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    This new Honda is just plain Fugley

    Hipster bike.
  2. RIP, but doing what he loved. I can think of worse ways to leave this earth.
  3. Czechsix

    Russian two wheel drive MC

    Cute, but I'll stick with my Rokon. One thing I have to say about that Russian unit - seeing how lightweight it is, I wonder what the durability will be like? Measured in hours before rebuild, or will it be like my Rokon...which is still motoring on the original engine, trans etc....from 1973. OK, I did lose a u-joint, I'll give you that much. And I replaced the chains.
  4. Czechsix

    Living on Palomar Divide Road

    The Rock House is actually an old mine, and from what I recall that claim is still active. So might be some mining/prospecting activity. Or not, those trailers look pretty farkly compared to what most prospecters run.
  5. Czechsix

    One & done, Sub-Humans Suck & I'm dumb

    I always like the old saw that was continuously told to me: locks keep honest people honest. Horse crap. Honest people don't need locks. They're not thieves. Thieves suck. Luckily they engage in idiotic behavior often enough they often don't survive too long. I'm OK with that. Sorry that you had to encounter one of our local asset redistribution specialists.
  6. I scored a nice little project bike off the board here, a while back. I've been tearing into it gradually, and figured it was time to check into registration, and if there were any issues. Last time the bike was registered was in 2005. No inquiries had been made until now, on it. As a matter of fact I don't think it was even in the States, so no issues with registration here, etc. But it's still on the DMV records, it turns out. $631 in back fees. So it looks like there's no more of the "it'll fall off the records in 5 years, or 7 years". I'm thinking that stuff is going to permanently be on the DMV records now, which'll make buying used vehicles even more interesting. So a heads up for you folks out there, don't believe that 5/7 year thing.
  7. Yep, some good ideas here. I went and read the statute about the penalties and fees, I can see how that would probably help. I like the idea of also sending it direct to tech branch or whatever their name is in Sacto. What I don't like is giving this thief of a state any more of my money...sigh. But I probably will, just to make life a bit easier. Gotta pay for high speed trains, I guess. I've had more than a few experiences, like you guys, with the DMV. I remember one old German truck I bought years ago that had been imported into the country some years before I bought it. No paperwork with it, no files in the DMV network, and they didn't even know what the hell to categorize it as. Idiot clerk couldn't figure out what it was, and kept insisting that it was in this class, and needed this equipment check, and these were the fees (HOW MUCH? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!). I occupied that clerk for about three hours, arguing...until they finally went to another supervisor, just after the office shut its doors. I'll never forget the supervisor looking at the paperwork for about a minute, signing off on it, and telling the clerk "waive all the fees". My jaw dropped. Had no idea at that point those idiots could do that.
  8. Got about 45k on it...just getting broken in, hopefully. CID...might just go for that. Thing is that I could swear I heard that CA no longer lets you go that route easily...they still go after someone for the fees. Ah well, I guess I'll keep building her up and figure something out. Lots of help on this board, for sure. PM's too, heheheh.You're all good folks, I don't care what your siblings say about you.
  9. Czechsix

    ABDSP Fire Ring Violation

    Every time I've gone to court, and actually sat through it until called before the judge, I've received lessened fines. However, due to the games that are now being played, I wouldn't be at all shocked to hear the fine is lowered - yet she pays more than $500 due to administrative fees, prison support fees, overtime fees, paperwork fees, K9 neutering fees, BLM vehicle paint rework fees, Anza Borrego Park Headquarters glass cleaning surcharge, and on and on.
  10. Czechsix

    Sad news ...... fallen member :(

    RIP Dana, RIP
  11. Czechsix

    Realizing the unimaginable....

    Good points DD. Red Cross FA training, at the very least, is cheap insurance, and fast to do. I seem to go every few years, licenses lapse, but the general practices don't change that much. I probably should have kept my instructor certs current...maybe I'll re-up. IAC...yeah. Something to think about. In addition to carrying a more conprehensive first aid kit...something better than a couple of bandages and a pint of bourbon.
  12. Czechsix

    What's Better?

    I just drink more.
  13. Czechsix

    New Honda?

    Unobtainium, I'm sure
  14. Czechsix

    Roger's new bike?

  15. Czechsix


    make sure you beat the shoes out first.........
  16. Czechsix


    Yep, Centruroides vittatus,have a nasty sting. More than likely getting into cooler areas, I'd make that one dead and try to find out where they are coming from. Then seal that area. Thing is, they can fit through tiny cracks. Glue traps also help, but if you want poisons they're pretty resistant to everything but the nasty stuff. Way back when I used to go to AZ to harvest C.sculpturatus, bring them back, and harvest and sell the venom. Good pocket money back then!
  17. Czechsix

    Abandoned 990 Adventure?

    TrophyHunter, I like the way you roll.
  18. Czechsix

    Abandoned 990 Adventure?

    Maybe a stolen bike? Or someone got into trouble. Hell, I'd throw a cover over to help the owner out LOL.
  19. I use A.O. Reed when I'm working down in San Diego, they're in Kearny Mesa
  20. Nice looking bike you have there! Definitely one of the classics, kinda reminds me of another one....
  21. Czechsix

    Your Off Road fees at work

    You're just figuring out now that any promises made by a politician are lies? Welcome aboard. But I'm happy to see that there's going to be an additional gas tax. Just icing on the cake. Oh, and that 3.6% federal pay tax that went in the beginning of the year, that was nice too. Oh well, can't afford to go camping any more. Can't afford to fix the bike fast either. Yeah, I know. boohoo. lol.
  22. Geez, all that and you get paid for it too. Looks like too much fun. Thanks for sharing those pics.
  23. Czechsix

    One Wheel Motorcycle

    Hmmm. Someone call me when it goes faster than 15 mph. I think that riding position looks pretty brutal too. It's basically a massaged Segway. Interesting concept, but it needs to go lots further.