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  1. Sound like a cool little trip. I think about doing this kinda of thing all the time, but the reality of kids in the house and a job that is more than full time, reminds me that it's not quite my time to be spontaneous. Soon!
  2. X4. If Diego is going, he is always good for some type of antics.
  3. I purchased a set of the MSR Explorer gear off Atomicmoto last year when they were blowing it out. I was very impressed with the quality for the price. They are NOT bottom of the line MX gear. They have nice feature and are well built. These prices are event better than what Atomicmoto had. I just purchased a get for my son for his upcoming birthday. Thanks for the heads up, CID!
  4. Sweet loop. Hey Bags, have you updated your spot tracking interval to 5 minutes??? In case you didn't know, they increased standard tracking interval from 10 minutes to 5 minutes this year with the software update.
  5. I'd say if you are primarily using it off road, dismount it and put a patch on the inside. You can't run it like that off road because you'll easily pop the tube. If running on the street primarily, I just change it out.
  6. Sorry I can't make it!. Steve, i think about you and look for your blazer every night I head home on Harmony Grove Rd. If you happen to see me, give me the salute.
  7. This is bigger concern then most people think. I encounter deer frequently on Highland Valley Rd. in the lower section near the Pinery. The flood plane east of Lake Hodges is heavily populated with deer and they just love to hang out along the road side at dawn, just when I happen to be cruising through in the morning.
  8. Note to self: retire before 11/1/18 so I don't have an excuse to miss this ride AGAIN next year.
  9. Reminder to self: Establish a minimum 100' tent offset rule when camping with either of the Dans
  10. Still pissed at myself for not taking the time to get a picture before helping you. Same with the "waterfall" incident.
  11. I don't remember signing anything. I want my check...or a 790... Seriously, the bike looks sick. But I'm kinda pissed they are still presenting it as a concept bike. It should be in production NOW and coming out in Spring...but...
  12. Awesome job. Looks like you found the best camping spots in JT too.
  13. The article is horribly written. Seems to me the fee only applies to parked vehicles at some of the main trail heads. I'd assume they have pay machines or at least steel drop boxes like you find at some primitive Forrest Service campgrounds. Regardless, it doesn't sound like it applies to us, since we are just riding through.
  14. Responded
  15. Congratulations and thanks for your many years of service!!! I'm happy for you. I'm close too, but keep chickening out.
  16. I'm going say it.....Boo Maybe when I'm done crying, I'll post something a little more positive....Like, I'm going miss you. Or, you're one of my best SDAR friends...or it was always a pleasure helping you pick your bike up...or, who can I count on to show up for a ride with a huge hole in their header pipe and doesn't even realize it....
  17. Lots of good comments. One thing is for sure. Camping off the bike is amazing, I think we can all agree on that.
  18. I have a Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 tent. It's very similar to the tent my hero, Mikey777, uses. I paid $99 bucks for it and it's worth every cent. I just did a quick google search and found it for $59 here: https://www.steepandcheap.com/alps-mountaineering-lynx-1-tent-1-person-3-season?CMP_ID=PLA_GOc005BR&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PLA&k_clickid=fe965b8c-6f95-4b05-b416-586c09b2f6aa&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvuDPBRDnARIsAGhuAmZ3Kh47OsDvbsEijeOCZTEMg75aOJ3cpflJHc60Fe2bMVoi1Xhr7hYaAn2tEALw_wcB I'd jump on that deal if I was you.
  19. The east coast is getting pounded with snow right now. Sounds like fun...
  20. How cool. BTW, that's my $100 bill and there ARE Bald Eagles in San Diego. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/ramona-sentinel/sdrs-bald-eagles-nesta-firstin-ramona-grasslands-2012dec29-story.html
  21. Have you considered just purchasing the flush mount Baja Pro that replaces the stock headlight??? IMO, that looks way better (and it's less expensive) than mounting two outboard auxiliary lights.