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  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a fun ride, I wish I could have gone this time around.
  2. Tentative loops/gps files: Saturday (Pinnacles-50 loop): GOOGLE MAPS LINK GPX FILE LINK And for Sunday (eastern mountain best of): I'm not sure how much of the southern stuff will be open, so we'll have to play it by ear GOOGLE MAPS LINK GPX FILE LINK
  3. DigDug

    Beastie Boys are back

    Good stuff, Schwinn! A good way to waste 1/2 hour at work by watching sheer stupiditiy. Fun stuff! My favorite "Beatie Boys production" still has to be the greatest mustache video of all time:
  4. Hey johnnybags, have you or anyone you know of been down to Devil's Hole yet this spring and know if it's crossable yet? We can always poke our noses down there on the way out so we know if it's good to cross on the way back, but it's a little off the loop I like to ride.
  5. That looks pretty close. Here are the directions I usually put in the threads and they seem to work pretty well for getting to Pinnacles: Note, you will need an Adventure Pass to park up there. If anyone wants to meet up at the Pinnacles staging area, here are the directions: •Drive north on I-15 to I-215 (don't miss the exit in Riverside to stay on I-215). •Drive north on I-215 to Highway 210. •Go east on Highway 210 to SR 18 (Waterman Avenue) in San Bernardino. Exit the freeway and turn left (north). •Drive north on SR 18 up the mountain to Daley Canyon Road about 5.5 miles east of the Crestline SR 138 turnoff. Turn left (north) on Daley Canyon Road. Note your odometer and go as follows: •At 0.5 mile, junction with SR 189. Turn left. •At 0.8 mile, fork. Go right and then immediately left onto Grass Valley Road. •At 2.8 miles, fork with Grass Valley Road on the left. Turn left. •At 5.3 miles, intersection with SR 173. Turn left. •At 5.5 miles, intersection with Pilot Rock Road (2N33). Keep going straight. •Continue on SR 173 about 0.7 mile to the entrance of a rifle range. Just past the rifle range, take a right on Willow Creek Jeep Trail (dirt road). Pinnacles staging area is on your right a couple hundred yards down. GPS coordinates for the entrance to Pinnacles Staging Area: N 34° 17.89' W 117° 11.98' If anyone is on the fence for Saturday, but wants to caravan up, let me know and I'll post a meeting location in north county. The plan is to be rolling by about 7am and up to the Pinnacles staging area by 9am.
  6. Ok.. I can take a hint. It was a great ride. Wonderful day. Climbing out of the mist into the sun. Trails were in outstanding condition! I think that's the most groomed I've seen both Hixon and Alessandro. Lots of fire-roads, but that area is tough to ride without hitting them to connect trails. But the views are great! Here's a few shots from the ride:
  7. Sounds like a plan! That all sounds good, I'd be glad to have you along. I have a room reserved at Motel 6 in Big Bear Lake that I may be sharing with KTMRad if he can make it ($50 per night). I also added an update to the first post with a more-concrete riding plan. I'll update with locations/times as we iron out the details. Should be a great weekend on the mountain!
  8. DigDug

    New twist

    Just don't open any attachments and make sure you turn off HTML email. Make sure your computer's software (especially your anti-virus) is up to date and you should be fine. Also, if you're using your primary email address, you're opening yourself up to a mountain of spam if the guy gets pissed. There are people out there that make a sport out of giving these scammers the runaround. Do a google search for "scambaiting" and enjoy some VERY entertaining reading. Some even get the scammers to send them money and/or waste funds sending bogus cashier's checks overnight.
  9. Nothing concrete, I was waiting to see what the intrest level was. My thinking so far is to leave early Saturday and do the Pinnacles ride on Saturday. Then check into Motel 6 in Big Bear Lake Saturday evening and get up, meet up with any one-dayers to do a loop on the other side of the mountain on Sunday. I'm just hoping to get some mountain miles in this weekend and enjoy the cooler weather up there. My next two weekends are shot with other riding commitments and the BBTR run is coming up.
  10. Actually, I kind of think going up it is easier than going down. The bike is more stable and takes the glances off the rocks better under power for me than when trying to keep my speed down braking downhill. As long as I have traction, I much prefer to go uphill - and White Mountain has pretty good traction as long as you keep your momentum rolling.
  11. When you say "Deep Creek" do you mean "Devil's Hole"? The crossing at the bottom of the sweet single-track? This one? I'm thinking about a Pinnacles run this coming weekend and wondering if the water levels at Devil's Hole are low enough yet to cross. Maybe I'll plan a ride over on the Big Bear side rather than the Arrowhead side instead.
  12. Damn you bikeslut!!! Now I have to clean Diet Coke out of my keyboard!
  13. The National Forest website was never updated to reflect the new CARB dates (linked above) and is incorrect: Cleveland National Forest - Recreational Activites As I understand it, the whole green/red sticker crap is set by CARB, not by the land agencies.
  14. DigDug

    DRZ400 Dirt to Sumo Quick

    By the way, while we're talking about chains, Cycle Gear has the $90 chain breaker/rivet tool on sale for $30. LINK HERE They have them in the stores. Pick one up!!!
  15. The red sticker season ended on the last day of April for this area. That's what I was going to say. CARB Riding Seasons Corral Canyon is on page 3 They actually check at Corral Canyon on occasion too - be careful out there!
  16. DigDug

    need a trailer

    Hmmmmmm...... Specifications - Ural Sidecar Motorcycle T Something you want to tell us, papa??? When do we ride?
  17. Wow, that seems like a lot of work! I usually just take pictures of people falling down: Sorry...
  18. Yeah, I'm sure it includes all kinds of stuff I don't really need, but they said "It's the KTM clutch kit for that bike": KTMtwins LC8 Clutch Kit I guess that's what they go for. Although that description says it includes the cover gasket too and I ordered one in addition to the kit. I guess I'll have an extra.
  19. The clutch is toast! I made it about 1/3 the way home and cried uncle. (Actually, I called Strega. Thanks for the rescue, Roger) I guess 18,000 miles of abusing that clutch finally did it in. 520 lbs of bike (plus 200 lbs of rider) and close to 100 horsepower really stresses things when they're abused(sorry for the rock shower). While waiting in the parking lot for rescue, I called an ordered the new clutch kit (entire kit, plates, discs, springs, etc). With my military discount it came out to JUST UNDER $350!!! This is an expensive hobby!
  20. Early mornings are fine. I could be down there by 7. I'm coming down 15 and 163, so wherever you think would be a good meeting place. It's your back yard.
  21. Any more on the plan? (Meeting place and time) I snuck out of work early so I can spoon some new shoes onto the 950. (Wear bars on the rear from commuting)
  22. Sounds good. None of my buddies have committed, but they're on a Husky, a Honda, and a Husaberg, so you'd be welcome. I suppose I'd be the odd man out on a non 'H' bike!
  23. I mailed in my form today. Might have some buddies from work to ride with or I might try and look for you guys there.
  24. I haven't have the 950 out in a bit - might be good loop for that (lots of pavement). I'm 75% in at this point.
  25. DigDug

    Is there a list of truck trails?

    The Cleveland National Forest websites maintain a webpage that shows the conditions of all the truck trails. I'd still call to confirm however. Once I drove up to ride with a couple friends from work no North Main Divide, which was listed as open on the website, but the gate was locked. Here's the link: Cleveland Nationa Forest - Current Conditions Do a google search for "cleveland national forest road closures" and you'll get that link. Other forests do a similar thing.

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