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  1. Starting to plan for a Death Valley trip this fall. Want to go check out race track and go over teakettle junction. i will be going south to north. Last fuel stop will be paniment springs resort. From there it's about a 100 miles to teakettle with the route I mapped out, not direct, but not diverting too much from a straight shot. From my searching it seems I need to plan on just going threw the park and nearest gas is in lone pine. Didn't see anything near by on the Nevada side either. For those that have done this, is there anything out there I am missing? At this point I think I will be upgrading my XR650R tank to get at least 200 miles.
  2. I recently got back into searching for local geocaches now that my son is 4 and old enough to get excited about "finding treasure!" Now im looking for them on any of my local dual sport loops. Anyone else I to this, or am I the only geocache nerd. Something interesting to do during our upcoming family camping trips.
  3. Awesome project!! Came out great. Is this setup for MX or more offroad? Always cool to see 125s screaming on the trail. I had an 03 yz125 a few years and it was such a blast!!
  4. Red feather is a great stop. The owner is Frank Vrettas (sp?) who runs CALVMX, which explains his nice bike collection.
  5. Hmmmmmm? Always wanted to get into this. Never found anyone who was really interested in getting serious about it, and just didn't know a whole lot of local places to go. Is this private property or your little secret spot? I don't have a trials bike, but I imagine the right terrain or obstacles it could still be challenging and a skill building/learning experience on a light 2 stroke. That's honestly the only reason I keep the 250 2 stroke around, for technical trail riding.
  6. Bp619, next time your in the area let me know. Im about 20-25 minutes down the road in temecula. First time I was out there was with Kato. I met up with my truck and we locked his camping gear up and we hit the hard stuff.
  7. Had the day off last Friday so I figured I would co check out some local trails between anza and hemet. Take Bautista road on either side. Lots more in the area then I remember that legit OHV trails. Ran into a few other black diamonds, other then allessandro. Went up Hixon, which is always a fun loop. Passed on Allessandro because I remember it being pretty rough last year, before all the rain, and I was riding solo. Nice, dry, and dusty out there.
  8. Goofy, thanks for all the info! I will have to check out the baja GPS routes. maybe we can get something together for a weekend trip, something like Ken mentioned. I could do a over night rider pretty easy. any ideas on good upcoming weekends? maybe next month? camp or a room? Ken, by "down for a weekend trip" you mean leading a bunch of rookies, right? Ha. Im sure if we get serious other baja vets may pop up....I hear this is a place that usually doesnt take a lot of convincing to get people to go. I honestly dont have any reservations with going to any destination brought up. Any place sounds better then work. Maybe depends on what bikes would come along??? range or size dictate the route?
  9. Hmmm? Looks like I'm not alone on this one. Maybe we can throw something together for ourselves for a weekend trip to one of the common newb visits, Sky ranch or coyote cals. No idea on routes or what else is nearby to explore. Do you need a passport to enter and return? Last time I went to Ensenada and TJ years ago I just crossed with a drivers license. I've got a feeling things may have changed. How about boarder crossings? I hear bikes can get to the front of the lines??? What kind of paper work is required? Just reg.?
  10. I've been in/near San Diego for 12 years now and the farthest south I've ever been is Ensenada....on a cruise. Which is weird because I grew up on the east coast watching every Baja race i could on TV dreaming of riding out there. Are there or have there been any Baja newb rides out there? Anyone willing to take a Mexico rookie? There is too much I don't know about the whole thing, from boarder crossings and all the routes and sites, that it's not something I want to just try on my own. It's not the riding, it's just the logistics of the whole thing. Maybe I'm just not in the loop and it's all much easier then some people make it out to be, but I'd like to hear that from the experienced riders. Id like to start exploring out there some time this upcoming or next year.
  11. 556baller and I have been wanting to ride together for a long time. He moved, Ive been between plated bikes, I had family stuff come up, etc, etc. Took a few years, but the planets aligned, I had a long weekend, and a plan to ride from my house to his in the as much dirt as possible. 75% of this route was unknown condition, terrain, and difficulty. Figured this is part of the adventure. Plot the route and adjust accordingly. We broke it into 2 legs. Temecula to barstow day 1, Barstow to Ridgecrest day 2. Sustain a fun pace and just check out whatever it is we may come across. Not breaking any speed records. Had some bypasses built in, depending on time. Ended up being a blast!!! Saw everything from the hills and mountains in Anza, Hemet, Idlywild, to desert floor and insane sand washes in Pioneertown, Lucerne, and Spangler. 225 miles on the first day, another 100 on the second. Small sections of road had to be taken, but we limited those to roughly 50-60 miles. Saw the most challenging sand wash I have ever experienced in a canyon south of Lucerne Valley. It was a tight canyon, lots of boulder and large rocks, and all twist and turns. It took me out a few times. Im a decent rider, but this was sand unlike anything i have ridden in before. Best way to describe it is bottomless kitty liter or very small pea gravel. As I slowed to a stop I could watch the front wheel just sink in. By the time I stopped the sand covered the bottom of the wheel up to the spoke nipples. With no straight sections we had a hard time trying to get speed to get up on it. Lucky for me Baller's girlfriend met us in Barstow with my gear, so we only had to carry minimal gear. Also met us for lunch in Randsburg with a fuel can. I was going on a new to me XR650R. Racked up 150 miles before this trip, so I didnt have a solid idea on fuel consumption for different terrain. Stopped at every gas station we came across. Day 1 was just over 11 hours to accomplish 225 miles. Day 2 was just under 6 hours to accomplish 103 miles. Random pics for you guys. Route Leaving Temecula.
  12. Im just want to say I love this program. Been using it all over Anza and Hemet and it works great. Accurate and has a lot of good sites, info, and notes about gates. Im putting it to the test this weekend riding new trails from temecula to Ridgecrest. Ive been looking for a good dirt route for a long time and trying to piece together various maps and google earth. This made it WAY easier to get it done. I wish I found this a long time ago.
  13.'re my hero! Thanks for the bags, I will let you know how they work out. These ogio bags seem like a good medium bag. After this next trip I should have a good idea if I want to go larger or smaller. Then I can narrow it down to horse, dog, mule, llama, or goat saddle bags from there.
  14. Been looking at giant loop and wolfman bags, but not totally sure what size will work best just yet. I'd like to try a cheap set of bags and run for a bit and decide if I'd rather go bigger or smaller. At that point I will dump some money on bags that will last forever. Any suggestiins? Kato, where you at? I know you were running dog packs for a bit as a cheap alternative. Where did you get those? Any Chinese/eBay recommendations?