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  1. I see them!!! Very cool (that ship is huge!!).
  2. Dinner at the airport for sunset is always cool. You can poke around in Jerome if you are into ghost towns as well. Sedona is a cool town; don't bother looking for vortexes......
  3. Welcome, Brandon; where are you located?
  4. Steve and I hung out in overlapping circles as kids; he always was a little bit crazy, which was (and is) cool! I got to see him and chat for a while at the work party at DCIM8E (sp?) house some months back and it was good to catch up. Really wanted to make this and bummed I was unable to. Steve you're one of the good guys!
  5. No fix/input from me on this, but glad you are okay. That is a busy area and this could have been worse; glad you are safe!
  6. I had a window to work with when my wife was doing a production run (she has a small sign business) over the weekend (Christmas is coming!) and thought I may be able to work something in (if I promised to help!). All her wood is now cut and she is on to staining and lettering. I will see if I can still make something happen. I think I saw a PM from you so I will respond to that with my other questions.
  7. Backing away slowly; Seacrest out!
  8. I know better. We run all kinds of power (we build RO trailers) in the office from 12V to 480V three phase. For some reason when I do 110V stuff at home I just leave the circuit hot and (try to) be careful. This was stupid (on a couple of counts) and I really do know better.
  9. Ran a couple of new outlets off of a GFCI circuit in the backyard last weekend. Was up on a ladder when I grounded out a hot lead to the metal box. Big pop, smoke and the lights go out. Mama comes out asking what happened and then asks why I didn't kill the breaker. What fun is that? She wasn't too happy with me....
  10. Never spoken to anyone who said they voted for him. Never got a phone call for any poll either. Wonder who these folks are that voted for old Moonbeam and get the poll calls.....
  11. You just have to think they would have learned the first time
  12. Can anyone explain how we ended up with him twice?! Go away, Jerry!
  13. I've read so many of your posts and you are one of the guys on here that I had always hoped to meet and ride with. Congratulations on an "early" retirement; I wish you all the best in your new location!
  14. I saw Steve at the bike work day in Escondido a couple of months back and got to talk to him for a while; it was good to see him and chat. He typically makes it out to Cruz'n Grand in Escondido when it's running (April-September) and you can run into him out there as well. Are you an Escondido guy as well, Spyder? Sounds like you got to witness some of Steve's rear wheel skills as well!
  15. I was honored to attend the retirement ceremony for a good Marine friend of mine about a month back. These are very impressive ceremonies and truly make you proud to be an American. Unfortunately I am not able to attend this one. Good for you, Tom, and thank you for your service!!
  16. My Dad taught me many years ago to spend nearly as much time watching your mirrors as you watch your forward path. I would rather see something coming up on me and have a chance to react than to take a blast without warning. Thoughts and prayers to the families impacted by these accidents.
  17. I've pulled trailers for (mostly enclosed) for almost 40 years now. While trailering can be challenging at times, there really is nothing that beats the security and peace of mind for protection that a trailer affords. If neither of those are an issue then it will be much easier to use another method!
  18. What size do the signs need to be, how many are needed and can they be made of wood? I may be able to help.
  19. IIRC the "guy" in the pink tutu is Schwinn (Steve). I grew up in Escondido with Steve and there are still wheelie stories about him here (Escondido); he's a legend! There was a rivalry between him and Joe Clark (Joe is not on this page) and I still remember the two of them riding wheelies from Escondido out to Rancho Santa Fe on Del Dios Highway. Del Dios is pretty curvy and they (Steve and Joe) would pass cars (it was not a double yellow line back then) on their way out.
  20. Something tells me the company condo was purchased in the 80's
  21. Very cool presentation!!! Looks like it was an awesome trip!
  22. See what happens when you continue to support the NFL and advertise while the players use our National Anthem to make a statement and be disrespectful (my opinion)............ Rant over; sorry for the detour
  23. Getting to the party a little late; Happy Birthday!
  24. You look somewhat "pastoral" in that shirt, Jim
  25. I have heard in the past that those discount codes are meant to be shared and that the rep's get bonuses based on how many times they are shared......