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  1. FNG in IE

    I don't think so
  2. I really am a simple man, and beer is simple; crack it open and it is ready. Fixing a glass, adding ingredients, pouring and then having to clean the glass is just too much for me. Open a beer, drink and dispose of container-that makes sense to me! That said, I decided many years ago that if I have even one beer I am not getting back on the bike, so I made that an after ride event after the bike was put up for the day. The beauty of this all is that everyone can make the decision that best suits them! And I think you are a wise man, Udo!
  3. DOT Rear Knobby

    We tried, but they kept falling in the pool, so we switched to female pool cleaners. Problem is there are no pictures (kind of like that other thread on here with women bikers with nice lines!)! The female cleaners are more reliable and smell better
  4. Old School

    Very cool; that jump pic is a keeper!
  5. DOT Rear Knobby

    Thanks, Paul. I've always run them (just don't need the hassle) but never knew what could happen. I run red dye diesel in my work trailers with generators and hear all the stories about guys running red dye on the road (another thing I haven't done just cuz i don't need the hassle) without any problems. Moral of (my) story: Guess I'll continue to buy DOT tires and not run red dye in my truck. So that I don't seem like a total puss to you guys though, I am going to go cut all the mattress warning labels off my mattresses now (under penalty of law)!
  6. DOT Rear Knobby

    So what actually happens if you get checked and do not have a DOT tire?
  7. DOT Rear Knobby

    I run the Dunlop D606's and have been happy with them. Usually get about 1,700-2,000 miles out of them. I do cup the front (and don't know why) and not sure if the other tires do the same. My riding tends to be (currently) about 80% street and 20% dirt (really need to change that!). My .02, FWIW....
  8. That made me laugh; great pics!
  9. Kx 250

    Great progress!
  10. Kx 250

    Now that is a well appointed work station!!
  11. This has always been a thought for me as well. I look at the sheer drop-offs and imagine the consequences of a mistake. We place a lot of faith in our machines, yet they are mechanical and can fail, and our own performance is obviously to be considered and addressed. In the end, I think that enjoying the view and camaraderie of our riding partners is the joy of these types of excursions! Great pics!!
  12. That is very cool! I drive by your place nearly everyday as well; will need to stop in one day to say hi!
  13. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    Missed the Big Bear ride (buying out my business partner and have way too much stuff to do that did not allow this to happen). Bike has not moved other than a couple quick jaunts up the street and back (with no issues). Maybe one day I will get it out again and file a report.....
  14. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    So I have a Big Bear ride with some buddies next weekend and have been doing some work on the bike (tire pressure, chain lube, air filter, etc.). Went down and got some Rotella and a filter to do the oil change and have it all in, but noticed something in the manual that has me concerned. Manual states SAE 10W-30 (I got that part right!) but also says either JASO T903 standard or MA or MB. The Rotella I got is JASO DH-2 and the MB is MB-Approval 228.31 (technically I bought diesel oil). Did I just waste time and money buying the wrong stuff or am I okay? I picked up the filter at Cycle Gear but got the oil at O'Reilly (I was so focused on getting Rotella and the correct viscosity that I did not think about the ratings). Feeling pretty stupid right now but would rather know if I can leave it in or need to drain it out instead of causing problems. Thanks, guys; I appreciate any input and will take shame like a big boy if needed!
  15. I stopped in and spoke to Trevor earlier today (he is the one in the pic above and one of the owners). Very cool shop, neat and clean, and the guys I spoke with were cool. Told him that the group has been chatting up the SD store for a while and I mentioned the upcoming meet up, and he offered to have it at his shop if so decided. He is aware of the page and said he would stop by to introduce himself before too long. I need tires and will be going back soon. Trevor said they match internet prices or any advertised price; what's not to like about that?
  16. Honda CB 500-4 1972

    Rode one of those on the 15 North before it was open (came in where El Norte Pkwy ramp is) in '76 IIRC. Caught holy hell from Dad when he found out (I did not have MC license and the road was closed, all of which did not make him happy!). You brought back some good memories there!
  17. The Wave

    I'm thinking Mark is on to something here!
  18. The Wave

    I will admit that I do not wave at scooters either!
  19. The next step (what moto to get)

    Good for you; congrats!!
  20. Ain't making me feel any more comfortable! Guess it's time to put my big boy pants on and see what all this exotic beverage world that I have been missing out on is all about!
  21. Sweeeeeet! Really did not want to look elsewhere I have the BRP "Lite" (L) version; does that still count? Kinda scared to get started down the bourbon route; is it a gateway drink that will lead to other stuff (tequila, vodka, etc.)? Mom said I need to stay away from that stuff and that crowd
  22. BMW's and bourbon; I am afraid that I am way outclassed on this page. Do any of you guys know of a good page for Honda and beer guys?
  23. The next step (what moto to get)

    If it runs and doesn't have a bazillion miles that might not be a bad ride. Looks like it could clean up OK and it is an R (not easy to find plated).