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  1. And what; somebody pushed it around for four miles?! I'm thinking little BS in that story.....
  2. If you go this route make sure you get Washing Soda and not Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate). Box may look the same...... $8 for 16 ounces of No Toil or $4 for 55 ounces of A&H. Pay it forward and share with your friends
  3. Great pics by the way; looks like you guys had an awesome time, rigger!
  4. We typically go out Cahuilla, about a mile or so where the split occurs. It can be hit and miss with crowds (although I suspect New Years will be crowded most anywhere) but is usually pretty low key. Easy access to Gas Dome, Pumpkin Patch, Devils Slide, Shell Reef, etc. I am usually with a group that I grew up with and went to church with, so lots of kids and trying to be good influences (don't know that we always are though!). Wherever you go, have fun and be safe!
  5. Bought some stuff from Revzilla earlier today. Looks like they have some closeout boots: https://www.revzilla.com/dirt-bike-boots
  6. That is Uncle Champs bike; original post here:
  7. Congrats and Thank you!!!
  8. Something I need to remember and work on.......
  9. Saturday was the Escondido Christmas parade and as usual I needed to go in to town to pick up some stuff and run a few errands. The bike is great for this day as I can zip around traffic and not be held up too much. I had not ridden the bike for a few months and have been meaning to rejet the carb and this ride brought it back to the front. All I've really done to the bike is pull the smog garbage and put an FMF muffle in place of the stock unit. If I read Dave's mods it looks like I want a 155/58 jet combo, but I really do not want to do the whole mod. I went down to Moto Forza (I like those guys and a jet is a jet right, so why not get from them?) but started thinking that I may not have the right jet combo so didn't get them. I know they are cheap, but I would rather do this once and done. Do you guys have any input or is this really kind of a hit and miss until it feels right? How about setting the needle height? I might be over thinking this but the bike feels a bit constipated and I know there is more there to be had and I would like to clean it up a bit. Thanks!
  10. Went by tonight on my way home and dropped off some wheel chocks. The place is really looking good and it was nice to see it all together (Chris and I were talking and he told me they did almost all of the work themselves; that is pretty cool!). Really liking the looks of the new Husky's too; sweet bikes! Might want to add them to your Christmas list for shopping and gift suggestions when people ask you what you want!
  11. Retirement?! Didn't I see (yesterday I think) that you just turned 52 (if memory serves)? You got another 20 years to go!!
  12. Would be cool to get some video of the trip to Rady's and post up. Hope the rest of your day/evening is great as well-Happy Birthday!
  13. You're welcome. I'll keep following the thread to see what you end up with!
  14. I don't know anyone in El Cajon but you could call Cliff Fuerst up in Ramona (Fuerst Engineering). Cliff has done extensive work on my '68 Jeepster, does all the fabricating on trailers that we build, and does a lot of cover truck (4X4) stuff, among other things. Great work, reasonable prices and an all around good guy (his brother Johnny is hell on wheels and tears it up on an XR650R. They will both probably be there if you go by; ask Johnny about some of his adventures!). Cliff's number is 760.789.6731 Tell him Bruce told you to call and he will take good care of you if you go that route.
  15. Heading to AZ in the morning for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the upcoming desert season and being back in Ocotillo. Great write up and gets the juices flowing; Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  16. I see them!!! Very cool (that ship is huge!!).
  17. Dinner at the airport for sunset is always cool. You can poke around in Jerome if you are into ghost towns as well. Sedona is a cool town; don't bother looking for vortexes......
  18. Welcome, Brandon; where are you located?
  19. Steve and I hung out in overlapping circles as kids; he always was a little bit crazy, which was (and is) cool! I got to see him and chat for a while at the work party at DCIM8E (sp?) house some months back and it was good to catch up. Really wanted to make this and bummed I was unable to. Steve you're one of the good guys!
  20. No fix/input from me on this, but glad you are okay. That is a busy area and this could have been worse; glad you are safe!
  21. I had a window to work with when my wife was doing a production run (she has a small sign business) over the weekend (Christmas is coming!) and thought I may be able to work something in (if I promised to help!). All her wood is now cut and she is on to staining and lettering. I will see if I can still make something happen. I think I saw a PM from you so I will respond to that with my other questions.
  22. Backing away slowly; Seacrest out!
  23. I know better. We run all kinds of power (we build RO trailers) in the office from 12V to 480V three phase. For some reason when I do 110V stuff at home I just leave the circuit hot and (try to) be careful. This was stupid (on a couple of counts) and I really do know better.
  24. Ran a couple of new outlets off of a GFCI circuit in the backyard last weekend. Was up on a ladder when I grounded out a hot lead to the metal box. Big pop, smoke and the lights go out. Mama comes out asking what happened and then asks why I didn't kill the breaker. What fun is that? She wasn't too happy with me....