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  1. Well done👍👍 Ride on!
  2. 2018 ktm 690r with kipmoto trailer

    What’s the new bike, that you’ll be selling in a month?
  3. Old School

    Excellent, congrats on your wins👍👍
  4. Wish I could come up and watch and take some Photos , but I am obliged to pick someone up at the airport 😕
  5. Great rr Udo, love Your adventurous spirit. Excellent photos 👍👍 You should post some of your photos on ADVrider in " show your bike packed for a trip ", " dropped bikes ", bikes and trains ", etc etc!
  6. Helmet thread, not oil,not tires

    Cycle gear has a lot of choices and you can go try them on. They also price match. Check ADVrider, there’s usually a bunch of helmets for sale. What size is your Arai?
  7. Stelvio Owner

    Here’s his profile page on ADVrider http://advrider.com/index.php?members/black-8.380470/
  8. Honda CB 500-4 1972

    Nice bike, I had a 75 550 with a four into one Kerker. Loved that bike. Fell over twice with my girlfriend, got my shoelace caught on the shifter once, and another time hit some oil going between the curb and cars to turn right. She went to the hospital to get her butt scrubbed out from the road rash. Can I ride it Chris?😜 Congrats
  9. The next step (what moto to get)

    Congrats 👍🏍👍
  10. I used these 10-20 times, some scuffing, a few stitches coming undone, but In quite good condition. They were too tight for me. I tried to make them work but I finally gave up and bought some SIDI’s form DanDiego that fit a lot better. Any takers at $100
  11. Nice ride boyz, sounds like a wicked hump day!
  12. Nicely done Kelly, great photos 👍👍
  13. Nice route, I’ve been wanting to explore this area
  14. Warner Springs gas/store open

    Did you stop for gas? I had heard they only had low grade octane, don’t know for sure though?
  15. Glad you guys had a great time, excellent rr as usual. Thanks for taking us along 👍👍
  16. Burritos, Beer, and Bandido’s Kelly showing off his knife Mike’s enjoying life, good to meet you 🍻Tom scarfed his burrito down, I think he wanted that one too.Huh?As the world turns👍👍Getting up close and personal Retirement changed Tom, ya think? More soap opera Ducati dude enjoying the view TJ was lit up brightly Zubb and I did an extended ride beforehand, Japatul Valley up to Descanso, down to PV, up Sunrise Hwy., and down Thing Valley to La Posta to 94, we stopped in Campo for our Burritos. Zubb will post up photos of that part. We rode up from Marron Valley road, if Kelly hadn’t stopped to ?, we would’ve run into Tom and Mike at Doghouse Junction. Great day of riding, eating, drinking, and BSing!
  17. The next step (what moto to get)

    Did you sell any TW’s? Here’s a DRZ on cl https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/mpo/d/drz400s-2800-baja-ready/6561850220.html
  18. Mission valley rider

  19. New member in Clairemont

    Welcome spoofy, see ya on the trail👍👍
  20. If you lived in Idyllwild....

    Congrats to the two of you, see ya on the trail when you get that bike👍👍
  21. Birthdays and The Kug

    Happy Birthday Kug🍻
  22. The next step (what moto to get)

    I would pm advbum to expedite