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  1. Took the Wee up Otay yesterday from Marron Valley rd. and watched the sunset and enjoyed a Modelo. I can’t help myself with all the photos 😬Right after I took this last pic I got ready to leave, I was looking out this direction and a shooting star came straight down. It was amazing! It seemed like it was as close as fireworks are, straight down from 12:00 O’clock and burned up and fizzled away. A great way to end the eve.When I went to start the bike bike the lights just dimmed on me, ----! Just bump start it I thought, no go. Then I turned the kill switch off, and all was good👍👍😜 Wierdrider out
  2. Excellent, those kids are loving that👍👍
  3. “ I felt like a Japanese Tourist “ BLOODY TOURISTS! What a a view!
  4. WOW! And you didn’t rent a bike for those twisties? Thanks for sharing, great photos 👍👍
  5. Nicely done, beautiful photographs. 👍👍
  6. I want to see the photos too😬 Sounds like a great time
  7. They’ll be coming from Ranchita. I agree, other direction is better. Jasper cuts off of Grapevine and heads up towards Ranchita.
  8. 3rd = -1hr and 10sec Amazing the bikes were that close to he trophy truck👍👍
  9. https://www.costco.com/Battery-Tender-Power-Plus-3-Amp-Charger.product.100241973.html
  10. Welcome to the forum Mr V. I don’t know what Uncle Champ is talking about, we don’t do any of that around here!😜
  11. Thanks for sharing, what a great trip!
  12. Welcome to the forum, be careful on Grapevine, there’s a big bike ride from a Meetup that’s doing Culp to Jasper to Grapevine. Gonna be a group close to 20. Have fun👍👍
  13. I’m sorry I missed this, keep up the good fight Steve.
  14. I was wondering if you were gonna let her go with the Yamaha added to the stable. Love the less than 100k👍👍
  15. You could do the route either way, and yes a about where Cedar Creek is. Thule is off limits I think. Parking would be iffy on BC?
  16. Viegas Grade to Boulder Creek to Cedar Creek tt to Eagle Peak road and then back on Boulder Creek again unless you want slab through Cuyamaca’s. All graded except Cedar Creek tt.
  17. Congrats, starting to look a bit crowded in there😬
  18. I’ve had one for a while, so far I’ve just used it to charge my phone while camping.
  19. Great wander about, sounds like food for the soul👍👍
  20. Welcome John, see you on the trail.
  21. I’ll try and be there