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  1. Another vid from friend Adrian who was on a KTM 1290...
  2. This was about the gnarliest I'll do on the rig...outside Sonoita, AZ. Vid 1.
  3. you guys should start a new thread or rename this one 😁
  4. Sorry guys, had another wrench thrown in the works, another major change in plans....I won't be here, leaving Tombstone tomorrow, Friday the 5th. Have to head to the northeast.
  5. ADV Bum is the man now...give him a day or 2 to respond please. Thanks for your opinion, we take all opinions into consideration.
  6. Only $25,000 ? I'll give you $30,000.
  7. You're still a Slut.
  8. Well Dan, I'm sure we'll get together somewhere on your trip South.
  9. Safe travels to your new home ! We'll miss you Dan. You taking some of your bikes with you ?
  10. We arrived yesterday, have a place until at least January 15th...I may be able to let 1 or 2 people stay here, would have to sleep on floor....I'll find out if it's OK. New Years in Tombstone....YEEHAW !! We have lots of dog and people friends to see.
  11. Doc didn't want any gifts, he just wanted to see cool places....so we did 2 hikes and met a bunch of people in Big Bend National Park. My present was the best, meeting a guy who knows Mexico really well....we rode, hiked, he bought me dinner and we spent over 2 hours going over Mexico map and I took notes from all his knowledge. Big Bend is a magical place, the jewel of Texas.
  12. OK, I found a place to stay in Tombstone til mid January....so we WILL be there....if u boyz want to come, that would be great. If u want motels, better reserve now. I suggest Sagebrush Inn or Tombstone Motel....call them. Trail Riders Inn is booked for a month.
  13. Nothing is definite yet....I actually may be there the 12th...but I'm not sure yet.. My plans are constantly changing, that's what's great about travelling with no agenda, route or schedule. I'll let u guys know when I know what's up.
  14. Hey all, I just found out I won't be staying long on Tombstone, so we won't be there on the 12th.
  15. Hey all....please read below and donate if you can, we will be doing these types of fundraisers for various rescues and other charities as we travel....thanks a lot ! Link to Go Fund Me page is below....all money raised goes directly to the listed charity.... Go Fund Me LINK Hello, my dog "Doc" Holliday and I are traveling the USA and Round the World on a motorcycle with sidecar for Doc. My boy Doc is my best buddy and awesome travel companion.As we travel, we will be periodically trying to raise money for Animal Rescues and other charities. Doc is also a certified Therapy Dog, so we will be visiting kid's homes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. so Doc can share his love with people.I adopted Doc 5 years ago from a San Diego Shelter and am very passionate about animal shelters and dog rescues.Our first fundraiser is for the Tombstone Animal Shelter, in Tombstone, Arizona. This shelter is a small, no-kill, non-profit facility that works strictly on donations. All funds raised will help the following: *To find forever homes for all abandoned/surrendered cats and dogs in the Tombstone area* To provide the best possible care until they go to forever homes* To help ensure all Tombstone area cats and dogs are spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and healthyPlease help us raise money for this shelter, every penny helps !Thanks,Rad 'n Doc Travel the World Go Fund Me LINK
  16. Damn, looks like fun ! Would've really loved to have been there.
  17. BTW, it's not the Adventure model.
  18. Awesome ! Good job everyone, thanks for attending and thanks to Mike for organizing !