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    Idyllwild, CA > North Park SD
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    Going fast, learning dirt, learning dual sports instead of just street bikes, supermotos, games, drinks, learning alllll the cool bits n bobs about adventure in Southern California and beyond, meeting new riding buddies, sharing all these adventures with my wife who is eager to ride dirt too
  1. If you lived in Idyllwild....

    Thanks for the feedback gents...as per usual yeah I'm likely over thinking! Eager to get the SV gone and get onto something more dirt friendly....dr650 would happily to Idy > San Diego in the morning commute I figure....I'll be keeping my eyes on the prize
  2. How was the crowd at Austin? I've never been to such a high-level motorsport venue and I'm curious about who the 'hometown' hero was through the eyes of the crowd...we tend to love our domestic brand heroes but without any stars n bars in the upper echelons of Moto racing I've wondered who the hell everyone is cheering for when F1 and MotoGP come to Austin.
  3. otay today, okay

    I can learn a lot from you guys. My level of restraint is evidently quite lacking as when cagers start to push me around I inevitably leave a boot print on a door. Working on it though...haven't done that for a good 6 months
  4. If you lived in Idyllwild....

    That's all good to hear as it kind of puts the doubts to rest. As indicated I think 4 to 7 thousand would be thhr common range but the drop down to palm springs or hemet for extended touring shouldn't, it seems, spoil much of anything. Not really talking about altitudes where it seems the breathing of the bike will get snotted up. As usual, thanks gents! We just arrived in new orleans a couple days ago to do this destination wedding adventure and we're both eager to get home to start planning some of the two wheeled variety! Be safe out there friends
  5. Supermoto racing was born right here in Carlsbad but it is all but dead in North America while it is happily enjoying multiple international leagues out of Europe, Oceania, and South America...kind of a bummer, especially now that Carlsbad Raceway is a parking lot for all those new buildings. Non-Nascar racing, on the whole, is flat in our country....touring cars, formula1, World Rally etc. All amazing leagues with incredible talent and technology but for whatever reason the US Consumer doesn't seem to care
  6. Hey guys! Still a noob with a street bike but actively homeworking my way closer to a dual sport. After my wedding this month the focus will be for her and i to get on the road and start exploring. We're planning on buying a home in Idyllwild a little later in the year which will result in my SV650s staying in San Diego for round town wheels when we drive down the hill. We'll keep our dirt bikes up the mountain. I had been dead set on a DRZ for myself but now I've begun to panic and think maybe an EFI bike would be better. I've heard though that a properly jetted DRZ will still change altitude and not take too big a hit on power. I'd imagine that the VAST majority of our riding would take place from 4-7k feet but the option to drop down off the mountain and hit the desert is appealing. That all being said: I have 0 experience with carb'd bikes, I have 0 experience in the dirt, and I have LOTS of questions about lots of things but primarily on my mind is "should I focus my hunt on EFI or is a carb'd bike still a good and viable choice?". I wanted to toss it out to you guys for inputs. Further: if I still get the DRZ (it's just so ubiquitous I figured I should cut my teeth on it ya know?) what can/should I do in terms of setup/mods to accommodate some radical elevation changes? Again knowing so little about carbs I'm unsure what I can do outside of a rejet but I figure that there has to be a means to tweak A:F mix on the fly without tearing the carb out yeah? So....on my way down off the mountain I can pull off and fiddle for a few minutes to re-optimize the ratio as i approach sea level....but yeah i dunno if that's a thing. Any info is appreciated chaps! I've heard accounts of the WR250R pooping at altitude while an FCR carb'd DRZ kept and putting down consistent power, same with the little honda CRF...my heart still says DRZ but yeah...
  7. SoCal Supermoto

    Thanks for the feedback chaps! I'm likely to head out late June for a bday gift to myself. Once I book I'll loop-in here if anyone has interest
  8. Hey guys! I'm still a new guy without a dual sport...but I can't help but do my homework. To that end I found SoCal Supermoto. Seems there are some great writeups here from years passed but nothing in recent history. Has anyone been to the school in the last year or so? Anyone interested in setting up a group class for summertime? I'd love to get on the track, get some instruction, and start learning a new moto-skillset in a controlled environment...besides, riding one of those prepp'd DRZ's he has looks like a great day of fun to me!
  9. Dirt Virgin

    Noted on my SV, thanks gents. I'm eager to add a DS to the stable and the promotion I just got will help to make that happen sooner rather than later now which has me ecstatic. At the onset I'm not too picky: dr/xr/klr/drz will all serve me just fine as a first dirt mount i think. inexpensive and seemingly good platforms to learn a lot from each with their own advantages. my front door is close enough to access pamo with just a short ride up the hill past the wild animal park really so i'm not particularly concerned with range and all day comfort as i don't intend to really range out far until i've built some skills...but i am dying to get back to mojave as soon as i feel confident in the dirt (at least a little). seems i can't get the DS soon enough though having seen for myself how easy it is to get to some good dirt.
  10. Dirt Virgin

    Lovely feedback, thank you so much @Oracle . Nice to know that the road I ran delivers me to what seems to be a great place to earn my first stripe and build some new skills. Wonderful place in the world to cast your gaze too from what limited views I had from the asphalt. Can't wait to push beyond!
  11. Another new member

    I'm new to the dirt myself and, even without a dual sport as of yet, have found this community to be exceptionally helpful and welcoming. Enjoy the dust and I can't wait to see you out there myself
  12. Dirt Virgin

    I road my sv out to Pamo road yesterday and followed it down to the end of the pavement after the bridge. If I were to continue from that point, how much riding is left to be done? I took a good look at the SD Dual Sport GPS map that Bfar linked above and it seems that Pamo is an access point to a pretty solid trail system including the Black Mountain Truck trail and beyond. Not having pushed my worn road tires at ALL I can't pretend to understand what waits beyond the pavement here but the location is nice and easily accessible to me without having to cruise any high speed highway at all. would a dirt noob like me be able to handle the trails there off Pamo on something like a KLR650 or is that too big a bike for too little experience in too technical terrain?
  13. Afry - Arnie Fry Celebration of Life 9/30

    I'm obviously new and don't know any of you but I'm touched by your group's commitment to each other. After a week like this I need a good tear in my eye for a change. Glad to be here and cant' wait to get in the dirt and meet you fine folks face to face. Ride safe.
  14. Best of luck to you and Doc! I'll keep the votes coming.
  15. Dirt Virgin

    Thanks guys! That GPS map is exactly what I'm looking for I really appreciate it (and I appreciate all of you taking the time to respond). Now I can begin to build some local knowledge and start scouting on my road bike!