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  1. All gear must go

    Just cleared some boxes and found; Pirelli MT-21 Tires Set 90/90-21 front little wear 140/80-18 rear about 50% left maybe more
  2. All gear must go

    Thanks Paul
  3. All gear must go

  4. All gear must go

    I am very sad but due to my back(doc ordered) i need to sell all my gear. Most gear is street. Email me if you are looking for something special. List of top of head; 1 off road helmet never used will email details when i dig it out, i know its there just need ot get to it. 1 street never used - same 1 i use all the time, can go cheep. - the one you have seen me wear Pants and jackets with linners for winter time. - First Grear Kilmajaro Size XL 2 sets SOLD - Backpack that supposed to reduce wind drag - this was my dads, it was to reduce wind drag no detail yet Camel pack - 1l pack Gloves, summer - just the gloves Battery tender - works awesome... It would be much easier to see in person. - I will be working from home today on and off calls all day. tonight i can open up display. Sad days but life can just be this way. Joe 6195042208 I wanted to thanks those of you i was able to ride with, i have a great time.
  5. Spot

    Anyone what a Spot tracker? I ran out of money this year and cant renew right now. Want it? SOLD.... Thanks for looking...
  6. Wierd weather

    Its always like this may/june. I got married June 5th 1993 and it rained hard all day, abnout hour before it quit then started after we were done..
  7. Big Bear Pre-run

    Yamaha is getting there ass sued off by ownersof the side by sides...
  8. Mechanics Nightmare

    Sounds like a challange to me.
  9. family news

    congrats on the awesome news..
  10. Pay Check Bounces-

    My mom deals with this every other week. but she tells "at least i have job and son that pays my bills" The company i work for canceled all bonuses and raise this year. Killed my bottom line, o well. Getting depressed, leaving thread.
  11. corral canyon

    I had a great time, some of the drops scared the you know what out of me, but i was OK. Heres my shoots on Flicr; http://www.flickr.com/photos/slosherspataf...57613313590100/ Anyone else sore?
  12. Are you ready? I will be at PV exit at 10 am.. Thaks to those that replied.. See you AM.. Looks like lunch in PV....
  13. I might have monday off so it's possible I can join. There's food in Pine Valley and Alpine, or I can bring along some MRE's if you are really hungry? If I get THAT hungry, I'll eat my spare tube I'll bring the salt and pepper. Maybe we should bring BBQ.... All are welcome to come..
  14. Money Feb 2, 2009 Slut and I are meeting at PV on Moday around 10. Anyone want to join? I am using KTM 690, with 80 Street and 20 Dirt tires. Try what ever trails we can hit. I am a slower rider, i have a issue where i want to check things out.. Should i pack a lunch or will something be open for a hot meal?