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  1. wow. There's a lot of places on my bucket list, but this stuff really pulls at me. I have to go!
  2. Holy cow! Thanks for taking the time to fix the pics. I have to go there now!
  3. I can't remember. You'll have to use your google-fu.
  4. There are fancy schmancy wineries with $300/night rooms, and there are places where you can rent an uber-cool airstream overnight (permanent site), and more. I enjoyed the working mans wineries along the 'route'. No charge for the tastings or the cheese plates. Just taste away and enjoy the vibe. Had a blast. Even bought a $6 bottle or two of suprisingly good 'afternoon drinking wine". Wether you want hi-brow, or blue jean wineries, it's all there. I'm going with wifey and a couple friends during Thanksgiving weekend. Now that I've made the loop across the border and lived to tell about it, they all think it must be safe enough. We however are going to grab an uber at the border for a day of heavy wine tasting, throwing caution, responsibility and pesos to the wind. Please report back on your experience.
  5. Danrider going dark. The invisi-camper.
  6. There’s a lever on the left down by your foot. If you pull up on it you can go faster.
  7. A couple of my favorites...
  8. Oops trouble with the link. Wait for it . . .
  9. What a great weekend. Good people, bikes, campfires and whiskey. I really enjoyed the route too. There’s just something about great beer, a salad, smoked gruyere and Italian sausages cooked over the fire with riding buddies passing a whiskey bottle. It was my first trip into dirt and sand with Anakee 3’s, I really should have run the Heidenaus for the steep loose rock and sand. But I actually learned a bit about floating a thousand pounds of man and machine through the fluff on slicks. It was just deep enough that you could hop off and not need a kickstand. It was great to see JaJa’s kit in action. He appears to be the master of bike and gear gadgets and gizmos without going overboard Brian, Roy, Jim, JaJa, Dan - thank you guys for a great long weekend! Note: I get 39mpg ever day all day long. When we gassed up Sunday morning I had 81.9 miles on the clock. Jim confirmed he had 81. She only took 1.42 gals to fill. (Drum roll please) : 57.7mpg! To this incredible accomplishment I credit DanRider. Thanks buddy for bringing your amazing KLR that tops out around 39 miles per hour! Keep your garage locked because I’m thinking about sneaking over tonight and swapping your two sprockets around! Just kidding Dan. The pace was perfect for the scenery we rode through. It’s also cool to know if I had to I could get up to 313 miles out of a tank under ideal conditions. Until next time...
  10. I have several business issues this morning, but am IN as planned. I'll be with Wierdrider, when we leave La Mesa. Exact time TBD, but I'm sure Jim will keep the group informed as I ferociously fight work fires for the next few hours. I'm so STOKED for this!
  11. I had a brake light modulator on my Duc and deduced that it helped. My '6' is my most vulnerable side and I am most nervous about cars behind me. I need to put one of these on the GS. With the loss of my noisey Duc, I noticed a significant uptick in number of drivers who weren't aware of me. Loud pipes do save lives. Wether they are annoying is a totally seperate topic. I replaced my crappy worthless PIAA's with some cheap chinese LED driving lights mounted to the crash bars. As soon as I did this, my surprise encounters with other cars dropped dramatically. Moreso that even when I had a louder bike. It's crystal clear that many many more cars move over, and much farther up the line once I put on these lights. So far it's my absolute #1 safety feature. After all... we know we are invisible, but the lights reduce that factor dramatically. But I still ride like I'm invisible anyway. Oddly, while they are strikingly bright and are more of a blue light than yellow... they are not blinding at all. I have them aimed just below my low beam range. Yet you'll see them from a hell of a long ways away in broad daylight. I think I paid $70 on Amazon. Holy crap.... they're down to $40! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CTG55TI/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Hi Dirt Dame, I would encourage you to read the Berkeley report. You'll find that the freeways are absolutely the safest pavement to ride. Back roads and side streets have much higher accident rates. I figure I can't afford to rely on what my experience or so called common sense tells me. To get it wrong could be fatal, so I started research actual statistics. Hope this helps...
  13. Thanks for posting Dan. After a decade Moto-Hiatus, I've been road riding daily for about 3.5 years in SD. I've been on the GS now for the last 1.25 years or so. I am certain that dirt riding is far more hazerdous to my aging skeleton that pavement. I owe my 'luck' commuting so far to a couple things. Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough, I read it on day one, and re-read it every couple years. Bottom line is I adopted his philosophy of "If I get hit, it's my own fault". I can't afford to allow anyone to hit me. So I don't (so far). It sounds harsh to say, but David would say that the man hit by the drunken red light runner.... was at fault. Because he didn't anticipate it. This philosophy really pisses alot of riders off. But I ride with this mindset. I already know I'm invisible, and therefore ride like it. NOTE: I am NOT dancing on this guys grave with a self righteous attitude. I am specifically commenting on a mindset, because it has kept me exponentially safer on both the bike, and in the car. I only share this to encourage others to buy and read the book regardless of how long you've been riding. It's my experience that many life long riders can often have the worst attitudes and habits. My own father has ridden his whole life and never been hit. Yet he scares the ---- out of me every time we ride!! Most road accidents are the result of late night riding and alcohol (in the rider). Once I started pointed those factors out to wifey when we saw them on the news every, she began to relax a little. I can control those two factors. Another huge factor is Hooligan-ism. I can control that as well (usually). Take those 3 factors out of the equation and the numbers swing dramatically back into safer territory. I wouldn't trade my daily commute on the bike for the world. Love it. For extra credit please download and read the Berkeley report. Many riders are shocked to see the actual numbers regarding percentage of bike crashes and level of injury from lane splitting. A simple google search will pop it right up.
  14. It looks like I'll be able to leave La Mesa around 10-10:30 with Wierdrider. My only change of plan will be if a work opportunity or crises pops up, but looks unlikely at this time. If Jim/Wierdrider has to pass, I will readjust my launch time to meet up with whomever, at wherever. I LOVE this cold weather!!!!! It's nice to throw the down sweater on under the KLIM and flick on the grip heaters in the morning. I just wish we could have a campfire to pair with the whiskey and beer.
  15. Welcome brother from another mother. The ol' 1150 gs are in a class of their own. And your 900SS . . . well, that's on my list of bikes to own. I miss my ST2. There is NOTHING quite like a rattle of an Italian dry clutch backing up a Termignoni! The only thing serious about the pics above is my relentless pursuit of a world record for crashing and riding away on an 1150. Beware when riding close by as W.Rider has since learned. Lets ride!
  16. I told Jim I'm bringing the iPad to set on the fire grate and play a YouTube loop of a campfire. Not to worry guys.
  17. All clear. Am 100% in. As soon as you settle on a campsite, please let us know which one so we can try to get one close by.
  18. I'm 90% in on this. Just need to move a couple things off that weekend. Thanks for the invite Dan. I'm fully self contained and will be running my swiss-army-bike. Throw the boxes on the back, swap to the dirty wheel set with Heidenaus, and wipe off the headlight. Let's roll!
  19. I never knew him, but if there's room . . . . . I'm in.
  20. Well done sir! Does it pour faster if you twist it? Maybe bore it out and throw a K&N filter on the backside.
  21. Hey . . . are we all missing an opportunity to get together, drink beer and swap lies about Jim? Happy Birthday brother!