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  1. Yuba City riding???

    I might be going to Yuba City for work for a few weeks. I also might have the option to drive, in which case I will haul the bike. Any good riding areas out there? Im not too far from Tahoe, but not sure what its like at that elevation this time of year. Im sure there are places to ride, I just don't know where. Anyone know the MUST hit spots?
  2. Golden Tyre 90/100-21 with Nitro-Mousse Results

    another Fatty fan here. I slapped one on my XR650R and it almost felt like a different bike! it stuck in the corners and turned great. My confidence to ride it hard went way up! Hey BP, when did you pick up the 200XCW? how do you like it? Sold my 250sx 2 stroke a few months ago and hope to replace it with a dedicated single track bike in the next few months. Is that an 06/07? Ive heard that mousse dont like long fast runs on the pavement, what do you guys think the speed threshold is? Ive been trucking my bike a lot lately to the dirt, but every once in awhile I have to get on the street. Last big trip we had to cut off on leg of dirt to get home before it got really late and really cold. Was doing 50-55ish for about 40-50 miles. Or are we talking 100+ miles, dead of summer, doing 80 mph?
  3. bringing this one back from the dead. Goofy Footer, I missed the last ride you invited me to. Are you still doing somewhat regular trips down south? Anyone interested in trying to do a weekend trip in the next month or so? Since I posted this, I have been down to cabo...on a plane. still never anywhere in baja on a bike.
  4. Ogio flight vest

    ive worn a ton of different types of vests and chest rigs while in the military. Hard part a lot of people cant grasp is leaving unused space....unused. saddle bags, backpacks, pockets, jackets, some people think if its open space there needs to be something in it. One plus with the vest that have velcro inside is you can buy a large sheet of the hook and loop material and kind of resize the pockets down with it or divide it.
  5. Ogio flight vest

    another vote for the Klim. It does flow air pretty well. the whole thing is mesh and and the pocket areas are the only areas that dont directly flow onto you. gotta use some common sense when loading them. Just because you have the space doesnt mean you need to fill it with something. I went from a small backpack and fanny pack to just the vest. everything sits MUCH better and tigher to my body. Fits well over my jacket too. Back pack and fanny pack always had issues when trying to wear over a jacket.
  6. Camping in Corral Canyon

    so I have this awesome new toy hauler and im thinking of all the killer places to take it and ride. Who takes trailers out to bobcat meadows or corral canyon campground? I know going up to 4 corners that last mile or so is tight one lane and there is a section that is beat up from dragging hitches, anyone have troubles with towing a small trailer out there? Ive got a 19' toy hauler, really about 25' total and would love to take it out there for a weekend here and there. im a toy hauler rookie here. The forest service site says sites are accomodating up to 27' trailers. I think the hard part is actually getting there.
  7. Another for CA flash. He has these RFS motors down to a science and can build you a reliable stock motor or some kind of fire breathing monster between the SX/XC/EXC variations with any transmission. He did some head work for me and was reasonably priced, quick turn around, and a wealth of knowledge. If you want all the small details worked out while your in there, he is the guy to talk to. He was very helpful with my constant bothering a few years ago on my 07 450xc I think Hopkins is up north in Washington or Oregon, but I know just as many happy guys that worked with him too.
  8. My new ride

    Nice!!! Still have the WR? if you do, its probably going to collect a whole lot of dust now. going to be running people down and honking at any of the D38 races this year with this?
  9. Farewell and all apologies: Leaving CA for FL

    Congrats on retirement. Going to Florida to be the KLR King of the east coast?
  10. Show Me What You Got

    Stepping up my game from a tent for the family.
  11. Whats everyone take on Alpinestars these days? I have a pair of 5-6 year old tech 7 boots that need to be replaced. Im seeing a lot of negative feed back on Alpinestars quality of the latest generation of boots. Anyone have a current pair and notice obvious issues with their quality? Was thinking about another pair of tech 7 or maybe tech 8, but if the boots cant hold up or look like they have have been made with cheaper materials, I will move on to some other brand in the 300-400 dollar price range.
  12. Upper Coyote Canyon, Bailey's cabin

    did you make it out? I went out there a few weeks ago and had to turn around because the gate was still closed. Want to make it back out there one of these days. Is there any way to get from the cabin side to Borrego Springs, other than the closed road? On the maps I have I didnt see anything, but I know my stuff doesnt cover what "really" out there. I would love to find a connector. If i remember correctly I think the only other way is to go back and around and slab it to S-2 and go from there.
  13. Garage cleaning

    Fork seal driver. 48mm. $30 fork seal driver. Says it was universal. I'd say 80% of the time it was. $20 Tusk fork tool. I used it on a set of 2005 YZ250 forks, whatever size those are. $10 Universal fork wrench $10
  14. Garage cleaning

    Ogio 450 fanny/tool pack. $35 Answer gear set XL jersey, 36 pants. $30 bucks for the set. Fly recing evolution gear set. Pants are 38, I easily adjusted down to 36 with room to spare. Jersey is XL. Some staining on the back of the jersey and one zipper vent in the knee is stuck open. $45