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  1. Happy B Day BS!!!
  2. From the makers of TubLiss. Ive been with Michelin Mousses for many years. I just installed Nitro Mousses they have more tube like feel and are more lively than the Michelin Bib Mousses, which have a very energy absorbing character. I put these in for the tecate enduro so I have a couple of rides to break them in to normal. after 1 day Im very happy, F inside Shinko 90/100-21 fat tire R inside Michelin Enduro Comp 6 140/80-18 . they were installed with the supplied silicone gel and some added Kreft packaged silicone gel for more lube life.
  3. what's the purpose of the aerospace UMPCO "Adel" cushion clamp loop (with no cushion)?
  4. http://www.giviexplorer.com/ high quality Italian travel products.
  5. Brilliant machine---Hey Jon just go get the new bike. Ive ridden Tommys 2017 450FX, ......with Rekluse and full Dr D exhaust system, start in 3rd gear and never shift in single track for days, flawless FI. feels a little heavy, but handles like its glued to the trail. and no I'm not getting one 2 strokas only for me anymore. the bike is brilliant, Yamaha should consider a tweener size machine like a bigger displacement 250 (300-350) that may tempt me.
  6. grab a map from the intertube and begin your journey. or you will hear 100s of opinions of where to go, shooting from the hip on the ruta del vino Ensenada has always worked for us. we stayed at Quatrro quadros and other spots and most every winery we went to was fine.
  7. built to brake you in the those situations in hardcore enduro when you are rolling helplessly backwards down a steep hill............
  8. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcy/d/2015-husqvarna-fe350s/6372596846.html shes cleaned and on the sales block
  9. Bike is being cleaned up, updated, fixed, dialed in. beautified, blinged out as we sit here. She will come to market asap. FE350S is the street legal DS model. Bike is very well equipped from top to bottom. Why sell? Owner bought a like new 16 FE501S.
  10. This is most likely out of price range (the 500 range), mil spec= lifetime=bullet proof= cost effective=small package=light weight=thermashield technology (which is really amazing). did I mention very small light package that's all bomb proof . force protector gear dot com FOR98 TSS 0321 SOF I cant get any viddys or info up here . on youtube ForceProtector Gear LLC worth a look. watch[1]
  11. .there is not a gadget or rider in the world that deal with some drunk plowing into him at a red light.........I will stick to cages on street. Be safe out there y'all and trust NO-ONE even when they look right at you.
  12. I will stick to dirt. cars/trucks and motos don't mix well
  13. this was the first nat h&h I ever not completed all loops ive done @ 10 over the years. I was not feeling well from the get go and I bruised my ribs in a L1 dust filled silt bed fall. near the first few miles of L2 the rib thing really reared its head...every rock and bump was like getting stabbed in the side...I puked 3 times on L2 but rolled on and in and finished (snail slow) and turned in my card.......my 1st DNF in nat comp and 1st time vomiting during a race...... 2 firsts in one day.
  14. The NHHA final 21-22 OCT 2017 is the 50th Anniversary 100s MC Race. Ty Davis is the Marshall and they will have a big tent /museum on with old machines and legend riders on display. This is traditionally one of the best Nats on the calendar. If you want to challenge your desert riding skill......this is good one to do. Many choices many classes 1,2 or 3 loops. My friend and former Nat 50A number one is re-beginning his career as a 125 rider and will debut his 2018 season race bike , a ZipTy Racing custom Husky TC(TX)125. And if you want to spectate 'lots to see, plus the hi-dez is wide open for biz. nationalhareandhound.com/wp/ https://www.facebook.com/NationalHareandHound/
  15. what we rode yesterday. he was in a better position I swear 1/2 the first loop was all dust blind riding....
  16. Matt, still on my to do list......but too much to do round here at the moment. did you get signed for tecate enduro?
  17. Happy B Day Jim
  18. CrMo!!!!!!
  19. I vote pillowtop
  20. got it, good show!!!
  21. drill material- Cobalt for a start, spend $ on a good set or buy a pilot and the proper size Cobalt for the ez-out device.
  22. http://www.losancianos.com/events/?action=evregister&event_id=4 no time keeping- 3 special tests, from base Hacienda Santa Veronica test 1 25 miles to remote*- from remote test 2 25 miles to fuel/lunch remote test 3 25 miles back to RSV finish. discussion underway concerning fuel options at remote 1-2, personal splash carry or maybe club splash carry (small container) for those that don't have 50 mile range to get through test 1 and 2 (50 miles) to fuel. If you really want to do this pay attention and check in/mark calendar, it will sellout fast. for those with new evo KTM/Husky 300s I think we can easily make 50 miles, I really need to do a good mileage test with someone that has a mileage recorder(odometer/gps/smartfone etc). unlike my 2014 TE300 which hit reserve at 40-45 miles and was scary to push to 50. mccain will be a good mileage test place, more throttle=more fuel use to get a safe example. PS guy in the picture is Noah Kepple