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  1. 14 hours ago, simicrintz said:

    We have been having the trailer operators get an unlimited texting plan (always a hassle since they always want to sell a phone) as this is really only a remote alarm.  We don't need anything real complicated; just simple texting with some controllability as to what the texts say ("feed error", "process completed", "normal shutdown" for example).  

    I will look into the InReach, but will also need someone "techier" than me to setup and/or teach me so I know how to do it (maybe I should have learned than already, huh?!).

    Yep, the InReach can be fun to set up. I primarily use ours when we're out of cellular coverage, which is often. Nice thing about the InReach is that it has an Android and Apple app, makes it much easier to type messages and set up the system.

  2. Yep, good luck.


    One other thing I'll add is that there's an emergency animal clinic in Carlsbad, California Veterinary Specialists.  I've been there with my dogs too many times to count, they're one of the most expensive out there. But very capable. Even with that you still have to know when they're upselling you, or trying to drop a procedure on you that might not be necessary. Dr. Grady is pretty good there, along with one or two others.


    Another thing I'd try before heading south is head out to a small vet in a more rural area, you might do better with that.


    Good luck to the pup.

  3. Yep, best bet is to go to a pro tackle shop and first get properly fitted from someone that knows what they're doing. Then go and start trying different bow setups as they suggest...she'll be much better off going this route than just randomly trying things out.

    There's a great tournament every Father's Day in Balboa Park...the King Arthur tournament...plenty of fun, she should attend next year!

  4. I haven't been out in quite a while, but all of the truck trails that I know of are legal thoroughfares. The private property, no trespassing, no access, keep out, etc signs are put there by residents to prevent folks from using those truck trails. I ignore them, generally. I also look at them as more of a "don't trespass on the land outside the easement" kind of thing.