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  1. Jim, your route is great, but think to do it in 4 hours would be pushing it. Don't think anyone would want to miss the start of Arnie's Celebration.
  2. Please start posting here if u want to do a morning group ride before Arnie's Celebration of Life. ADV Bum is looking for suggestions....start in Ramona ?
  3. Christie Carlson called and asked me to post here and spread the word.... Arnie Fry Arnie Fry's celebration of life will be September 30th at the Ramona Fairgrounds located at 421 Aqua lane at 12 noon. Come and celebrate the life of the man who celebrated the best of everything. Smiles and tears, stories and hugs, thoughts of the great times shared with Arnie and Christie Carlson and the friends and families who love them so. Unfortunately, I'm very sorry I can't make it, we'll be travelling cross country.
  4. You got it Fakey...we'll work on a contact and figuring out a good spot. Thanks Paul !
  5. First, I think ADV Bum might try to organize a morning ride before Afry's Celebration of Life on the 30th. I'll let Mike fill you all in on the details of that. Second, I'm trying to organize a group photo of ALL the people who ride their bikes to the event, including riders from SDAR, ADVrider and all others. I'll need a little help with this...I'm posting up details here and on ADVrider and Facebook. But, since I'm not going to be at the event, Mike will help organize this photo shoot, but we'll still need other help: 1. Does anyone want to volunteer to be the photographer for this photo ? You'll need a decent camera that can do a wide angle shot. 2. We need to find a good spot at the event to do the photo where there may be a lot of bikes in it. Does anyone know the fairgrounds well and have any suggestions on where to organize the photo at the fairgrounds ? 3. I'm guessing we'd do this photo about 1:30ish at the event, I'm clearing that with Christie. Can anyone else think of anything they want to add to this to help make the photo a success ? Thanks in advance, Rad
  6. Time change to 12 noon...there will be a band from 1 to 3pm.
  7. Group photo at the fairhrounds, with ADVrider people and anyone who rides there, I hope....I will do as much as I can to help coordinate, but Doc and I will be back on the road next week so someone else will have to take over.
  8. Like we did for Ben, maybe organize a ride in the morning, ending up at Fairgrounds...then get a group photo...there may be a lot of people from ADVrider too, so perhaps organize a group photo with ALL the bikes ? I will talk to Christie about it this weekend.
  9. Bikes would be a nice tribute...like we did for Ben...can someone organize a club pic there for Christie please ?
  10. More pix of Arnie from some rides we did together....we had such a blast every time we rode and hung out....man, he was fast on that DR650 and any bike he rode.
  11. HI All, as mentioned at the club meeting, we have implemented a $20/year voluntary paid membership fee to belong to San Diego Adventure Riders Club and website. This is partially due to the fact that website costs, maintenance and work involved is greater with each passing year. I also believe that SDAR should be more of a "club" atmosphere, than just a website....the attendance at the club meeting and involvement in volunteer trail building and maintenance supports this fact. What this means is that the forums and website will still remain free to everyone. But paid or contributing members will have access to additional benefits: Discounts at certain motorcycle shops SDAR Club membership card, listed as a contributing, supporting or sponsoring member (whatever we decide to call it) Access to Members Only Forums Discount on all SDAR merchandise (stickers, hats, t-shirts, etc.) Discount on entry fee to any SDAR organized, promoted ride or event Some additional forum controls for each paid member Discounts on MSF Basic motorcycle training Only Contributing Members will be able to attach motorcycle only related photos (using SDAR server) to your posts, following proper photo posting guidelines (including max size of photos being 1024 x 768) We already have at about 10 motorcycle shops who offer discounts to SDAR Contributing members. New SDAR merchandise to be sold, is in the works. Details on everything, including shops offering discounts, will be posted soon. I'm still working on other shops for discounts. For anyone who has made a monetary donation to SDAR before, you do not need to pay for the first year of voluntary membership. If anyone decides they want to contribute more than the $20/year, of course that will be graciously accepted. If you are a moderator or listed as a club officer, your get all the benefits of a contributing member, without having to contribute the $20. We also plan on having an official Club Meeting probably quarterly, so the next one would be in April sometime. Thanks for your support and understanding ! I want to thank everyone who helps with the club and website and who has donated in the past. And, I'd like to thank all SDAR participants and members for helping make SDAR what it is today ! If you use the Paypal or send a check in the mail, please include Your Full Name & site USERNAME Address Phone Number E-Mail this way I can easily keep track of who is who......thanks ! Please send the new President, ADV Bum (Mike) a PM for his mailing or Paypal address. We will also be able to accept credit cards via the Donate Button on Front Page of our website.
  12. Agreed, he wouldn't want you to cancel your trip....it is great that you are riding in his honor....drink one for me as a toast to Arnie. I had a toast to Arnie with my sidecar builder Chris Canterbury, last night at the shop. Arnie....SALUTE !!
  13. From our English friend, Kris Boon, some of you met him on a couple rides he did with us....I met Kris and we became good friends, when he found our site San Diego Adventure Riders...and Kris met Arnie while staying in Ramona in his visits here to the USA....Kris and Arnie became good friends. Kris is not on FB, so he said I could post this here for him..... Dear All, Especially Christi and Family, So very sad to hear of the passing of one of life's true characters - it takes a while to sink in of the enormity of his loss to all who knew him. He certainly took me under his wing in Ramona and we had a lot of great times and rides. Arnie was a true Friend, Gentleman and Adventurer; competent and trustworthy in both business and leisure, where he was never one to duck out or take a back seat: Admittedly I agree that is how he would have liked to go - while racing! Of course we have to organise a Memorial Ride or some such event - I am sure it will be packed - let me know when and I will be there. "Ask not for whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee" So get out there and live like Arnie Fry did - working and playing hard. RIP Arnie, Kris Boon
  14. The last time I saw Arnie...he and Christie hosted friends during Ramona Cruise Night at their Realty office in Ramona....always had a great time with him. That smile !! Yes, Arnie's spirit lives on !
  15. Yes, sad news indeed. RIP Arnie Fry....he was a good friend, we had some great times and did some fun rides together. We were always joking and laughing about stuff, givin' each other a hard time. Frankly, I wish we had hung out more together. Condolences to Christi, all family and friends. Arnie, we will miss you big time. Godspeed Arnie Fry !
  16. Just sharing....all products Made in the USA. http://mailchi.mp/usalovelist/650641-650689?e=13b2e24827
  17. Cool....wish I was there.
  18. Sort of.....manly dualsport riders looking for Bears 😲 Let's see if anyone gets that.
  19. Well, it's up to members to organize informal rides for others also. We can't do everything. Many thanks to those who have and those who continue to put on small, informal rides.
  20. Dave, hope you don't mind I edited the Topic Title and added SDAR History to it.
  21. OK, here's the history of SDAR....you asked for it....so here's the long version. After sreet riding and doing many long road trips around the USA for a few years, then roadracing for a couple years, I realized I wanted more, and roadracing was costing me a lot of money. I had wanted to trail ride all my life, but was never able to. After riding street only for 8 years, I got my first dualsport at the end of 1994, a Suzuki DR350. On my first ride that was with Team Dual Dogs in the Palm Springs area, I thought how hard could dualsport be, I roadrace....well, I was quickly enlightened about dirt riding. That ride was tough, and within the first hour I got stuck on a big sandhill and I lost the rest of the pack. So, I went back to the motel, and I met a guy named Alfred, who said "you're the new guy with no experience" ? I said Yep. He laughed, but didn't want me to waste my trip up to Palm Springs....so he got the Team Dual Dogs loaner bike from BMW out of the trailer, and offered to take me for a ride all day, even though he had a broken finger. He was on that 1100GS and told me if I can't keep up with him on my DR350, I should find another sport Well, we went riding all day and I did OK....Alfred became one of my best friends to date, and we've done many rides together over the years. Anyway, I immediately started doing tough rides, lots of singletrack, usually with Alfred's guidance....I quickly came to appreciate singletrack trail riding and organized dualsport rides. After doing many, many organized dualsport rides in the mid to late 90's, I thought to myself I'd love to try to put on an organized ride. So about 15 years ago, via an email list in San Diego called "San Diego Motorcyclists" (that's where I met Zina, as well as some others), I decided to advertise a small free ride that started in Ramona and went out all day in the SD backcountry. About 20ish riders showed up. I had rollchart type directions for all to follow, printed on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper....the riders needed a map pocket in order to read the directions. The ride was a success, and I thought...WOW, I think I'd like to try more. On this ride, while in Julian for lunch, this guy and his wife walked up (they were riding a Ducati) to me and said, "What's up with all the dualsport bikes" ? I said I just put on a small ride...he thought that was cool, and handed me his card and said, "If you ever want to start a website, I can do that for you". That person was Uncle Cameron, who has hosted and maintained our website for years now. So, that was the beginning of SDAR. Cameron and his wife are now best friends. He built the site and things slowly took off, but for a few years the website was dead, with only a few people on it. Papa Alex was one of the original members, besides my friends Maddog Mike, Kevin McNutt, and a friend John who just helped out but wasn't on the site. We tried our first organized dualsport ride out of Agua Caliente State Park....it was a one day ride thru Anza Borrego. 55 people showed, many from Orange County and LA (District 37 area). That ride was a success too. The next year, we tried the first 2 day Anza Borrego Desert Dash....only 29 people showed. We had so much raffle stuff from local shops, even though it was early in our history, that everyone got at least 2 items in the raffle. Carguy and Kawee were 2 early riders who showed up to one of our local rides (me, Mike and Kevin)....they saw we were serious about dirt riding and they helped spread the word. We continued with the 2 day rides every February, advertised thru the D37 AMA Dualsport newsletter and the ride slowly grew and we got big turnouts. The main reason I started SDAR was to try and promote rides so people could see new places, and nobody else was doing it anymore in the San Diego County area. Also, I thought it would be cool to have a place for SoCal / San Diego people to meet new riders....thus the forums. Also, I have always been into informing others about the challenges we face with land closures, the anti off-road groups, etc., and this was a good way of trying to keep people informed....even though it's still hard to get people involved in these issues (I used to belong to many off-road forums that talked about all these issues, I was fairly active in it, but nowhere near as much as many others were). I never imagined it would grow to what we are today. It was never about money or fame....I knew you cannot make a living at putting on rides. So, that is how we got where we are today....with help from many people over the years, many here still active, and mainly due to all of YOU....the riders who support our club and site, and keep contributing rides and stories, etc. As for the future....as many of you know, I am going on my Round the World Trip with Doc Holliday in the sidecar. Mike, ADV Bum is taking over....Mike has supported me and SDAR for many years, and we came to an agreement to be partners with the club and site. It was perfect timing.....this happened BEFORE I knew i was going on my RTW trip. I have confidence that Mike is going to continue on with the club and site, keep it active and make it better. We have plans for some changes, but it will never change a whole lot from what it has become over the years. All we want, is to provide a better experience for all our site and club members. Improvement of the experience for all is the goal. Many people have made lifelong friends here on SDAR, including myself, and that is just awesome. As far as the sport, I think it will continue on for a long time. Please remember to support the groups that are fighting to keep our public lands and trsils open.....SDORC, CORVA, Stewards of the Sequoia, Stewards of the Sierra, etc. Also, remember we are all Stewards of our public lands and please Tread Lightly ! I think that pretty much covers things. Thanks for asking Dave....sorry for the long explanation, but I took the opportunity to explain the history since many people don't know.
  22. Nothing wrong with that either.
  23. Dave, I presume you're talking to me....also, when you say how the community has changed, are you talking about the site/club or the sport in general ?
  24. Every gf I had long term, rode motorcycles....all sport bikes except last one wanted a cruiser....it is cool to go riding with your babe, like Tom said.