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  1. Looking for dirt bikes for my 13 year old daughter and me. Looking to spend 5000 on both. Was hoping for a smaller dual sport for me and maybe a 125 for her. Thanks!
  2. Anyone Know a Good Caterer for Desert Dash ?

    Hi ktmrad, I just happen to own a catering company and would love to help! You can email me at flavorchefcatering@gmail.com and I can get you info right way. My website is flavorchefcatering.com Thanks Derek
  3. 200 mile ride today! Getting real comfortable with my new bike. Looking forward to the 805 shinkos coming in the mail. Doing good with stock and things will only get better with some knobs. Got stuck in sand at one point way out there. Found sticks and made bridge. No YouTube in the boonies!!
  4. Locked gated

    I'm a little new to the game but I'm discovering locked gates everywhere. Just wanna enjoy the beautiful place i live. Some places remain undiscovered. I'm super thankful for what I have but &£&-! Drinking brings it out. Wanna find who doing it...
  5. Noobie from SD

    Hi, I know lots of trail and got a big bike as well. Let me know when you wanna ride. I'm usually available especially weekdays.
  6. New member from poway

    Hey everyone, I'm Derek. Just sold my r6 and got a super tenere adventure bike. I live in Poway and want to meet some people that wanna explore. Or show me cool stuff they explored. Just want to ride and have fun! I own a local catering company so I have a pretty flexible schedule. (And can help with any cooking needs😉) how do we sign up for the la-vegas? Anyone in North county? Thanks