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  1. sunday june 7- lark

    I'll be following D D from Poway riding with the tenish group.
  2. Sunday 8/15 Run

    Here's what I have.
  3. Thanks to all for a great ride. Thanks especially to DD for leading the ride, and taking out 2 pesky Kawi 250's at once. Way to take one (two) for the team. From Poway back to Poway I put in 210 miles, had to brave the freeway w/my 450 for the last 20 miles because I couldn't bear anymore seat time. I will post some pics soon. RB
  4. North County Run 8/15

    Aye Aye. If there's any last minute stragglers, the first post has a quick thumbnail sketch. See you at 7am.
  5. North County Run 8/15

    WOW, that looks painful. I am going to cancel the Deer Springs stop then.
  6. North County Run 8/15

    How about East side next to the Chevron? I was hoping to gas up at Chevron anyway. Thanks for the heads up I didn't know there were two Shell Stations at that exit. I don't get out much:)
  7. North County Run 8/15

    I know the spot. No problem for me. If you know the spot let's meet there at 7:15 and stage for 5min. It's getting near ride time let's not make too many more changes. I don't want to screw anyone else up.
  8. North County Run 8/15

    Well I am certainly confused. I guess we could meet at the Shell station at 7 then ride up to Gopher canyon Park and Ride at 7:15 to pick up the Hidden Meadows crowd and see if we can still meet Doug in Fallbrook by 8. By the way - Via Rancho was Called Bear Valley Pkwy in my day. (Old school jargon) I suggest we wait no longer than 10 minutes for stragglers, otherwise we will become stragglers ourselves. Anybody concur? I'm in.
  9. North County Run 8/15

    Did you mean Twin Oaks and 78, or Twin Oaks up by Gopher Canyon and the 15?
  10. North County Run 8/15

    I will probably be leaving Escondido around 7am. How about the Shell station (I think it is a Shell) on Bear Valley Pkwy & I-15 across from North County Mall? We can decide whether to do the Twin oaks Valley route or slab it depending on how prompt we can leave. Just to make sure, you meant Via Rancho exit off of the 15. I'm in for 7am at the Shell.
  11. North County Run 8/15

    I'm DSing and DD is ADVing. This will probably be the last trip on my knobbies
  12. North County Run 8/15

    It's your ride, sounds like a good route. I'd suggest meeting at Carl's Jr in Fallbrook (GOOGLE MAPS LINK HERE) and hitting the road early (8am worked for us). I'd probably skip Margarita Peak, as well as lunch at Hell's Kitchen(maybe hit it on the way back instead) in the interest of time. Here's the general route in Google maps: LINK HERE GPS File: LINK HERE Let me know if that's what you're thinking about. Sounds great to me. Thanks for all of the planning. 8am Carl's Jr in Fallbrook. Are we taking asphalt back, different trails or back tracking?
  13. North County Run 8/15

    Where are you coming from and what do you want to check out? The other question is how much time to people have? There are really two rides you can do up here in North County. The Ramona Loop: Another Big Bike Ride - Toro Peak and the Fallbrook to Corona Ride that are all-day type rides. Everything else up here is shorter stuff (Nate Harrison - 8 miles long, etc) and has a bit of pavement thrown in. Take a look and see which interests you and we can come up with a meeting place/time and go from there. I'm in for the Fallbrook to Corona Ride. I'm coming from Poway, do you want to meet before Fallbrook like Esc. or somewhere in San Marcos? Looks like there's some fun back roads to Fallbrook on the East side of Pendelton.
  14. North County Run 8/15

    Hey there BS or DD, Do you have any ideas for start time and location? I will be dual sporting the whole way so I can meet anywhere.