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  1. Stuck My Hand

    Roczen and Webb are fighting over a girl. Got a bit ugly.
  2. I have an upgraded garter spring set for those prototype seals. Next time in the area I will install in about 5 minutes. Thanks for the update and, Enjoy the ride!
  3. Lark canyon 1/14

    Good group and thanks for the hospitality except maybe one or two of you You know who you are! Enzo will need a new clutch lever, a left hand engine cover, and repair his hand guards and wants it ready for next weekend. Hmmm. On a side note the above picture might make some wonder about your, ahh, hmm, lets just say intentions. Out in the wilderness. No one around. Oh, wow, that mountain in the background looks broken. Thank you guys for a great morning of riding, it was really good!
  4. Loaded up and departing at 6am.
  5. Trying. Depends on how much work I can get done today.
  6. Thanks for a great ride guys. Not often I get out of my trailer and it was great to do so. I always say, dirt bike riders are the best people I know and this ride was a reflection of that motto. Except maybe one or two of you! You know who you are :0
  7. You guys did a great job in challenging conditions. That much dust is a game changer and took many out in the first loop. Nantista congrats top ten!!! Brian that is just a brutal way to get taken out but good to see a big smile at the fire pit. Gio my Bro gained about 8 minutes and ran out of gas a mile or so from check point. Game over. Noah did us proud. Went down a couple times and was challenged but ended up pulling off the win for the second year in a row. I am supposed to keep it on the down low but I am both saddened and happy that Noah is being pursued by some larger teams. No idea if he is going to sign on the dotted line but if so, they have their own in house suspension guys and we will be parting ways. If so, it has been an honor working with Noah, dad Gary, and Mrs. Kepple is just great. Noah is better at bike set up than anyone I have ever worked with. Taught me so much that I am fortunate to have had them knock on my door a couple years ago. In addition looks like SDSU is in Noah's future. May be a busy boy for a few years as he goes for a masters. This race was on the edge of being discontinued only a few years ago. Tommy has I think found his nitch and the whole Los Ancianos gang is doing a great job. Yes we always wish for rain, but rain or shine you can expect to be challenged. Amateur riders that attempt a loop or two are many times visibly better riders afterwards, and have the biggest smiles of all. It was really great to see so many old and new friends. Met Robert from Vey's truly a nice guy that is obviously passionate about motorcycles. I saw Noah in Justin Morgans pit at lunch, being fed, and shaded while they are in a heated battle for the win. I was told Chilly helped a half dozen amateur riders make it up one of the tougher hill climbs in the middle of his race. Examples of off road motorcycle riders!! A nicer group of people I have yet to find. Looking forward to next year!
  8. Used car brokers?

    My brother is a wholesaler. What you need?
  9. SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    Lotta Love out there for you Arnie. Miss ya already!
  10. Happy Birthday 101!

    Thank you guys I needed a good laugh!
  11. NOT Another Oil Thread

    I am currently working with the Chemist at refinery in bay area. New suspension oil in the works and it is based on the 100hr oil we have been developing for several years. Just time to take it to the next level. Regarding mutts I can relate being half Portuguese and half Sicilian. I run on Olive Oil! Lets start an Olive Oil thread.
  12. NOT Another Oil Thread

    Hmm Engine runs hotter with synthetics. The synthetic fluid does not absorb heat as much and is a reason for its longevity in extreme conditions. In turn the engine will run hotter. Go figure? Found this out years ago and got the info from a KTM engineer as we were trying to solve a temperature issue on a race bike. So many variables and half truths but I buy my oil at wallmart made for heavy trucks. Speaking to another engineer with Shell Oil and he suggested Rotella for my bikes. He said it is the best the company makes. Have not blown any motors up so I am good with that although I would like it better if it was a bit more Golden in color.
  13. 2001 YZ125 Basket case project (done)

    Send a picture of you scrubbing on the mx track when you get a chance. Those that have not ridden with Robert, he can throw it down.