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  1. My brother is a wholesaler. What you need?
  2. Lotta Love out there for you Arnie. Miss ya already!
  3. Thank you guys I needed a good laugh!
  4. I am currently working with the Chemist at refinery in bay area. New suspension oil in the works and it is based on the 100hr oil we have been developing for several years. Just time to take it to the next level. Regarding mutts I can relate being half Portuguese and half Sicilian. I run on Olive Oil! Lets start an Olive Oil thread.
  5. Hmm Engine runs hotter with synthetics. The synthetic fluid does not absorb heat as much and is a reason for its longevity in extreme conditions. In turn the engine will run hotter. Go figure? Found this out years ago and got the info from a KTM engineer as we were trying to solve a temperature issue on a race bike. So many variables and half truths but I buy my oil at wallmart made for heavy trucks. Speaking to another engineer with Shell Oil and he suggested Rotella for my bikes. He said it is the best the company makes. Have not blown any motors up so I am good with that although I would like it better if it was a bit more Golden in color.
  6. Send a picture of you scrubbing on the mx track when you get a chance. Those that have not ridden with Robert, he can throw it down.
  7. And. When our shock dyno is installed and running we will be testing many springs on the dyno. This will give us quality info and give info to match spring to damping.
  8. Generally pretty close but there are so many variables that we very often do not use the same rates. Most of R.T.s springs are Eibach. Good springs. The Variable we do not use Eibach or WP simply due to the rate curve. Tuning a variable rate spring is not as easy to hit the sweet spot as a straight rate. It may take some homework to make a variable work. Before we hit the sweet spot with Noah Kepple last endurocross season we tested I believe 5 variable springs with two of them custom rate curves along with a couple straight rates. We found a variable that "really" worked with the valving tuned accordingly. Among the variable springs there was an Eibach and a WP in the mix. Spring rate example is the Baja team. 185lb rider 40yr old pro class, CRF450X we ran .50kg forks springs. Single track 185lb rider 450X we may well run .46 A lighter spring will also have better cornering performance as it will sink a bit lower in the turn so you can rail like Nantista and his compatriots or even like Bikeslut on his old compliant DRZ. Surprisingly fast in the corners but have you ever seen him rip a whoop section? Some people like to ride the spring. KTM open bath forks are an example of riding the spring meaning less valving and more spring. This is more lively for rocky sections, single track etc. Not such an advantage at high speed but great for tight rocky stuff. I would rather error on the stiff side as there are more advantages and safety. Too soft can be harsh and dangerous in whoops, hidden rock, or crossing a road with the high speed hit. Generally the plushness will not suffer as long as you are in the ballpark. One last thing. Most times for most people if you are in the ballpark, regarding spring rates especially if it is a substantial change from your previous springs most are enamored with the improvement.
  9. Just had one in here yesterday. I will let him know!
  10. Yes I have a TE250 2007. Been lowered a bit for a young man that never rode the bike. I do not sell bikes but as a favor to a customer and these are super clean. Both bikes are in well above average condition. TE250 & a completely farkled and hardly ridden 2007 DRZ400 as well. Just been too busy and they sit in the garage. They were serviced 30 days ago including new batteries.
  11. Thanks guys but I remember being born in 58. Well I do not actually remember it but my certificate says it.
  12. You guys have it figured out!
  13. The former owner Branden is all about Maintain Maintain Maintain. It truly is a very low hour bike and I am not sure it has ever been dirty. Maybe a little dusty.