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  1. Thanks UC. I shot him an email. In the meantime if anyone has a spring, let me know. Thanks.
  2. On my recently acquired 530 the bike came with a Racetech 6326p30 rear spring. It is a progressive spring for riders 245-280. I am about 160lbs so that is definitely not going to work. I am looking for a stock spring 72-250 or something comparable in a progressive. If anyone has one they are looking to get rid of, please let me know.
  3. I have a riding partner that may be interested in it. I'd prefer to trade but if there is no interest I'm thinking $150. I can let you know as soon as I have more info. Its orange.
  4. I am looking for a 3.4 gallon tank for the 08-11 450/530's. If you have one you're not using please let me know. I have a 6.3 gallon tank that came off a bike I sold, but now I am purchasing another bike and it comes with a 6.3 so I don't need two.
  5. Yup, it was great out there!
  6. Yes. Not sure on thw truck but we'll be on a couple of ktm 250s
  7. Well my buddy just called and he wants to ride but doesnt want to race. So Mccain it is. 9am
  8. Juan, Now I have racing on the brain. I'll let you know in an hour or so if Lark is an option. KTM 200?
  9. Cool. I'll let you know if I am heading that way. Will you be wearing your Ariete's? Need tear-offs?
  10. Robert, I saw that. I am definitely toying with the idea but I am trying to be cheap! I may end up going that route though. I haven't ridden that area and conditions should be great. Are you trucking across the border or riding?
  11. Anyone riding Mccain or Corral tomorrow or Tecate? Looking to get some of this good dirt!
  12. Check this out. MTB race at Corral Canyon in March. Including Ranger.. http://www.quickndirtymtb.com/sagebrush_safari.html I'm a mountain biker and I'm not sure how I feel about it...But it would be a "real" MTB race which SD is severely lacking in. Either way there may be some MTBers preriding out there soon, so keep an eye out.
  13. Racer, this is going to be a small bike single track ride at PV/Corral. Although I have seen bikeslut ride a KLR out there so it can be done but that dude has a screw (s) loose.
  14. Anyone want to ride Friday? I have the day off and I am looking to take advantage of it. We might even get rained on! I don't really care where, just looking to ride. Green sticker.
  15. Let's shoot for next week.