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  1. Looking for options for Desert Dash caterer. Anybody know a good caterer ?
  2. No need to apologize, sharing that was fine. I almost considered doing it with a friend just to check it out.
  3. How dare they invade our territory...LOL. Just kidding.
  4. Thanks to all who came out to help !! We had about 14 SDAR members. Overall total volunteers from SDAR, SDORC and the jeep clubs was 81 people. I was very happy with the off-road community today, and so was the Forest Service ! Was great to see our friend Richard Tull...who the trail "Ranger," was named after. SDAR primarily concentrated on the Ranger Trail, one of the trails that we adopted as a club. Thanks to ADV Bum for all his hard work, bringing his ATV, loppers, etc and everything out to grill some great burgers and fixins' for us ! Photos to come.... Anyone get a pic of TNTMO riding bitch on Mike's quad ?
  5. If it happens, it would take awhile...they have to go thru the NEPA process for new trails.
  6. Hey All, here is a list of SDAR attendees...if I'm missing anyone, please chime in. We need to get a list of our volunteers to the forest service, so they can log how many hours SDAR puts in for the Adopt a Trail program (we adopted Ranger and Kiernan Cycle Trail). ADV Bum, KTMrad, tntmo, 97xr400r, Bushwacker, Bp619, BlakeNy9, Crfxer, Hacksaw Pete, McTrails, Suspenders....and a guy in a Jeep who worked with his jeep buddies, I forgot his name. Need the following first and last names... Hacksaw Pete, crfxer, guy in jeep.
  7. Started a new topic....Maintenance day report, please post comments and photos there. This thread now closed.
  8. We'll be there rain or shine ! Don't let a little rain scare you away, you know how weather fluctuates greatly all over the county.
  9. 2017 desert dash track

    Please, nobody share it publicly. Thanks.
  10. Either one... I've done it both ways, drove to trailhead because I had Doc Holliday with me.
  11. I'm going to try and make it. Gotta get someone to watch my boy, Doc Holliday.
  12. Just to follow up...no Adventure Pass needed for Saturday daytime as a volunteer. Yes, there is plenty of room for vehicles with a small trailer at 4 Corners.
  13. My friend Alfred in Vegas organized the Lucky Explorer Rally for Ducati Elefant owners, as we do every year usually sometime in October. The last few years have been primarily in Nevada, exploring central and northern Nevada. This ride is geared for big bikes like the Elefant, but if some of the regulars don't have their Elefant running or don't own one anymore, they're welcome to bring the smaller bikes. I left SD on the 950 about noon on a Thursday and rode 490 miles up to Tonopah, NV the first day. Got up to Tonopah Station about 10pm and found some of the crew in the bar at the casino. Hadn't done a long day in the saddle like that in awhile and a cold brewski sure sounded good. Here is Brad's blue Elefant and Ron's Airhead 100GS in the parking lot. My 950 early in the ride on Friday, as we started to head across the vast valleys in Nevada.....this is a fairly typical trail. While some of the guys like to just haul butt all day, Ron and I like to stop for photos and check out old buildings too. This is an old abandoned ranch along the way...... This out-building was built into the side of a hill, probably used for storing food and meat. Back on the trail....... Another old ranch......I love old buildings. View from the porch......not bad. Riding through a canyon and a deserted mine. After more miles of fun dirt roads, we came to this jewel of a ghost town. The guys waiting for us asked what took us so long....well, we were taking time out for photos along the way ! Left to right, Alfred's brother Anker from Denmark, Brad, Ralph and his son, and Ron We came across a traffic jam......Brad just goes blazing a path through while I wait for the herd to thin out..... One of the others coming up behind me..... Anker and Brad
  14. THIS Saturday, 9am at 4 Corners, Corral Canyon. ADV Bum will be grillin' burgers for lunch ! See you there.
  15. Need shop recommendations

    I went to National City Motorcycle for years also, and had lots of work done by them. Good, honest guys.
  16. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Well said Robertaccio.
  17. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Beez, do u know of any service they might have for him ?
  18. For those coming out on Saturday, NO ADVENTURE PASS NEEDED. We talked to the Rangers and they agreed. If u come out Friday night, you're supposed to get one. FYI...if you're so inclined, u can get a good pair of Loppers for $20 at Home Depot.
  19. Bobcat Meadows is the upper campground....that's the place. SDAR will be providing burgers and condiments for lunch on Saturday.. ADV Bum (The Prez) is gonna be grillin' ! Please make sure u RSVP'd here so we can get a count for food !
  20. This Saturday... sincerely hope we can get a good turnout ! Please come out and help, even if only for a couple hours.