechanics.... (85% of the time maybe even 90% are the cause of these problems if any)
  2. North Korean Motorcycle Diaries from Vice.
  3. Im also due to pull and redo front and rear, mine each have stock m14 and m16 mousses, both need to be cut and stuffed. with these fatty fronts I usually run the M16 mousse for month or so 4-5 rides then pull and stuff as it breaks in/down. I like these fattys to be on stiff side or they roll too much for my taste, they are so tall. So I like them to feel like at least a solid 13-15 psi feel. for the rear no worries I like my fim tires to feel more like 10-12 with more in the 10psi feel.
  4. good news on the nitro mousse. I am interested now in the Gibson Tire Tech Mousse, they have kept it semi hollow instead of the solid close cell foam of all the others. Note watch your hours 35 is a lot without remounting, if you want to keep it alive pull it lube it and remount it, and once you get a used stock of mousses you can cut and stuff them to extend the life as well
  5. my shinko is on the shelf to be installed prior to the tecate enduro with a stuffed M16 mousse
  7. nice posts big respect Arnie seems to have left a very nice legacy, RIP Afry. Great fotos
  8. no time keeping- 3 special tests, from base Hacienda Santa Veronica test 1 25 miles to remote*- from remote test 2 25 miles to fuel/lunch remote test 3 25 miles back to RSV finish. discussion underway concerning fuel options at remote 1-2, personal splash carry or maybe club splash carry (small container) for those that don't have 50 mile range to get through test 1 and 2 (50 miles) to fuel. If you really want to do this pay attention and check in/mark calendar, it will sellout fast. for those with new evo KTM/Husky 300s I think we can easily make 50 miles, I really need to do a good mileage test with someone that has a mileage recorder(odometer/gps/smartfone etc). unlike my 2014 TE300 which hit reserve at 40-45 miles and was scary to push to 50. mccain will be a good mileage test place, more throttle=more fuel use to get a safe example. PS guy in the picture is Noah Kepple
  9. I didn't know Arnie , but need to say glad he was out trackin' not hooked up to a bunch of tubes in a hospice, just wished to hear he was 97 years old out trackin' and rode off into the sunset. Sorry for the early departure. RIP
  10. great choice IMHO, actually the best choice IMHO. I use the SRS type which are great for the replacement factor, however they come in tighter in width than the TAs. I used TAs for years, but switched to SRS. If I was sponsored (meaning free boots) I would still use TAs, but I just blow through soles too fast. You chose the perfect boot for the SoCal sun. That white color makes a big difference in foot temp comfort. Sidi Crossfire TA. This is late into their life after at least one, maybe even 2 resoles and with full cleaning and white shoe dressing painted over them (It looked super cheesy up close--but bright white cool at photo distance!!). They last a long long time when taken care of, as well as being very protective and comfortable at the same time.
  11. Well there were 4 open ironmen signed the other guys all did 8 laps I did 6 however when I was out on course between the every 2 lap breaks I was only 4 minutes slower per lap than the fastest guys on the course (the Pro kids), so I am happy about that. 13 miles per lap for me 78 miles total, thats plenty believe me
  12. Tecate 100. FYI we are doing it as a team race , heat will be a factor, we will swap every 2 laps, so about every 20 miles.
  13. it was very hot it was mostly 2 track and quad trails===== deep whoops, sand and silt. I rode to finish but almost threw in the towel after the 4 laps. went 2+2+2 for 6 laps total against the fast guys 8 laps. Fun story I was all signed to team race with LR but it was a 1 bike race, he (KLX450) and I (TX300) we said forget it and signed ironman open, he did the 8 laps with the fast kids....I did 6 with the slow old guys for a finish but way down the charts. This summer series is more Baja 500/1000 style. They will do another 4 race winter series of more Tecate enduro/HS style stuff, for this I highly recommend trail riders to cross the border and do this series. His layouts are always really good. and he said he has new rancho venues of new trails.
  14. you ride your own bike , i checked the weather temps are dropping we hope the report is valid , but still says high of 91 partly cloudy and windy so good for dust removal. Sunday says high of low 80s!!! bikes start at 0830 that means mexico time before 0900 will be fun...I nver worry about where I finish its always about finishing. Plus Im way out of condition, this will be the start of the stairmaster for the fall winter racing/riding season
  15. forget about seth now theres one less beta 300 to take test loops on
  16. graham jarsky. from the wilds of Gas Gas Viva Espana to the red heat of Beta viva Italia, we'll miss ya down here, maybe we can do the Idaho City ISDE qualifier (for me again)
  17. Hipster Hell!!!! They have died and gone to Hipster Hell.......
  18. Nice RFS.
  19. ahhh 250E/XC RFS delete all my comments....OK back to racing bred RFS small bore KTMs--Rubin won the 250cc 4T world championship in Y2K further development brings the 03 model and for E1 in 05,06 Cervantes wins and 07 Salminen wins. anyway its RFS powered bike that mean fairly bullet proof but it is 15 years old. with that age goes parts wear and tear especially soft parts. best of luck with it, it should be a good machine. I was late to the party.....thought you were on the 2 stroke path. suggestion do a full baseline dial in to replace worn stuff, partial disassembly for inspection and cleaning and full tune up and lube.
  20. Its a Kato 2t, basically bullet proof, evolved from Juha's 01 world champion machine. But at about 15 years old, look for the usual old bike items. hours are what does them in . If purchased I would strip her down and get a good baseline on it. and it is a 250 which when fresh is a ripper, its an offroad/enduro race bike. and for trail riding EE has all the good stuff for these (owner Al Randt was Laffertys factory mech for many years and was a AA rider back in the day)
  21. I need to really get going on training again.....I am targeting any chance to ride that I can, hope I can pull off at least a few hours into the gig.
  22. sad state of affairs and its such a hard call when an accident is not really accident...5 to 10 sounds trivial but even 5 in the big house is hard time for an idiot that probably doesn't have a hardcore background.. I am becoming a fan of all the anti collision computer controls in cars as more folks are getting run down from inattention and downright irresponsibility in automobile drivers.
  23. Love the flair of Italian bikes (and cars) and love the classic Husky brand.......but after my first KTM, a 1991 300EXC, My regret, I should have never left the KTM brand, I would have maintained a lot more smiles per mile.....I would have even more plastic trophies on the shelf as well. Before the first KTM for full on dirtbikes it was KDX200, Swede Husky 510TX, ATK 406 then 1st kato KTM300EXC, KTM250EXC, a list of Italian Huskys all 4 stroke (the 2 stroke ones were Cagiva based and good), then back to KTM.....OK under the Husky brand 2014 TE300 and now the best thing ever the TX300 no regrets here. Should have waited for the FI...nope no regrets I love the Mikuni TMX for its utmost simplicity.