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  1. Looks like you had a nice time. We drove out for a quick out and back to Mecca. The low numbers of folks out there during this weekend hit us too....kinda strange. Pretty quiet out there. Even Truckhaven was slow.
  2. Czechsix

    HAM Radio Live Discussions

    Yep, should still be active. When I was monitoring daily, I'd hear KA7AYT and a bunch of others gabbing on that net. I'm in a hole, otherwise I would have joined them. As it was, I had to take the truck to a better location, and then I could join. I've got a tower here, but still haven't put it up...one of these days. Then a yagi on top, and I should be able to hit the PARC repeaters no problem. Current info from PARC...Tuesday 2100 146.730 Off-Road Net, still hosted by KA7AYT. I might try to check in next week. Maybe have some fun and do it bike mobile!
  3. Czechsix

    new guy

    Wow. Very clean bike. Needs dirt on it.
  4. Czechsix

    North County DS Rider

    Nice, we're getting more XR4's now. Who knows, maybe we'll have to have a small XR ride one of these days LOL. I'm in Vista, there's another guy with an XR4 close to me too - he's on ADV, dunno if he's on this site. Calling farrington300.......heeeelllllooooooooo...... IAC, nice bike, you'll have lots of fun with it!
  5. Czechsix

    Complete Noob in Vista

    Welcome aboard - there are a few of us in Vista and North County. Lots of rides happen this time of year, time to find a bike!
  6. Czechsix

    Where to buy firearms?

    Ah, understood. Yep, crazy laws...designed to make it easy to violate, but not easy to follow. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
  7. Czechsix

    Where to buy firearms?

    Correct, it's a gray area, and one that hasn't had a decent judicial test. Lots of people do use them in this state, legally grandfathered in. Probably as many or more have normal cap mags, but don't want the hassle of trying to educate folks, so they don't use them in this state, even though they're legal.
  8. Czechsix

    Where to buy firearms?

    I will agree with the laws being confusing...remember that you can actually have a centerfire rifle with a detachable mag in CA. It just needs to be a "featureless" build, use the 10 round low cap mags, or grandfathered normal cap mags. So this lets me have a featureless AR build, with detachable mags. Likewise AK, FAL, PTR, PS90, etc etc Calguns has a terrific aid to configuring legal firearms, both online and pdf printable. When you get on their site, look at the "Flowcharts and OLL assembly guide" section at the top of all pages. Doesn't hurt to have a few printed out, and in the range bag.....
  9. Czechsix

    Where to buy firearms?

    I agree with you on the selection, Czechsix, but I would caution that they are not the friendliest nor most helpful there (in my opinion). I took a buddy there that wanted to bring his wife and daughter to the Friday night classes and was checking it out. We were there for an hour and no one would even recognize us or ask if we needed anything, even when we were standing at the counter and no one else was around. Trying to get help was a total waste of time (seemed like if they didn't recognize you they didn't want to acknowledge you). Just my .02 I was pretty disappointed when I was there. Not to say everyone would be treated the same, and maybe they were having a bad day. Agreed on the customer service comments, I've had bad experiences there too. Then again, I've been ignored in every gun shop and range in SoCal, LOL. For some reason, gun shops seem to attract lousy sales people. There are plenty of good ones out there too, but lots of bad ones too. Precision Arms is a good one man store, but I also got along with Jerry and Gene back when, and Jerry, at the least, was crap for customer service LOL. For tacticool stuff, Parallax Arms is good, has a good selection, but also has the customer service issues at times. Direct Action Solutions is also good, in Solana Beach. Time for a DS San Diego Gun Shop Tour! Also, I like using Gussler's for out of state transfers - one of the last home FFL's around there. Good guy.
  10. Czechsix

    Where to buy firearms?

    A place like Iron Sights in O'side has a good selection of pistol and revolver choices to rent, which'll give you a good sample. At the least I'd spend a range day there, feeling the differences. I settled on Glocks, even though I'm more partial to the 1911A1's. Many folks out there are very happy with their S&W M&P's, and I might have gone that route except I've had Glocks for years. Another thing to think about is spare parts, and how easy it is to get the tool repaired, if need be. High cap shotgun - either Remington 870, or a Mossberg 5xx series. Those are about as basic as you can go. If you want a good deal, there are police 870 turn ins out there that are in decent shape, along with 870 police barrels. For the shotguns, Big 5 does have decent sales on them, and the prices for used shotguns are pretty close to the new, unless they're seriously pimped out, but I figure you can go that route once you know how you want to use it. If you're looking for a fully loaded shotgun, then I'd go on the Calguns forum and look there. I prefer pump actions, but lots of folks are quite happy with semi. I'd go with a 3" mag action, but I wouldn't turn down a regular 2 3/4 action just because it won't handle the large rounds. The high capacity rifle...well, high cap here means 10 rounds max. Good stopping power means .30 cal of some sort, and accurate for long range hunting means either bolt or accurized semi. If it's a bolt and you're just getting into this, either a Savage or a Stevens, in .308. Triggers are decent, barrels need to be broken in properly for real accuracy, or you can just replace the barrel with something nicer right off. If you want higher end, Remington 700 is a good starting point. Doesn't sound like you want to go Surgeon or something high end, but if you do, there are plenty out there. If you want a semi, then I'd look at an AR10 pattern rifle. I like the Tactical Machining receivers, but there are a few other choices out there. Not quite as many choices as an AR15, but still enough to boggle the mind. PTR, FAL are both good battle rifles, but unless you reload, or find a really nice lot of shelf ammo, don't expect great accuracy. M1A's and M1G's can both be accurate, but that comes at a serious price. One nice thing about both of those is that you can legally use detachable mags in this state. Also, lots will depend on what you mean by long range. Your definition is probably different from mine.... If you want a good overview on prices and what's out there, look for a Shotgun News at your local newstand - I used to get mine at Stater Brothers markets. Good quality suppliers for defensive rifles, at least AR patterns - Daniel Defense, Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT), Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM), Colt, and a few others. All this is my opinion, and we know what that's worth
  11. Czechsix

    Where to buy firearms?

    Turners sucks. So does Duncans. So do the gun shows, unless you head a bit up north to OC, or out to SAR in Phoenix, or you want to buy beef jerky, glass unicorns, t-shirts, or stuff miwall sells. Only shop I'd bother with is in Solana Beach or Escondido, but it all depends on what you're looking for. Plinking, carry, self defense, home defense, precision, hunting, 3 gun, zombies, wall hangers...whatcha gonna do? I might have some more suggestions if you give a bit more info. Calguns is a decent place...again, depends on what you're looking for.
  12. C'mon Rad, find proof that it was CZECH BEER! Not that British swill...oops, probably stepped on some toes there. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo PIVO!
  13. Czechsix

    Sliding the front wheel?

    Pretty much like the video says. I'm thinking that the "able to slide the front" part is specifically targeted towards MX, and somewhat reproducible conditions. But if you really want to know how to slide the front, just keep grabbing the front brake at speed. That Lewis is a funny guy.
  14. Czechsix

    Alpine to Vegas

    Those two videos are keepers! Good job on them - looked like a great ride. One of these days.....
  15. Czechsix

    Government Auction

    Nice find CiD, I haven't been near as active as I used to be on GL. Used to buy and sell deuces, trailers, etc. I'll shoot you a pm, if you do go out there relatively often to check on lots, I might ask you for a favor, comp fuel, etc. IAC, I'll pm you.
  16. Czechsix

    Goodbye " Adventure Pass "

    Green sticker/red sticker money, adventure pass (and I'm still pissed about that one), all of them are always subject to abuse. They're just another tax, not enough folks get pissed enough to inform the drones in office that they'll be out of office if they don't knock their crap off. Getting good figures is probably well nigh impossible, since the folks that benefit from the funds (and I don't mean the public) are the ones doing the accounting. Business as usual, in other words.
  17. Czechsix

    Found Honda rider

    Where? Post up details, this is important stuff.
  18. Czechsix

    Xr400 oil change help

    Nice find, he'll enjoy the bike. I use Shell Rotella 15w-40, or 5w-40 full synthetic in mine if it's going to be a hot ride. As has been said, change it often. Check API ratings. YMMV. Oh, forgot to add it's actually 1.9 quarts for fill, with filter change...but I always dump in 2 quarts. No isses with mine, his might blow a bit of oil until it evens out, as some do.
  19. Hell yeah I'm interested in seeing what you find out.
  20. Czechsix

    Truck trail off Pamo

    I thought Orosco was more or less permanently gated by now? It used to be a shooting area, but the idiots that brought trash, old appliances, etc to shoot up screwed that for everyone. Not to mention the idiots that shot someone too..that didn't help. It used to be that you could stop by the ranger station and they'd let you know what the current combination was. Don't know if that's still in effect.
  21. Dang, late start! Should be fun, I'll have to pass though. Like to hear how it is though, haven't been through in a while.
  22. Czechsix

    Fri feb 4

    I think the too much driving puts the kibosh on it..I'm North County. Corral Canyon...sigh, not a half day thing for me.
  23. Czechsix

    SDAR Registration / Approval Process

    Captcha is easy to do, but I'm still for the manual process. One of the things that's good about this board is that it remains fairly local. Even though members move out of the area and stay members.. Much different from someone way out of state doing research, or just joining for the DD or something, and then having one post and never seen again. I think signal to noise ratio will eventually go up if it's an automatic approval. I value the fact that this is a great regional board, and remains that way. Pretty much due to the admin, the members, and the vetting (now where's my five bucks and the sticker?) I need more coffee.
  24. Czechsix

    Think We Should Approve This New Member ?

    Off to vote in the poll, but my feeling is to keep it like it is - manual approval. I'm also a member of another, much larger private board that has similar issues. We've been doing it manually for over fifteen years now and it helps quite a bit, keeps the board focused.