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  1. About time I joined...

    Good to have you!
  2. Possible. Can't commit just yet though. I'll check back
  3. Found oil

    No Oil is the worst kind of oil...
  4. New Member in Borrego Springs

    If you run ice cubes in the radiator, you'll be fine.
  5. New Member in Borrego Springs

    I have a feeling you guys will get along just fine!
  6. Yup, always closed but never locked. It is a PUBLIC road. There are a couple land owners that like to make it LOOKED like it's a locked gate so that people that don't know better, are intimidated to enter and just go away. I have talked to the guy that owns the house and big property just passed the second gate a couple of times. He has always been polite and interesting to talk to. His father homesteaded the property many years ago. As far is Mason Valley is concerned, we have an unwritten rule to not discuss it outside of the members only section.
  7. Runs excellent. Offering it up here 1st before the dreaded CL. $750 for SDAR peeps/friends. Runs excellent. Has normal wear for a kids bike. My youngest is now on a 125 so this has to go. The good thing about these smaller bikes is they are always in demand and this is most likely fully depreciated. Ride if for two years and sell it for what you bought it for??
  8. True. But Mason is technically closed.
  9. CID Birthday?

    HBD, brother. Hope to ride with ya soon!!!
  10. Veys Lemon grove

    She's beautiful.
  11. Anyone lose a dirt biker?

    Yet CID and I still ride with you. I consider it my charity cause. Thanks for letting me continue to give.
  12. Veys Powersports

    I'll buy it from you in 3 months.
  13. Jim just called. He said to tell Kelly to go ahead and drink all the beer because he's not thirsty and doesn't drink beer anymore.
  14. Jim pretty much snags a lot of the good deals on here. I'd guess he has his notifications set up to let him know every time Ken posts something.... :-)
  15. DAKAR 2018

    The dunes have really taken a toll. When Al Attiyah struggles in the dunes, you know it's gnarly.
  16. Ok, I might be able to pull off the Friday / Saturday portion (I have to work Sunday). Dan bribed me with good bourbon....key word GOOD...don't let me down. I had two large trees come down in yesterdays storm. And of course they both landed on the fence line between my property and my neighbor....so it is a priority to clear those and fix the fence enough to get by for a couple weeks. I'm going leave work early tomorrow and try to get that done....If I do, then I'm in. If not, I'll have to stay home so I can finish. I'll let y'all know tomorrow.
  17. Coming from San Diego, right? The northbound 15 should be pretty much wide open...not to mention, there is a carpool lane.