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  1. Vic are you back on the radar? In country? Ours?  check in man. if flying low  my email



  2. Decent gun store in Lakeside area?

    OK. Cabelas does have a lot of powders that are suited for 9mm right now. About $25 for a pound (Alliant brand) Offer stands for any other reloaders on here who may need Small Rifle Primers.
  3. Decent gun store in Lakeside area?

    Why take a class for reloading....What could go wrong?????? (I would have typed that faster but I only have 3 fingers and one good eye left)
  4. Decent gun store in Lakeside area?

    With what you're reloading do you use "SMALL RIFLE PRIMERS" and if so do you need any? Side note* Cabelas has the best prices I've found for powders. Only $20 for hazmat with no limits. (powder/primers) Catch a sale w/free shipping and It's on! The collectibles store has a little bit of everything but bring the ATM cause you're gonna pay. Still nice to have them near. Let me know about those primers. SV
  5. bring him back SicVic! Donde estas carajo?

    That guy (SicVic) is an Idiot; but I'll bet He's watching all of you right now..... I'll be back *use Arnold voice*
  6. Reputable bike shipper needed

    Do NOT use this Company. Moto-transporters.com They are on U-Ship and bailed on me on July 4th. The bike needed to be at destination on 22 July. They had my deposit for 2.5 months prior. They refunded my deposit but also denied that they failed to fill the contract when I posted about it. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (They are out of Texas)
  7. GPS - Travel Prep

    Good morning Bags, I'll write a little about how it worked for me on this last trip. I had purchased a new GPS78 before the ride. I already had 2 GPS 76 garmins but since they were limited to 500 points and 20 tracks per I still needed more space for tracks. On top of that I had no idea how I was going to fit all the States coverage maps into those 76's and still have them be routeable. Here's what I did. I mailed GPSKevin and explained what I was trying to do. He responed with something that I'm still not completely sure I understand. First he had me finish making my route. I didn't have to worry about the amount of points or where I created them. Google, BaseCamp, GPSXchange, where ever was fine. Once finished I zipped them to him. In the end he made a Map of my route overlaid onto a routeabout map of the U.S. and loaded it to a SD Card. I inserted the SD into the new 78 and when you turn it on there's your route. The entire thing is shown. The only thing I did before leaving was to quickly learn the GPS functions and to setup the screens the way I wanted. I also did spot checks on the track. Example: I'd zoom into a certain area ans verify the route was were it was supposed to be. Kevin also loaded gas stations locations and motels along the routes I was headed. They were listed as waypoints. Jumping into this new system I never had a single issue with any of it. Make sure your map is routeable. Do spot checks on your route prior to leaving to make sure everthing jives with what you thought you planned. Try creating and loading a short track around your hood then try following it. Make intentional wrong turns to learn what the GPS does to try and correct. Fancy models have all sorts of options for you to choose from has to how it will "assist" you. This little demo ride will help you figure the one that works best for you. I know you're not new to a GPS but the above system is what I used on that last run and it worked perfectly. I never looked at one paper map the entire way nor did I carry any. Anytime I needed something I just searched it on the GPS. (something else you may want to practice) I did bring one backup GPS with a spare loaded SD card in case I broke the main but never had to use it. 49 days out in the dirt and never lost once, all by using a system I had not used prior to departing. Hope some of this helps. Enjoy. Sickness
  8. Love the ride

    Agreed, this is some of my favorite type of riding.
  9. I've come to realize that riding the bike is not what I really enjoy.... I threw together some stuff that really stoked me out and I'm not even on the bike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiO680iwuAI *Sorry about the frame of the vid moving around, I think it's in the process of fixing itself*
  10. Perfect, see you there.
  11. Go with the flow brother
  12. Your ride. You name time and meetup location. I'll be there.
  13. Help me (re) plan an epic ride....

    If you do decide on UT give this place a look up. http://3stephideaway.com/ They know the area, are super nice and you will not find a better deal on the planet for places to stay. Scott and Julie are the owners. Both avid riders. They opened in April and have been supporting TAT riders all summer long.
  14. Wed, if you decide on Corral I'm in. Let me know. SicVic
  15. Help me (re) plan an epic ride....

    Tour of Idaho T1 UT mountains overlooking Moab AZ about 35 miles north of Mexico I'm thinking you could throw a dart to make the decision. As with any ride; it's what you make it. The BDR sites are great info, GPSXchange has tons of tracks and also check gpsKevin (google search). These will all help you with routes.