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  1. I have carried rei tents into the arctic, all of the maritimes, and as far south as Guatemala and have never had any problems with them, it burns my ass to pay a lot for a tent also, but after one rainy Alaska trip in a 100 dollar tent soaking me at night I gave up and spent the money. Im heading east in morning and one thing I can say is the smaller the better if your camping in weather under 40.
  2. I will hold them for you or I can mail them to you for a flat rate box I think its 12.95 but I will be home all day tomorrow getting ready to leave. PM me either way.
  3. 4 mos old revzilla $104 first $50 to members, fit perfectly on a super ten with the tank bag. Available until tues (10-31) evening (taking a trip).
  4. New pics coming, and I did think about driving the car but I cant stand a cage for more than 2 days.
  5. Anyone up for a short ride leaving wed, taking northern route across the panhandle with stops in rogers Arkansas, Clarksville tn. aiken sc, myrtle beach sc, boston mass, niagra falls, then ride around the great lakes coming back into u.s. at international falls mn. should return by nov 30. Anyone welcome to ride along all or part, breaking in the Africa twin. Disclaimer, may be snow on route.
  6. just finished building bike
  7. That's good because I wont be leaving niagra falls area until nov 21st or so.
  8. tom west 760-315-8980

  9. Just dumped $4k at twisted throttle and touratech so no longer in need of any items, I am going to check out those pegs though! thanks
  10. Ive got less than 2 weeks before I head back east on this beast and need to get it built, If you put some parts on your AT and want to change to something different let me know, willing to pay fair price for stuff I can use. THanks
  11. That's a huge top box, I have used happy trails on a lot of bikes I like the strength of the boxes but 58 liters is a monster and the side boxes in some cases wont clear a box that large when opened.
  12. thanks, checked those out but hes not far from retail, appreciate it.
  13. procycle has always been my go to place for dr650 parts.
  14. I did a lot of research on this bike and talked to multiple dealers and mechanics and here is what I found, do not buy the DCT model, I even had dealers tell me this, most problems are associated with that model, also there have been claims of fork tubes seizing up but its not as common as some would make you believe on the web. I got to ride one this week and I could not believe the offroad ability of this beast even with street tires on it, so I bought one yesterday and will post up if any new problems occur.
  15. Whatever you need I will be available, not good with the GPS stuff though!
  16. Location, Fountain of youth spa rv resort 1500 spa road Niland Ca 92257
  17. We will stage at the hot springs near Bombay beach (rv) and ride onto the trail from there. We will meet at the park at 0800 (I will be there tues evening if you come early) and leave at 0830 for the trail, this will be an easy ride big bike friendly with some sand and rocks but nothing not doable on about any dual sport. We will end up at palo verde and then plan our route back depending on the time of day we reach palo verde. Bring water tubes etc. If you decide to crash at the salton sea we have room in the toybox. RSVP for more details.
  18. If you need to haul your bike over I have room for up to 4 more bikes in truck and toybox (from Borrego)
  19. Spent the last 2 days riding it from the Mexican border to palo verde and its a good bike, since I really don't have much interest in anyone purchasing it Ive decided to to take it to my place in Montana and just leave it there for next season, so I am withdrawing it from sale.
  20. 2015 model purchased new at fbc in late 16, bike has 2450 miles and is in new condition, I brought the bike home and built it right away, ims tank, moose tailbag, GL seat bag, bar risers, 12volt outlet, ram mount, all new white plastics,(was grey) alum skid plate, powerbomb and fmf quietcore, rear rack with diamond plate, LED compact tail light switchable headlight modulator, Handgaurds, 14 and 15 front sprockets, new goldentire front and Pirelli rear, always mobil one synthetic at every 1k miles, more that im forgetting im sure. comes with original plastics, tank, exhaust, lights etc. Bike has extended warranty I think its 5 years and can be transferred. $5k to members
  21. I am riding out fish creek and exiting toward ocotillo tomorrow then onto superstition salton sea area then back to Borrego, may run across you.
  22. some are, but there are low bridges and some wash outs you cant get a vehicle through, I would say about 50/50
  23. Easy ride, med pace, 650 friendly ride (I will be riding drz400) we will leave Borrego Christmas circle at 10am sharp, head towards salton city across the desert (plated bikes only) mixing some pavement with dirt, we will stop in salton city (JITB) then do some more pavement to salton sea beach and then onto some sand for a bit then onto the pavement again toward mecca, mecca will be a fuel stop (arco) then we will head down the east side of salton sea mixing dirt with pavement as we can. Our first watering hole will be Bombay beach for snacks and water! after a good rest there we will head towards Westmoreland hitting some side routes of dirt ending up on 86 to 78 back to Borrego. I pre ran this last week (on a super ten) with a buddy and we had a great time since the weather was perfect, just as it should be tomorrow. Plan on all day finishing sometime around 5 or 6pm back in Borrego. Parking available in my locked yard in BS if needed.
  24. seat concepts low seat