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  1. Check this out. MTB race at Corral Canyon in March. Including Ranger.. http://www.quickndirtymtb.com/sagebrush_safari.html I'm a mountain biker and I'm not sure how I feel about it...But it would be a "real" MTB race which SD is severely lacking in. Either way there may be some MTBers preriding out there soon, so keep an eye out.
  2. Racer, this is going to be a small bike single track ride at PV/Corral. Although I have seen bikeslut ride a KLR out there so it can be done but that dude has a screw (s) loose.
  3. Anyone want to ride Friday? I have the day off and I am looking to take advantage of it. We might even get rained on! I don't really care where, just looking to ride. Green sticker.
  4. Let's shoot for next week.
  5. 2006 KTM 200 XCW

    Thanks Robert. The bike is in La Mesa...
  6. I don't think anything sensational has ever been expected of you. I am going to try make this. Should be good...
  7. 2006 KTM 200 XCW

    Here are some pics.
  8. 2006 KTM 200 XCW

    I am regretably selling my '06 KTM 200 XCW (2nd to last year in the 125 frame). I thought I would list it here before I put it up any where else in case someone is looking for a 200. The bike is set up for single track very well. Suspension was revalved front and rear by Javier at Trailtricks. It is perfect for rocky single track. Much plusher over rocks and hack and holds up better to big hits than the stock suspension. Huge improvement for this bike! I recently (2 rides ago less than 100 miles) installed a Rekluse Radius CX clutch mated to a Midwest Mountain Engineering easy pull clutch lever. This transformed the capabilities of this bike. The one issue I had with the bike was stalling at inopportune times, specifically on steep climbs where I would come upon an obstacle. Either the bike didn't have enough pull or I didn't have enough clutch control but I would find myself either stalling or spinning the wheel excessively. This clutch totally alleviated that. It is amazing what it can climb now and how low it can lug. And when you twist the throttle it grabs immediately. It almost feels four strokish. Truly a game changer on this bike. Comes with a GPR undermount and V.2 stabilizer, Seat Concepts Seat, ODI lock on grips, brand new FMF Gnarly Pipe mated to an FMF Q Stealth spark arrestor, Hyde skid plate, TM Designs chain guide, radiator guards and fresh plastic. It has 230 hours. Top end was replaced and power valve cleaned less than 30 hours ago. Bottom had no play. Jetting is perfect. It is crisp with very little spooge. Ran Amsoil Dominator at 48:1. Air filter was changed every ride, gear oil every other religously. Lots of things have been replaced preventively, wheel bearings, steering bearings, Heim joint, etc. It's been ridden in the rocks and it has scratches etc, but it has been well taken care of. Pics to come soon but maybe not until this weekend. If you have any questions let me know. $2,800
  9. Randy, there are a few walk up only sites on Long Key that are great. No water or electricity but much cheaper and better than the other spots in the area. You basically camp on a paddock about a foot off the sand with a canopy over you. If you need a spot on your way back up check it out. Ask for the walk up spots at the gate. Also, this. I used to camp off the bike in all sorts of weird places in the keys. https://www.notaguidebook.com/how-to-free-camping-in-the-florida-keys
  10. Veterinarian in Mexico?

    Thanks Greg. I will look into it. I have read good things about costs and services for vets in Mexico. But I don't know anyone with first hand experience. There are many things I do differently for my dog than I do for myself. But, if I was without insurance, facing an expensive surgery I would definitely consider getting surgery in Mexico as an option.
  11. Veterinarian in Mexico?

    Has anyone used or able to reccomend a Vet in Mexico? My dog is currently in a local animal hospital with an absess in his prostate. He is in pretty rough shape. We were quoted $7k for the reccomended surgery, plus the $2k in fees it has taken to get to this point. Really struggling to figure out a solution. Principally I am against spending $7K on a dog. Emotionally is a different story. If anyone has any insight I would love to hear it.
  12. Jealous! Good to see her in her natural environment. Let's see a ride report!
  13. That's my bike! Will, I wouldn't take the bike to Baja. There are a couple things I didn't tell you about it... I didn't know you we're an SDAR member. JK! WIsh I could join you guys. You are going to have a great time.
  14. I'll be up there tomorrow as well. I may only be able to race one day but trying to shun my responsibilities for Sunday as well. Wish me luck!
  15. https://cqrcengage.com/amacycle/VLAM