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  1. GPS maps

    And here is a good video on how to create routes in Google maps (much easier than trying to do it in Basecamp), turning the route into a GPX file, and then downloading it to your computer. From your computer, you can then upload it into Basecamp and onto your GPS. https://www.google.com/search?q=turning+google+maps+route+into+gpx&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS778US778&oq=turning+google+maps+route+into+gpx&aqs=chrome..69i57.7434j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=1
  2. Off a 2014 KTM 500 EXC. Excellent condition.$300 for SDAR peeps. I'm going post them on other dual sports sites for more but I'll give it a couple days.Will Fit 2012 to 2016 and probably others, including 350 and 450. Wheels, tires, rotors, sproket, spacers...everything need to bolt up and go. $300 for SDAR members. Serious inquires please text me 760-703-6877. Basic questions or comments, post here. Thanks
  3. Someone texted me claimed them earlier today. Going give them a couple days to come get them. Put you next in line.
  4. This is why I like adventure helmets (i.e. face shield).
  5. Big bike newb

    Definitely carry a 12v pump. I've used mine several times and they work great. I'm carrying the Slime 12v air pump and I know plenty of others are carrying the same pump and endorse it. I also carry larger tire spoons than I do on my small bike. I also carry a few additional tools, larger zip ties, etc.
  6. Cool. I know Nelson and Rogers. Good dudes. Rusty is one of the fastest motors in So Cal.
  7. Thanks for posting this, Mikey. Over the years, several SDAR peeps have showed up and supported the Blue, it's always appreciated. As Mikey mentioned, this will be my last year competing on a police motor. My team and I have will be defending our 2016 and 2017 four man team championship so I hope to go home with some more hardware on Saturday night. I was asked by SDCMOA earlier this year to design the four man course. I took that as an honor and believe I came up with something pretty cool. Here's a partial clip from a practice run. If you watch closely, you'll see we change leaders three different times. 4 men, 4 850 pound bikes, in a 20' circle.... BTW, I promised Kug that I would run a Kug sticker on my bike this year if he shows up...
  8. New Member Intro

    Welcome to the team
  9. Similar to Wolfman Expedition or Enduro bags, or Giant loop mototreck. Used and a little thrashed would be ok. I don't want to spend too much as I have a hard bag setup already.
  10. Man, I wish I could join you guys but I got something going on already. Bob, please secure your luggage properly for this trip... This was my campsite last time I was up on Santa Rosa:
  11. New Member Intro

    48 = in your prime
  12. Lemon Law Attorney

    Anyone who tries to do this on their own is making a mistake. The attorney fees get added to the payback so it doesn't come out of your pocket. Have your paper works lined up, a outline of your service history, and call an attorney and they will take it from there. If it not winable, they will let you know right up front. And believe me, it takes less than you might think to get the manufacture to buy back your vehicle.
  13. Lemon Law Attorney

    Erik referred me to Doug Sohn. I subsequently hired him to file a lemon law claim against BMW in regards to a BMW 530. I would definitely recommend him. He made the process simple and we got a lot more money back than I expected.
  14. Local East County Shop?

  15. I was out in Ocotillo Wells riding with my kids. We almost made a loop over to Super but I decided against it since we had the entire OHV area to ourselves... We can't wait for desert season.
  16. You have a cabin up there? I bet the riding is insane.
  17. Tools, tubes and water

    Hey, every group needs a good trail supervisor... CID supervising a tube change somewhere along the Mogollon Rim in Arizona CID supervising a tube change somewhere along the south rim of the Grand Canyon...
  18. Strong possible maybe.
  19. New member

    Welcome to the group. Awesome bike. If you ever need me to ride it for you, just ask.
  20. HBD Schwinn

    HBD, bro.
  21. New Member Intro

    Welcome to the club! Best advise I can give is to just jump in on a posted ride and start meeting people.