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  1. got to remember G Force still is the highest ranking world trials rider to join the extremo fun..plus he is very energy conserving and calm under the gun. Im also sure his training schedule is intense, but regardless he is old and smart with 4th in the world trials skill set. Oh and besides its a piece of cake sprint its a less than 2 hour long race...................................
  2. Beta X-Trainer

    2 of our crew have them, probably the one that Mimi rode was TD's. #1 TD's has a Fresco (Italia) pipe and a full boat Stilwell Performance set up with a Fox shock the bike is really amazing--don't expect to ride whoops, but for knifing single track and up rock faces its extremely fun and good. #2 The other of our crew has his plated out of state and almost all stock except he has SP suspension with the Fox podium shock and Marzocchi Red 48s from the Race RR 300 so his suspension is heavier and heavier duty for slamming things- IMHO unneeded on this machine. It is a robust machine that many trail riders that think they need a KTM race bike would ride more comfortably and fast on. A very worthy machine and much better as a trail bike then the KTM freeride. Here is video of me following the #2 version (John's)
  3. 2019 CRF 450 L

    http://www.hondaredmotoracing.com/bikers.html now there's a plated Honda CRF450RX that I can get behind. For sure the 250 is the bomb as well.
  4. Lark solo ride

    nice funny I have not seen any yet this year of any type of snake. I guess we will now. that one snuggled up in the rock is interesting......a good reminder to watch where you sit and put your hands
  5. 40 Mile Dez Loop

    bravo....we did nothing all weekend.....
  6. at least 1 of our core crew has done it. its a brilliant event
  7. Honda just built what is the most logical business solution to joining the sport DS plate market which has been exploited by the EU brands. they are very savvy.....give me one of these and within a week I will shave @ 20 lbs off the thing and uncork the system. Sick bird version with a plate. Honda quality. BTW this will never happen from me. but they just created an entire aftermarket production/ web/ t talk category and will bring out all the intertube "experts" on how to properly set up your street legal CRF. Basically you get a plated overweight CRF450X....can go back and forth talking and talking about it being overweight ...so shite----strip it down to CRF450X spec and you have a new CRF450X with a legit plate. end of the day for Honda fans. Finally the bean counters looked at what KTM has done and realized it is worth doing.
  8. WTB 250 to 450 dirt bike decent condition

    check that one off the to do list....IMHO if you want 4stroke stick with the enduro/xc models, CRF250X, WR250F, KTM250XCF-W (sorry SUZ and KAW) for a more fun experience while hammering rocky single track. Of those 3 I would choose the YAM. YAM super reliable, best OEM suspension package and its not a Honda.......joking, the CRF250X is a great trail machine. I also like the Kato and it's Euro quality equipment (Hydro clutch for one) for trail riding with the W (enduro) model's simple and light PDS set up. Kato will be the lightest of the 3. 1 other IMHO note keep it simple....less add on stuff unless it's lighter stuff, is better less is more. Too many bikes I see are excessively loaded with stuff, build it light as practical and you will enjoy your day more. Build it a day/race/xc/enduro use machine and come out smiling. RN
  9. WTB 250 to 450 dirt bike decent condition

    what KTM did you get beat down on...? curious.
  10. full gas, when in doubt throttle it out. That auto reaction comes from dirtbike skills for sure.
  11. Big me on little YZ, BTW that little thing goes plenty fast for my skill level. Repping FahQ MC SoCal zone.
  12. Beat the Pre Summer Heat at the always fun AMA D38 GP title says it. I am in--- SSEN A on my YZ125--- go small or go home.........if yer not rippin yer slippin..... D38CahuillaGP12MAY2018.pdf
  13. www.losancianos.com for info and sign up, 50 mile loop from El Compadre Ranch, Bar and food included, well marked ribboned trails
  14. lesson, gotta have the hot weather kit ready to go. I preach this over and over. my crew also mentioned the heat factor....I was down in valle de Guadalupe it was mid 90s.....that day. wear neck cooler, fully vented gear, chest protector under jersey against skin....use breathable gear as much as possible, lite weight gloves, lite colors helmet and gear, carry plenty of fluid, best with at least a little hydration mix in it (I use ryno power hydra fuel at minimum added flavor mix), less as possible weight in butt bag or back pack. As stated above---pace yourself. Glad you all had fun and now the baja trail bug has bitten. hope to see more of you out on the trail even when the real heat kicks in. I remember the first trip south breaking in mtnmanseth --he was promptly stoked and addicted!!
  15. pics and video??? I missed this one due to another commitment.. full course finishers? viddys?
  16. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    Also applause to ADV Bum for procuring the screen for the demo pictures..... PS the projector is fine, it has an adjuster knob on the side to clarify the pixels , which would have made the graphics look a lot better, first time user....ignorance of the equipment, it doesn't have a twist grip throttle.
  17. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    Thank you Cosmo (Tracy) 10 bucks to feed my kid and I was a great bargain and was the perfect meeting meal! I judge the Meet up as success I hope you all visit the GiVi explorer website and consider using GiVi products for your required needs.
  18. Can my sidewalk be repaired!!!

    ll or lk but who's counting, fix it and ride it.
  19. but bank on a complete mod process to derestrict and lose a bunch of extra weight.
  20. SDAR Meeting

    IN as guest sponsor, this is our guest presenter. Pietro Ambrosioni. http://ambrosioni.com/ He is the GiVi representative for the USA and he will be presenting a look at the GiVi explorer program. https://www.giviexplorer.com/ As well as sharing info on the GiVi product line http://giviusa.com/
  21. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    As large as practical so we all can view the projected images.....hope that helps... I will call Chris (GM) for space details.
  22. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    I will have a loaner projector,,,,i hope we can find a good wall
  23. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    Pietro can have his entire 1 hour presentation on a thumb or from his USB cable from his lap top. What he does request is for a projector and screen for a best presentation. Any of you SDAR inmates have a USB plug-in-able projector and a screen to project onto? I will also ask Moto Forza if they have a multi media platform to display the presentation. So for info the demo/presentation will be from 7-8 PM. PM if you have a good multi media solution, thanks Rob
  24. Old School

    Talking old school I lined up next this guy at the gate for race 1 of the D38 GP at Cahuilla Creek MX. Maico 250 twin shock machine there was also an old Husky with us in our race. Fun to see the mix of bikes out there. Heck mine is 17 years old (the YZ125)