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  1. You retired guys...suck...no, I'm jealous.
  2. Cool, good to hear !
  3. May I make a suggestion....please go ahead and start a new thread for this Ride Report, don't know if the first one will be recoverable. Sorry for the inconvenience. This part of doing forum upgrades is tricky, and it didn't go as planned. Please be patient with us during this transitional phase. Again, sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. I've had some conversations with a few people about this topic, so here are my thoughts. If you want to invite some people to ride with you, or organize an informal ride, it would be wise to post what type of ride it will be, what type of terrain involved, and if you're looking for only certain types of riders to go with you. This is to keep an inexperienced rider, a novice rider, or someone who just doesn't want to ride certain places, from getting in over their heads. This could prevent injuries, etc. and make the ride a better experience for everyone. For example, if you want to go on a ride with minimal stops, and a fast paced ride, don't hesitate to mention that. If it's going to involve technical, difficult, challenging terrain, mention that also. If you want novices, new or inexperienced riders to go along, than mention that also. Remember that you may have to wait and/or help out novice riders if you invite them along. If you only want a few certain individuals to ride with, I suggest you send them PM's and discuss it amongst yourselves. Remember, if you're an experienced rider, what may seem easy to you may be very difficult for a newer rider. Also, remember about the big Adventure Bikes....if someone is riding one, find out what they're experience level is because the big bikes are much harder to ride than the regular dualsports. Riders are generally classed into 3 groups, I use this method: Novice - new riders, people who don't have a lot of experience. Intermediate - riders who have some experience, and have ridden many different types of terrain, and can ride difficult sections with minimal or no trouble. Expert - riders who have many years of experience and have little or no trouble tackling all types of terrain. Speed is not always a factor in determining ones riding level !! When rating a trail or a ride, try to base it on how a new rider would consider the terrain: Easy - just about anyone should be able to do it. Challenging - easy for an experienced rider, but newer riders may have trouble. Difficult - challenging for experienced riders, newer riders may want to stay away. Most Difficult - difficult or challenging for experienced riders, newer riders should not go there unless with a more experienced riding partner. Hope this all makes sense. Nobody on this messageboard should become offended if they're not invited on a ride, or somebody wants to go on a fast-paced, difficult ride and don't want inexperienced riders with them. There will be plenty of rides posted for all levels to enjoy. And for newer, less experienced riders.....the only way to get better is to ride a lot. Newer riders are welcome on many of our rides Some of you will find that after time and riding with many of the different people here, you will find a good group of riders with similar riding style that you will be comfortable riding with often. Thanks, and if anyone has something to add to this, please go ahead.
  5. LIKE button will be looked at later, but right now we have other priorities...thanks for understanding.
  6. Oh oh, I saw it too...now it's gone. There were some issues with the backup last night.... I'll contact Mario.
  7. Please start a RIDE REPORT if you want to post about this ride, thanks !
  8. For around $3000 ? Have friends from Alaska, who rode down here from Missouri on a 1200GS. The driveshaft blew and they want to buy a van to truck it back to Missouri.
  9. Mario will look into it, but we have some other priorities to deal with first. Baby steps.
  10. Mario, aka AirheadGarage has taken over as Webmaster for SDAR. I met Mario in Chico, CA at the place where my sidecar was being built. We became friends and I found out he knows about maintaining websites. We needed a new host and someone who could be more responsive to our needs, so we made the necessary changes. So far Mario's done a great job for us and we will be continuing making changes and upgrades to make this dualsport community better for everyone. I'm sure some of you will meet him in the future on a ride or at a club meeting. Mario, thanks for taking on this challenge to help us out and we look forward to a good, long term relationship. To everyone who supports and contributes to SDAR, we thank you. Supporting members help us out to be able to keep SDAR up and running online.
  11. That doesn't apply to everyone...most yes, but I know some people who love that loop on big bikes like 950's and 1200GS's.
  12. 2018 desert dash skill level

    Yes, there will be that option to Diablo Dropoff this year, we talked about it months ago.
  13. Mctrails, I'd call them and tell them.
  14. Another weekend yes. Can't do the 8th, day after company overnight Christmas Party at Torrey Pines resort.
  15. 2018 desert dash skill level

    Paul Bowers, that's why I said it's not for everyone and depends on the individual.
  16. 2018 desert dash skill level

    Yeah, you are right SoCalMule. The only way to learn is to go ride and attack difficult stuff, but it depends on the individual. When I got my first dualsport bike in '94, I started riding tougher trails pretty quickly, that was the way I wanted to learn, I didn't want to be stuck riding easy trails. But again, some people will go out and attack challenges and want to keep going and learning, while others may get discouraged by riding difficult stuff too soon. So, it really depends on one's attitude and motivation.
  17. 2018 desert dash skill level

    Not a good ride for a noob.
  18. Uncle Champ...Damn, they closed that connector ? I used to ride it often.
  19. Pasta Jon, let me know when u go...we'll meet u there.
  20. Don't just bitch about it...join SDORC, CORVA, get involved, go to forest meetings and do something about it. Sadly, most people don't and won't.
  21. Good riding near Phoenix??

    Get in touch with the local dualsport club there. One time I went out there and posted on ADVrider, met a group of cool guys who took me riding. I've explored a lot there on my 950.
  22. Black Friday Shopping

    Cool, congrats ! Can't go wrong with an F150. My '98 I put 430,000 miles on, still ran almost like new.
  23. Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    OK, sounds good. Everyone please post up if you can make it on the 22nd.
  24. Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    DSM8....it's your home, but might it be better to do after the new year ? Many people might be too busy 3 days before Christmas. Just sharing input. It's up to you Dave.
  25. Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    Happy Thanksgiving and Toikey Day !