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  1. SDAR Meeting

  2. A dozen or so pig ranglers headed out for a weekend of general silliness from the BMW store Saturday One guy had the new baby GS. 310 cc’s or so. He did manage to hit 90 with us so we were all satisfactorily impressed. He only had enough room to carry a swim suite, candy bar and a hand towel. So he didn’t stay the night Inspite of being encouraged to just sleep on a picnic table. We took Wildcat- Old Julien HY — Wynola road (GREAT road!)- Banner grade- S2 to Agua Caluente campground. All in all an excellent road ride. The typical rush to prove ones superior camping skills ensued and everyone got settled while Steve from BMW set out sandwiches and the Cooler full of cold drinks. I sold my 1150GS and bought this 1150GSA. I got a thing for these old bikes and this one proved to be top notch in every way I know, it was only 1 night and that’s a lot of gear. But I wanted to shake down my kit with the new ride before I head out for a few summer trips. After a 2 year hietus I went back to a tank bag. Happy to report the MM Nomad is worth every penny. It didn’t interfere with me when standing, even on steep inclines. Moscow Moto has it figured out. about 3:30 we headed out for an afternoon dirt ride. We headed back toward scissors crossing and peeled off left up a trail that for the life of me can’t remember the name. The sand was manageable and eventually we started climbing up some pretty rocky stuff. Baby heads and bigger strewn over steep rutted Jeep trail. I’ve been riding with this group here for a couple summers now but this route was a new level of stupid for the big bikes. We ended up putting spotters along the trail on the gnarliest parts, which only means that the bikes had a slightly softer landing when they went down. Much scraped paint, bent shifters, and gashed cylinder head guards were accomplished. We eventually popped out at the Banner store and zoomed back to camp where Ukulele Steve was waiting with Cheeseburgers, salad, chips and wonderfully precious ice cold beer. This guy kept checking us out ... Rudy summed up the post ride recovery session like this I tested out sleeping under just a $20 down Costco quilt and am totally sold for warm weather camping. The 15 degree down bag will be staying home now for most trips Worlds largest storm proof matches burn like a Roman candle for a looooog time. Here’s the brand After soaking in the hot springs, inappropriate amounts of bourbon, red wine and whatever else folks brought to the campfire, eventually the stories slowed down and one by one folks slipped into the dark this morning was beautiful. It didn’t hurt that Steve had hot coffee and breakfast burritos waiting They say if you don’t love your bike, you’re probably on the wrong bike. And a good time was had by all . . .
  3. Old School

  4. Old School

    The Super Rat is the one that gives me the tingles. Not that I'm ready to put one in my garage. It's just thrilling to see one.
  5. Old School

  6. Old School

    Having lusted over these bikes as a kid on a honda 50 . . . . . I think this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Who wouldn't want a bike called a Super Rat! or Wombat! or,... or.. Nice going Kelly!
  7. Ha! You're killing me! This set up is really cool. I can't wait to see the hottie that derailed you on your honeymoon with the KTM.
  8. That’s funny because it’s true.
  9. SPOT-X

    I’m going to buy ‘something’ Soon. Watching this thread with great interest. I need to be able to hit the ‘all is good’ button for wifeys comfort when I’m riding and camping off-grid. Not to mention for worst case scenario.
  10. Wow. Sounds like a great adventure! Glad you weren’t hurt out there when you went down. I was wondering about your bike lift. Sometimes we pack everything we need for an emergency except a friend to help lift. 8-).
  11. The SD store folks are everything you ever wanted in a tire shop. Great people, will talk tires til the cows come home if you care to. Perfectly good service and fair pricing. I cannot find a reason to buy online now.
  12. Stelvio Owner

    I'll PM you.
  13. The Wave

    So, continuing along in the same spirit here, I lost my clutch yesterday when downshifting in Mission Valley. Pull the lever... almost nothing there. So I scurried on down the freeway, made the Jackson exit in La mesa, hit the light at La Mesa Blvd green (whew!) but headed into a schools-out traffic jam at Lemon. Mentally calculating the current traffic patterns, number of stop signs and left turns ahead based on my rapidly upcoming 3 options.... I turned right (bad choice), split some neighborhood traffic (rude of me) and decided I was going to die soon if I didn't just give up and shut it all down. Fortunately I was about a half mile from home. Wifey picked me up so I could return in the evening when traffic was non-existent and ride the bucking bull home with less risk. The point being though .... 2 different HD riders made sure I was OK before continuing on. And zero riders went by without checking on me. It's good to be us.
  14. The Wave

    Thats pretty dang funny. Yes, I actually did run out (broken fuel gauge). But I figured 8 gals x 40mpg = 320 miles and I was safe. Not so much. Luckily I had thrown the 2 (empty) fuel bottles in my trunk to take up to DanRider that day so i had containers handy for my walk of shame. The pic is from when she dropped me off at the bike. She picked me up walking down Navajo, helmet in hand. She just said this don't look right. Need a ride? And then the ol' scooter groaned as I climbed on the back. Mustang Sally was my gas-angel that day. Riders taking care of riders. Good stuff. The questions is . . . would you pull over to help a Harley rider? Hell, it's bad enough just figuring out whether to wave or not.
  15. The Wave

    I will always wave to scooter riders. This one was kind enough to give me a ride yesterday when I ran out of gas on Hywy 125. She goes by "Mustang Sally" and took pity on my walking up the road, helmet in hand. Who knew that a GSA would only go 293 miles on a tank.
  16. The Wave

    I like it. It's a gesture that says "aren't we lucky to be out here having fun instead of watching TV with the rest of the world". And I nod when I'm not wanting to take a hand off the bars. So here I sit, watching TV instead with no-one to wave at except for you guys here on line. ........... because, I don't want to go outside and clean up the back yard. I just want to go out in the garage and stare at my bike for awhile and then suit up and ride to no-where and back.
  17. This looks like a fantastic route. I'm going to have to pass though as I am really struggling to take the time off needed. Hope you get to take some pics and give us a full report.
  18. Mom knows best. Awe... screw it. Have a swig.
  19. Beer is the new bourbon. Don’t worry about it bro. As for Honda?.. if you can ride it, you’re in. 🏍 If it doesn’t run, trailer it to the campground and park it next to your tent. ⛺️ Fake it til you get it running. 😆 🤭 Pull out a cold 6pack and pass them around camp. Ain’t nobody worth a damn ever turned down a guy handing out beer no matter what he rides. If your Honda happens to be the BRP, I’ll feed you all the bourbon you can hold if you let me ride it.
  20. Of which we had plenty of both. Gotta love this stuff!
  21. 5/4 is too close for me but don’t let that stop you guys. I have a lot of pieces to move on the calendar to go later in May.
  22. Thanks for the nudge. Let’s nail the date down and I’ll see if I can clear the decks. Oh, and... no such thing as too many turns. But this road has always intrigued me as it looks like it could be far better than ‘the dragon’.
  23. This is on my bucket list. Just don't know if I can get the time away. I'll be watching this one.