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  1. What size gear? Lower down the for sale section I have gear and helmet for sale. Make him a good deal if any of it works for him.
  2. Lowered to 4300 for SDAR members.
  3. 2015 KTM 250sx, clean title in hand, registration is current. Frequent oil and filter changes. I am the original owner. Great bike, runs great! Sprung for 210 lbs rider. Stock springs includedRace tech adjustable base valves on the forks. Scotts stabilizer bar mount and tower, stabilizer not included Promoto billet kick standAcerbis skid plateExtra filtersKTM Bolt kitPiston kit, not needed at this time but ready for when it is. Got a deal on it last yearHeavy duty tubes and MX3S tires with only a handful of rides on them. Extra leversKTM tool kit with extra jets, power valve springs, and needlesOriginal KTM binder with manual All stock parts included. Extra gear set for desert with correct length chain. Will include another rear tire, original MX52 with about 50% leftHave some spare 19" tubes as well.IMS 3.2 gal tank included4500 for SDAR members. I live in Temecula and work in Rancho Bernardo. I can meet there or in between if it helps.
  4. Also have some proTaper handguards with extension. NIB. 35 bucks
  5. Cleaning out the garage. Fly Formula MX helmet, so XL. Same as F2 except all carbon and titanium hardware, and different liner. Comes with extra matching visor, new the helmet came with this extra visor and it has never been used. DOT/SNELL. $70 obo Answer riding gear. 38 waist pants and XL jersey. I wear a 34/36 waist but these adjust down just fine to me with room to spare. $45 obo Fly Racing Evolution gear set. Pants are 38 and jersey is XL. I wear 34/36 in normal pants and these adjust down just fine with room to spare. Jersey has some spots on one shoulder where I got hit with chain lube or premix. One leg zipper vent is stuck open. $70 obo Leatt GPX 5.5 neck brace. L/XL. Worn 3 times. I have the under arm straps and rear degree shims. $175 obo Everything is obo. I live in Temecula but work in rancho Bernardo. Can meet in either location.
  6. Donation made. Didn't see this u til after the fact. Didn't include mailing address, just my user name on the PayPal notes.
  7. Got an old boat that I inherited, 1968 sears runabout. needs floors. has a solid mercury inline 6, 2 stroke. the tower 'O power. Im guessing all the value is in the motor and trailer. has anyone donated a boat to any of these car/boat/trailer donation centers? Some seem more like scams then anything, give us you boat, we sell it and get back to you with what it auctioned for, and then value it. Not sure its worth much, but I will take the tax write off.
  8. This is such as sad story. except for the hamburger bike at the end, that is totally awesome!!!! It does suck though when you are looking for some older projects. My first bike with a plate was a 71 CL350 scrambler. Got it for free for tearing down a rotted out barn. It was a blast and I would kill to find another one. The cafe crowds have put some put some artificial value on these things and the prices are insane. You talk to them and they tell you what it could be, that these are the best bikes to start with, and when you totally hack it up it will be worth so much more. Im like...damn dude, I just want to pay for what it is now. slap some knobbies on it and cruise the hills. damn kids, and their crazy jalopys....and get off my lawn.
  9. Tires seem to be a crazy industry. I used to work at one of the motor"cycle gear" shops in north county a few years ago, and saw what they paid and charged for tires. It was hard to believe what the online guys were charging and still somehow making money. Even with a deep employee discount, I bought my tires online and always came quite a bit ahead. A few years ago not many shops would compete with internet prices and would only price match local shops. Im seeing more signs in local shops that now say they will match internet prices. Wonder if things are getting better in the tire world or this explains why mounting/balancing prices have sky rocketed. Knock off 20-30 bucks a tire and get it back on the mounting service fees?? I lucked out when I moved to temecula. The big shop in town has some of the cheapest prices on tires I have ever seen, online and in store. At least on the dirt/dual sport tires I shop for. Been supporting them ever since.
  10. Anyone race these? Its late in the game, last race sept 2. Looks like a good local turnout. Last race of the series, but looks like fun. From the videos I see on youtube, it doesnt look like a huge circus. Looks like Im going to be in town for the next 2-3 weeks and can actually plan ahead for something!! And its in the afternoon.
  11. How's the traffic at corral canyon on the weekend look these days? I haven't been out there in about a year. When I used to go all the time it was weekday trips. Thinking about dusting off the smoker and making a run at it this Sunday.
  12. Was camping in bishop a few weeks ago and noticed fliers for the ride. Anyone ride it before? How is it? Flier says experienced riders only, is that because the terrain is that difficult or do they mean just folks they don't have to baby sit? I've never done one of these organized dual sport rides and I really want to check out the riding in this area.
  13. I've been riding hemet and anza a lot lately. There are caches all over San jacinto OHV area, Palomar divide, high pointe, and all over that area. Been picking off a few each time I go out. Once it cools down I'm going to start checking out anza borrego a bit more. Like DSTSS said, it adds a new dimension to old trails.
  14. Starting to plan for a Death Valley trip this fall. Want to go check out race track and go over teakettle junction. i will be going south to north. Last fuel stop will be paniment springs resort. From there it's about a 100 miles to teakettle with the route I mapped out, not direct, but not diverting too much from a straight shot. From my searching it seems I need to plan on just going threw the park and nearest gas is in lone pine. Didn't see anything near by on the Nevada side either. For those that have done this, is there anything out there I am missing? At this point I think I will be upgrading my XR650R tank to get at least 200 miles.
  15. I recently got back into searching for local geocaches now that my son is 4 and old enough to get excited about "finding treasure!" Now im looking for them on any of my local dual sport loops. Anyone else I to this, or am I the only geocache nerd. Something interesting to do during our upcoming family camping trips.