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  1. Something smells fishy....

    sounds like a good place to get shot or robbed
  2. Something smells fishy....

    been flagged, what did say?
  3. We were going to ride desert tomorrow but my brother wants to ride in a cooler climate, is anyone riding or wants to ride lark or mc cain or both tomorrow? I am not familiar with this area and a knowledgeable person would help, he is meeting me at lark at 0900 tomorrow (sat) so if anyones interested let me know. Thanks.
  4. Lark - Mc Cain

    if im coming up from the desert floor which exit on the 8? then what?
  5. Lark - Mc Cain

    yes main staging area if I can find it. I will be there by 0830 but my brother wont arrive until 9
  6. WTB street bike

    Looking to buy a medium to low priced street bike to leave at palm springs airport since Im going to be doing some flying back to north Carolina several times in the next 6 months, if you have anything hit me up, no dualsports, Harleys, or bikes under 650 cc please.
  7. buttercup Friday, Saturday, atvs and bikes, will post it up, toyhauler with ac will be present!
  8. We will be doing an early morning ride on this wed june 20th (tomorrow) ride begins at xmas circle at 0730 and ends back in Borrego between 1-3 for a late lunch. We will be running to ocotillo wells then into fish creek up arroyo seco diablo to ocotillo then back plaster city to ow and then Borrego. A real hot lap! bikes must be plated bring tubes tools and plenty of water, water and fuel will be replenished at ocotillo and then a very fast ride back the tracks (deep sand for about 2 miles)from plaster city. Expect a high of 100 degrees by noon but nice in the morning and peaking at 110 by 2 or 3, make sure your bike is in good condition and able to deal with the heat of the day (you too) pm me if your showing so we can look for you.
  9. im going to look into that since I ride all summer.
  10. Bags, "you wont get the purple heart hiding in a foxhole", just messing with you! it was damn hot out here by 10 am and the bike didn't even like it!
  11. One of my long blabby ride reports! left Borrego at 0735 moved up fish creek to arroyo seco then out the other side to ocotillo got gas then onto plaster city and back to ow the tracks, arrive Borrego 1130 so I would say it was a hot lap! sand is way worse than ever by tracks now very deep and soft and in 2 spots now, bike got pretty hot blazing through and radiator was burning my right leg, the hop ups on the wr worked great and I love this bike, it will be hard to get off it in sept when the cr arrives.
  12. WTB street bike

    Wow! that thing looks like the space shuttle, very cool but way too big for an old guy like me. THanks. Tom
  13. TIRE

    pic says it all, 1 week old less than a hot lap, rocky mountain atv 79.88 sell $40 pickup in Borrego or Ramona tomorrow am.
  14. WTB street bike

    i gotta look that one up.
  15. Twist throttle and pro bends

    sold to jaja dropping in Ramona tomorrow.
  16. bought these for my wifes quad and she hated both so now they are off, pro bend bars paid 68 bucks for them $15 also throttle conversion (metal) for ltz 400 or kfx 400 paid $52 sell $20 must be picked up in Borrego and can only hold for a couple days.
  17. Twist throttle and pro bends

    Sorry! my brother wants to ride tomorrow so we will be out from 0730 to 3 so before or after or another day, they aren't going anywhere.
  18. Twist throttle and pro bends

    i will be home all day tomorrow. Ill pm you my phone
  19. This is what has been removed from the 2018 I just got, this little bike has impressed me more than the last 10 bikes ive owned, I know its underpowered but it performs very well in difficult terrain and that's why I decided to spend a little time and cash on it. We did a 102 mile loop on Saturday including Borrego OW salton sea and superstition and it ran great even as the day heated up. Its funny my brother lost a tail light lens, and one blinker on his new six days just from vibration and was impressed my little wr had no issues. cool diet pic enclosed.
  20. If you lived in Idyllwild....

    someone selling an SV?
  21. Worked a deal and got this back, its a sherpax 30lb trailer with tote and 2 rotopax one gallon cans with locking mount, I also added a drz tail light and alum plate holder, it also includes a new knobby spare and waterproof cover for bin and an extra bin. Trailer comes with original invoice for $1100 and I added over $400 worth of extras, trailer was ordered with upgraded wheel bearings and rear tire, has about 5k miles on it one trip and tows excellent just wont use for next trip. will sell for $800 or $700 without rotopax and mounts. fits KTMs and most dual sports and if not kipmoto sells hitches for just about every bike with a hollow rear axle.
  22. Sherpax single wheel trailer

    trailer sold to adv bum
  23. Ninja 650 ABS

    sold, its living in Escondido now!
  24. Ninja 650 ABS

    2017 model with abs, about a week old 268 miles clean clear title, shogun frame sliders and swingarm sliders, RG tidy tail in box new, just wasn't for me, $6300 firm to members. save a couple thousand over new one. I am getting way too many bikes and need to sell some.
  25. Ninja 650 ABS

    more than likely this will be leaving tomorrow so thought I would bring it down to $5700 to members before I let it go, if this is for you I don't think youll ever get a better deal.