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  1. Opinion needed............

    The Teryx is like a second generation Rhino, My buddy has one pretty built up and really likes it. In my opinionthe Polaris RZRS is the baddest SxS out therouta the crate to haul more than 2 people look into the Polaris Ranger Crew! Hope it helps!
  2. For Sale 2000 XR650R with Ca Plates!?

    I'm not sure percisely, I am the second owner and I've had it for less than a year! Other bills have come up and I need to move on! If I had to guess going off what the guy I bought it told me I'd say around 3-3500 miles maybe a hair more. Really clean for the year and really well maintained! Let me know if you wana come see it! Clint
  3. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/1500721042.html Gota sell it! Don't want to but need to! The Add says it all pretty much! email me if intrested or if you know someone that might be! Clint the Sales Guy
  4. This weekend we are putting on a Victory (American Cruiser motorcycle) Demo Day! http://www.polarisindustries.com/en-us/Vic...Pages/Home.aspx When: September 19th and 20th 9am-5pm Where: North County Yamaha, San Marcos, Ca. What: The Victory Semi Truck will be in our parking lot with 2009 Victory motorcycles to test ride! All bikes will be on sale including KTM's! Must have California M1 endorsement and appropriate riding gear! Also FREE BBQ to all in attendance! How Much?: FREE! Feel free to come by and introduce yourself! I've met a few of you already but would love to meet more and talk motorcycles, motorcycles and more motorcycles! Just ask for Clint in Sales!! Not trying to reel you in, just come out and show support!!!!
  5. They have arrived if anyone wants to come by and see them! I'd be happy to show em to ya! Ask for Eastwood @ North County Yamaha http://www.ktmusa.com/Detail.223.20.html?&...Hash=ee61db7ce3
  6. Thanks to all for your help, when I drew first blood! I can't remember everyone's real names but you know who you are! Thanks for all the help getting my upside down bike out of that ditch! New shift lever will be mine manana! Thanks again for putting on such a fun ride! Sorry to hold everyone up for a bit there! Nice meeting everyone and thanks for helping my Dad N I feel so welcome! Clint

    Don't know who else will be there yet? Sounds like a decent sized group! Count me in +1! I havn't done tons of riding up there before, I hope someone will lead us to cool places! Hear any lunch ideas, brown bag it or Restaurant destination? See ya'll in the morning!

    I'll try to be there with RP640, sounds like quite the adventure, got an RSVP headcount yet BC?
  9. I Sell KTM's and Yamahas!

    If anyone needs help gettin into a new or used ride or any questions about them please let me know!!! I'll be around! Clint
  10. The Vista Loop!

    What do I have to do to be in on this loop ride! I'll do what it takes just let me know!
  11. Hello BRP Riders!?

    Hey Ya'll, I'm new to the gang, I rade an XR650R and am looking forward to meeting some of you soon! I am an intermediate rider and up for new challenges! Let's go ride! I also sell KTM's and Yamaha dual sport bikes at a local shop if you have any questions! Bye for now!! Clint Commander