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  1. Been there before, then did Overland Expo East few months ago...we won the Cool Ride Contest with our sidecar rig. We should be going to Overland Expo West again next May Have fun, great time....lots to learn.
  2. WTB ATK 605 DS

    I have a friend with one, he'd like to sell it. I don't know the details, but will find out for you. Hasn't been ridden in awhile, but I think in decent condition.
  3. And so the journey begins..... PLEASE NOTE: For people visiting this page to read our trip report who are not on this forum, WELCOME !! To read and see photos, please page down thru all the posts and photos....when you get to the bottom, you'll have to click on the Button/Icon on lower bottom right that says Next Page, or Page 2....and so on, to continue reading our trip report....thanks for visiting and reading our report ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've always loved long trips on a motorcycle, and after meeting Austin Vince at a Round the World presentation about his home made movie "Mondo Enduro" at BMW Motorcycles of Escondido a few years ago, I got the bug of possibly doing a round the world trip myself. I also hosted about 15 motorcycle travelers at my home over the last 4 years, some of them on their own round the world trips. I was inspired by all the people I hosted, and continued to attend round the world trip presentations at local shops whenever I could. In February of 2015 there were some changes in my life and I realized I should start planning my own journey around the world. I had just adopted a dog (Doc Holliday) 3 months earlier after my last one passed, and I thought "what should I do with my new dog" ? I contemplated getting rid of him, but I just could not do that. So I started researching traveling with a dog and found Kuhjunge's round the world trip report on ADVrider, where he and his girlfriend were traveling with 2 bikes and 3 dogs in a sidecar. Also got referred to Stan McGhee in Germany, who travels with his wife and dog all over in a sidecar. I asked them specific questions, like if the extra time, money and effort involved with taking a dog to other countries was worth it, and if they had to do it again, would they do it with a dog. Both said that it was well worth it, they would do it again with a dog, and a dog will often enhance your trip and even open doors for you in many places. So, I started researching what is needed for entry into other countries with a dog, found a travel site called "PetTravel.com" which is a wealth of information, and decided Doc Holliday was going with me. First thing was to decide what bike to buy for this journey. I wanted shaft drive, parts availability and reliability with good power. There were only a few choices in my mind...BMW 1150 or 1200 GS, Yamaha Super Tenere 1200, an older Airhead BMW GS and maybe a couple of others came to mind. One night, a friend Ed (Shafted) and I were sitting in our favorite fish taco bar in Ocean Beach, discussing my plans and what bike to use. I didn't like the fact that on an older Super Tenere, you cannot turn off the ABS and the newer ones have too much electronics like suspension adjustment, etc. The newer BMW's also have too much electronic suspension, canbus and ABS. An older Airhead to me, doesn't have enough power for a heavy sidecar rig and they also have weak electrical systems and alternator. Ed said, "you know, about a 2003 BMW 1150GS "Sport" Model would be just about ideal"...no canbus, no ABS, slightly lower first gear. He happened to check Craigslist later that night and found one an hour and a half away, with only 9500 miles in showroom condition...I said, "I'm going to buy it this weekend, whether or not I use it for this trip". So that's what I did. Next step was start looking for a sidecar builder. I contacted a few around the country and chose Chris Canterbury of Boxer Metal, in Chico, CA. The design process and commissioning of the sidehack build started in August of 2015. Wheels, subframe and leading link front end were ordered from EZS Sidecar in the Netherlands. The parts arrived in December at LAX in Los Angeles and I happened to be working in LA that day, so I picked up the crate and later that week, drove the parts and the bike up to Chico in the truck with Doc. Commissioning the build on a handshake. Doc Holliday was jumpin' for joy.... Some pix from later on, during the build process.....
  4. Trip report will continue soon, to catch up from Summer 2017 to January 2018. Trip is on hold for the moment due to unforeseen circumstances, but we'll definitely be back on the road to Mexico and South America in a few months.....needed to go back to work on Long Island to save some money....details about that later. We're still livin' and lovin' life.
  5. Helmet thread, not oil,not tires

    Personally, I never liked the flip up chin type helmets.
  6. Babes on sport bikes

    Nice lines and nice curves in tight leathers.
  7. The Wave

    I often wave...don't care if they wave back. But won't wave if I'm leaned over in a corner, I'll nod if it doesn't break my concentration. I don't wave on the freeway because I'm focused on what's around me, not the bike coming the opposite way.
  8. Texas road trip

    Very cool ! We did the Slickrock Bike Trail years ago, I on my Ducati E900 Elefant, and 2 friends on an R100GS and R1200GS. Great fun, challenging on the big bikes.
  9. Hard Bags

    Kelly, you better come see us on Long Island !!! We'll be here for awhile. Will show you around.
  10. HI All, as mentioned at the club meeting, we have implemented a $20/year voluntary paid membership fee to belong to San Diego Adventure Riders Club and website. This is partially due to the fact that website costs, maintenance and work involved is greater with each passing year. I also believe that SDAR should be more of a "club" atmosphere, than just a website....the attendance at the club meeting and involvement in volunteer trail building and maintenance supports this fact. What this means is that the forums and website will still remain free to everyone. But paid or contributing members will have access to additional benefits: Discounts at certain motorcycle shops SDAR Club membership card, listed as a contributing, supporting or sponsoring member (whatever we decide to call it) Access to Members Only Forums Discount on all SDAR merchandise (stickers, hats, t-shirts, etc.) Discount on entry fee to any SDAR organized, promoted ride or event Some additional forum controls for each paid member Discounts on MSF Basic motorcycle training Only Contributing Members will be able to attach motorcycle only related photos (using SDAR server) to your posts, following proper photo posting guidelines (including max size of photos being 1024 x 768) We already have at about 10 motorcycle shops who offer discounts to SDAR Contributing members. New SDAR merchandise to be sold, is in the works. Details on everything, including shops offering discounts, will be posted soon. I'm still working on other shops for discounts. For anyone who has made a monetary donation to SDAR before, you do not need to pay for the first year of voluntary membership. If anyone decides they want to contribute more than the $20/year, of course that will be graciously accepted. If you are a moderator or listed as a club officer, your get all the benefits of a contributing member, without having to contribute the $20. We also plan on having an official Club Meeting probably quarterly, so the next one would be in April sometime. Thanks for your support and understanding ! I want to thank everyone who helps with the club and website and who has donated in the past. And, I'd like to thank all SDAR participants and members for helping make SDAR what it is today ! If you use the Paypal or send a check in the mail, please include Your Full Name & site USERNAME Address Phone Number E-Mail this way I can easily keep track of who is who......thanks ! Please send the new President, ADV Bum (Mike) a PM for his mailing or Paypal address. We will also be able to accept credit cards via the Donate Button on Front Page of our website.
  11. Hey all, we don't condone going around locked gates. Please don't post about that on this forum. Y'all should know better.
  12. Yes...don't know if u can buy a DVD or rent it....movie made the rounds in 2014.
  13. You need to watch The John Penton Story.....fantastic history of KTM and Penton motorcycles.....Alpinestar Boots, and more.
  14. Ogio flight vest

    Personally, I don't like wearing a vest or jacket like that when it's stuffed with all kinds of stuff....too bulky and cumbersome, restricts body movement, airflow, and adds to fatigue. That's just my opinion.
  15. You know the story of who brought Alpinestars into the USA many years ago ? John Penton...great story.
  16. Thanks to all who support SDAR and help us keep it going !
  17. PM Adv Bum...or use donate button on front page of website.
  18. February 24 -25, 2018. Hope you'll join us for SDAR's 15th Annual Desert Dash Dualsport Ride. This year it's GPS ONLY, NO ROLLCHARTS. Riders should have desert riding experience. Expert skill level is recommended for riders on big Adventure bikes. Day 1 will be similar to last year's ride, with an option to ride to Salton City for a longer ride. Day 2 is a free ride day. Riders can go exploring on their own, or use our GPS Tracks with different options to ride on Sunday. Full support and Sweep Crew will be provided by SDAR on Saturday only. This is always a great event. We have even more support from shops and moto related businesses this year. We'll have the usual Saturday night Dinner with raffle giveaways after dinner at the clubhouse. Same start/finish location at Butterfield Ranch RV Park. Flyer Link HERE Details on attached flyer. Hope to see you there !! 20224 SDAR Flyer(1).pdf
  19. Yes, still spots, no online registration. Contact ADV Bum, number is on flyer.
  20. Found oil

    But what tires will u be running with the Amsoil ? Might make a huge difference.
  21. Anderson Lake

    Perhaps share where is Anderson Lake just so others know ?
  22. Since I was leaving San Diego for good, I wanted to see my old roomate Kato (from SDAR) and his lovely daughters, who met Doc when I first adopted him, and hung out with him everytime they stayed at our house. So we met in Ocean Beach at Dog Beach, then went out for pizza..... Sophie letting Doc take some chicken right from her lips.... Double high fives for Sophie... Doc with Sophie and Mimi.... My buddy Kato with his girls... Sophie, Mimi and I....