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  1. Went on some trails looking for that epic shot of the ole dr and the socal hills also did a few repairs and a few new(to me) parts thanks to tntmo
  2. That trail looks awesome
  3. Ole girl spitting fire 20170817_080146.mp4
  4. I wanted to hang around and check things out but there was a BP Agent posted up near the gate, o well. I plan on going out this sunday to see how the progress is on the trail and enjoy that last bit of dirt before it gets paved if thats what they plan to do
  5. Thanks ?✌ Thanks, It sure is nice up there the road was even wet still from them working on it so it made my ride quite enjoyable Hey thanks, and I did ride to the gate but decided to loop back and enjoy the ride one more time
  6. You sir have a deal pm sent
  7. Thanks, I really do enjoy this little thumper!
  8. Last weekend, they have compactors along with water trucks and other equipment
  9. Thanks, I go to otay quite often although it is now just a flat dirt road not sure what they are up to out there, one things fersure we dont need any more pavement in socal✌
  10. Thanks ?✌
  11. Hey, new rider to the group, Ajax or Aj for short, my rides are a 94dr250 and a 90yz250, just got back from kernan trail and had a blast (first time out) anyways look forward to hitting some trails.