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  1. I will post up options this weekend for locations to camp
  2. Im trying to soften up the new ktm so Im thinking a moab trip is in order. I will be taking a toyhauler capable of hauling 6 bikes (with truck bed) and I only have 2 of us going so we have room for 4 more bikes. I am open to dates in March whatever works best for the group since I don't have anything planned for march, I have a friend in moab who owns a long standing motorcycle business so we will have some support for repairs etc if needed. trails will be onion creek, white rim, and a few others, would like to leave on a Friday morning and return home on a Monday so my buddy only misses 2 days of work. I will have lodging for up to 6 persons (buy your own evening booze) in the toybox which will keep expenses pretty low, just take care of yourself or we can do group meals and split it. If interested shoot me a pm with your dates and we will try to make it happen, All riding will be exploring and we are not going to set the trail on fire, bikes must be plated with insurance and some park fees may be required but the ride is free to moab.
  3. I need to get together with everyone that's going in the next 2 weeks so we can work out camping location and other details. I am in Borrego so I was thinking a meeting in Julian or Ramona, whichever works out best for the group.
  4. It would be nice to have some snow and rain to keep the dust down.
  5. San Felipe?

    pretty good, made it down from border on one tank (3 gallons) and made it back on a tank so that really surprised me. The mirrors buzz pretty bad at 75 and you cant see anything but other than that it did great even in light winds, burned about 6oz of oil I hope that's just because of break in.
  6. I know there are a lot of mexico riders here and thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone wants to make a multi day trip to san felipe in the very near future. I have a friend who use to work for me who has retired in san felipe and I have not seen him in over 10 years and it would be nice to go down with someone who knows the roads and trails, if interested just let me know, I am very flexible on just about any date. Thank You
  7. Got it worked out with some help from trophyhunter so we are on! trip is a go.
  8. cancelled due to lack of interest
  9. San Felipe?

    Had a crazy bike week going on with leather clad individuals of undetermined sexual origin, you know, Harley riders. It was a great week in san felipe.
  10. ABDSP 2/21

    just got back from san felipe I will try to hang but Im old and slow, im more the lunch and beer.
  11. KTM Twins beware!

    I ordered parts from them last week and they never sent me any tracking and its now wed a week later, they do not answer the phone, they will not respond to emails at all of their email addresses, they charged my credit card ($650 +) the same day, I am contacting my credit card company today to hold funds. I just don't want anyone else being screwed by them.
  12. KTM Twins beware!

    just got a very long email from owner with a very detailed apology and at least admitting when items were promised shipped but they really weren't, I give them some credit for finally being honest, of course this came after me stopping their visa payment. I will release it tomorrow and keep the stuff that finally showed up and what I now have 2 of I will send back to revzilla and rocky mountain atv. because I don't want to deal with them anymore with returns and I don't want to ever have to think about them again, may post letter up here so it can be seen.
  13. SDAR mailing address

    I need to get an address to send the $25 to SDAR as promised when I sold my trailer to a member, pm me the info please. Thanks
  14. San Felipe?

    Got all my parts on bike and since we have no one here going we decided to leave tomorrow and beat the traffic on Friday, we are going to algadones first then down so should arrive san felipe Saturday and will now stay until mid week.
  15. New yuasa battery 2 weeks old $50 also have handgaurds oem $5 plastic radiator guard free, plastic skid pan $10 handlebar mounts $30, more parts to come
  16. WTB: 690r seat, sidestand

    My seat came early and I ordered a new sidestand, knew it was a longshot but what the heck.
  17. I am waiting on my seat for 2 to 3 weeks from seat concepts so I would like to perform belt sander surgery on a stock one (not mine) to use while Im waiting, also the same on a sidestand, if you have either of these let me know and I will pay a fair price for them and pick them up in town. Thanks.
  18. I decided to rent a diesel truck from Miramar truck for the trip, my old ford would make it but its slow, plus the truck I rent will have a crew cab for more room. I have not found much in the way of open camping for a large rig so rv park is probably how its going to go. I know of a few who have a pub right in front of them and that's always a bonus!
  19. San Felipe?

    I am super flexible and go with the flow, a little dirt wouldn't hurt, I do need to get a for sure headcount by wed for sleeping arrangements.
  20. New Member in Borrego Springs

    Welcome socalmule, san felipe Friday?
  21. New Member in Borrego Springs

    you guys finally got me on another ktm, how do they like the heat? I already got the lower temp thermo switch.
  22. New Member in Borrego Springs

    There is something wrong with people who ride in Borrego in the summer!
  23. Has anyone adjusted their rear 690r shock without removing it (preload) all I can find on the web says it has to be removed.