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  1. Yeah, I kinda go between the two areas, San Diego (actually UC area), and Vista. Anyways, after a few years hiatus from bikes (ok, more like fifteen or so years away), I grabbed one of the XR400's that was on CL. It was the '98 for $1900, got it for $1750. Plated bike, with some goodies on it - FMF pipe, skid plate, top triple is set for a dampener, lowering link (removing that one...) and I'll add a few other things as time goes on (dampener, desert tank, might fair it Rally/Raid style). It's at Clairemont Cycle Supply now, getting new tires on it, and new fork springs for my weight. Jamie at CCS said it looked pretty clean, not abused, so that's a good thing. The last time I had a bike it was a custom desert bike - bored XR350 motor, CR500 front end, RM250 rear, etc etc. Nice bike, had a Wiseco kit in it that I leaned out a bit, and that was the end of that kit. Sold it years back to some local guys, hope they restored it...who knows, maybe they're on this forum? A few friends of mine that the wife and I head out to the desert with have a cabin up in Landers, and they're all SCORE racers - from Class 50, to bugs, and whatever else. They've had some success before class 50 too, in the years past. Third place at the 1000. So I've played around on their 650's, and finally decided to get my own bike, but I figured a 400 was plenty of bike for me, and I like the XR's. Not going to race, just like to trail ride and explore. XR should be perfect for that. Also into 4x4's (have a '86 Suburban with a Cummins and one or two other bits in it, F350 daily driver), Ham radio (general class), and shooting. Plus all sorts of other stuff. Like a Rokon Trailbreaker. Used to import Unimogs too, still deal a bit in military surplus. I'm really enjoying reading the ride reports and seeing the different areas that are still available. Big difference from thirty years ago though. I rode from age 12 or so, up to my mid thirties. I'm old and decrepit now though. So howdy, and I'm looking forward to learning some new things here.
  2. Czechsix

    FNG from San Diego/Vista area.....

    Howdy TL, looks like plenty of guys up in NC. Just got the bike back from CCS, took the first ride over to a buddies beemer shop in San Marcos. New rubber, rejetted for the pipe, new fork springs, time to ride. I'm outa shape hehe. Sore. It's good. Bike looks like low hours, has some goodies on it, but nothing overboard. Have to add a fin to it, and get some disc protection, maybe a desert tank later on.
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    FNG from San Diego/Vista area.....

    So....is there, like, a Bikeslut award to avoid or something?
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    FNG from San Diego/Vista area.....

    Hmmmm, then I must be dead. Well, welcome to the club. Well, there's various stages of decrepitude. I think I'm in the mid stages, but I'll get back to you on that in twenty years or so, when I'll really be whining.
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    FNG from San Diego/Vista area.....

    Heh. Yep, guess what? I'm on Mar Vista - I'm city, and right behind me is county. I get to see the county side and wish all the time, lol. City of Vista is something else, ain't it? Thanks for the welcome