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  1. What he said ...
  2. Dang. Well then again, maybe I can borrow it from Jim when I need it.
  3. Can I just pile all the pieces outside where your wife parks and come back for the next few weeks until done?
  4. I think I'll change my 'tech' to installing QD's on the fuel lines, pulling the tank and installing new throttle cables/bowden box. So many tasks, so little time. Or, just check the tire pressure and help draw down the beer stash.
  5. Tentatively probably in for sure almost. In other words, as long as work doesn't get in the way. Does this mean I don't have to wash my bike from last weekends ride?
  6. Can wifey text back??
  7. I plan on coming to lurk in the corner and witness the shenanigans. ...and drink some beer. Must learn more of this mysterious Desert Dash thing.
  8. I wouldn't dream of hiding this badge of honor.
  9. Have you ever hauled around a piece of gear for years and then suddenly noticed something you hadn’t seen before?
  10. I had to use my google-fu to learn the term, but dang . . . that must have been right before that fall you decided to call a recovery.
  11. Oh no no no. Don't be confused. This was a skinny bike, 250 class and under ride. We just decided to throw our pigs into the sand and gravel and pretend they were capable. I have a new dent in the tank on the left, and a nice scar on the right. Proof of Use I call it.
  12. easy...... they said. Itll be fun ..... they said. Anakee3’s are fine .... they said And i’d do it again tomorrow, right after I take a pain pill.
  13. What a great trip!!! Thanks a ton, DanR and JaJa and 'all'. I truly LOVED the Picacha camp setting. making coffee on the river watching the sunrise was deep psychological therapy. Riding Kofa the next day was an adventure that left just about every bone in my body aching at days end. Good thing there was plenty of strong medicine available that night at the bar. Good times. Learned what the GS could do and not do. Learned about my own limitations. Made new friends. What could be better.
  14. I presume I-15N is congested on Friday mornings. Let me know if you're comfortable lane splitting with hard cases on. If you are, we should leave my house at 7 to put us at Dans around 7:30-7:45. Kick stands up at 8 am from Dan's house. If you're not (and I'm ok either way) we should leave here 6:45 with full gas tanks.
  15. One of the few days per year I had to drive due to hauling my booth miscellaneous for an event. Gawd the traffic was awful and I'd have much rather been happily splitting all the way to Carlsbad and back. It's easy enough to dress for rain. Glad to hear you carried the flag for us yesterday.