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  1. Welcome to the board. Plenty of advise can be found around here. Truth be told, most of us wouldn't mind having a Grom in our arsenal. We'd only ride one at night though so no one could see us on it....
  2. If you lived in Idyllwild....

    Yup, no need to mess with it in the elevation range you are talking about.
  3. There are two campground and an open camping area within a few miles of each other. Kennedy Meadows is along the fork of the Kern and is fine. But I prefer Troy Meadows campground, which is a little further up the road (Sherman pass Rd.) It provides better access to the riding trails, is nice, but basic. I think you will NOT have a problem getting a site on Sunday night. Many people bail on Sunday and head back to reality. If for some strange reason the two campground (Troy and Kennedy) were full, there is an open camping area between the two (and I'm sure other areas to pirate camp). There is not a lot in the area. A general store. Bring food and water so you don't have to drive a distance to resupply. Rides: Everything from easy two track to some advanced single track. Trails are very well marked and the area is a blast to ride.
  4. Ramona or Carlsbad. Retails for $40. It's brand new, never used...$25 OTD...
  5. Team SDAR, it's time for The Oracle to sell a few things. A brand new, never used, package only opened for pics, Klim Krios helmet in XXL (fits XL size head). This helmet comes in the original box, with the original items, tags still on, etc, etc, etc...Again, it's never been used and is brand new....It's a beautiful helmet with a ton of features and is one of the lightest helmets on the market. Retail is $549 plus. SDAR member price is only $400. BTW, Klim helmets run about 1 size smaller than most people would usually wear. For example, I wear XL in just about every brand of helmet...except Klim. So if you normally wear an XL helmet, this should fit. Brand new, never used, package only opened for pics...Alpinestars Tech 1 boots in size 45 (U.S. size 10.5 to 11). Retail $150. SDAR member price is only $100. Step into a new pair of Aplinestars today. Field Sheer adventure jack, pants and full insulted liners. These are used. Overall they are in great condition, except for a tear in the seam of the pant liner. These would be perfect for that long trip to Alaska or any other significant adventure tips. These are feature packed. Knee, elbow and back guards, extensive pocket and storage options, venting, adjustment straps, and the pant and jacket zip together for those heavy weather days. This set is XXL, again, I usually wear an XL, however they fit me fine (arms and legs a tad long) at 5-10, 225 pounds. Well worth the $150 asking price. Motion Pro Beadpro aluminum bead breaker and tire levers. Used but good condition. Retail $58. SDAR price $35. I can bring any and all of this stuff to the SDAR meeting on Wednesday or it can be picked up in Ramona. Let me know if you have any questions. Oracle FYI...Pics coming soon. Almost forgot...a brand new, never used, Fox tool fanny pack. Make offer....
  6. Indian FTR 1200

    Very nice looking. But doesn't look like it would be much fun to ride more than 20 miles.
  7. Congrats. I'm not far behind (11/7/18). We'll have to have Bags and CID shows us how to do the retired thing. They are professionals.
  8. Boots and Tool Belt are still AVAILABLE.... Hit me up
  9. Thanks for the invite. I get up there at least once a summer but would like to make it more frequently.
  10. Just an FYI...Puerta La Cruz is closed from Indian Flats campground to the 79. This will only affect you if you go south from your starting point. Going north to Anza and beyond is wide open. I did 150 miles last weekend in that area.
  11. Thanks, Brian. Same to you. Let's ride soon. I'm dying to do an overnighter to Santa Rosa or Thomas or Big Bear or???
  12. Dang, I'm out for both days. Wife has to fly out of town so I'm on full time dad duty for 5 or 6 days.
  13. Sounds awesome. Wish I could pull this off. Have a blast and be prepared to write a good ride report when you get back.
  14. Sounds cool. I'd definitely check it out. But I'm not going drive 18 hours to ride one day. I put together a 5 or 6 day trip around this though. Maybe next year.
  15. Honda Super Cub

    Kinda cool....but that price is way out of line.
  16. FOD

    Geez, what kind of beer were you guys drinking.
  17. Send a PM to Strega and ask him to read this thread in case he misses it. He may be able to help or direct you to help.
  18. Ninja 650 ABS

    I had 8 weeks. Wasn't expecting less than 8 days.
  19. I'm glad you did because I hadn't seen this RR before. This kinda of riding is right up my alley. I hope to be doing a lot more adventures starting next year.
  20. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    Trick question...don't fall for it.
  21. Looking for Honda CRF150F

    Good choice for him.
  22. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    Agree with Randy, I have no motivation to spend money on a KTM produced in China. The is a niche market targeted at individuals with above average wealth and discretionary income. KTM is already one of the most expensive brands in this market, which is proof enough that their consumers are willing to pay the price for an above average product. History is littered with failed companys that made changes like this, loosing sight of their business model, to reduce costs.