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  1. Thanks guys, very good recommendations on the Spot. I thought I'd read that the Lithium batteries only lasted 4 days, but 3 weeks changes the equation totally. I'll keep it on myself then. And I'll look into your USB recommendation for the phone.
  2. Thanks, I actually have that one, but there are 2 problems with it: it's a single USB - I need one for the phone and one for Spot, and it's awkward to mount on the bar.
  3. I've been through two USB adaptors in less than a month, and would like a recommendation for a robust USB adaptor. Any suggestions.
  4. No BP harassing, on the contrary, if you stop and talk to them, they'll appreciate it. It must be very boring just sitting there in a car looking at the desert. I haven't tried Campo to Tecate yet, just Campo to Jacumba (eastwards). And thoroughly enjoyed the climbs and descents, although the sphincter was working overtime to keep things under control.
  5. I'm a noobie myself and did an interesting short ride last weekend, a border run from Campo to Jacumba. The most challenging part was a steep climb and descent with deep grooves, and the border wall shade. --Carlos Border Run Campo-Jacumba.GPX
  6. Welcome, Jose! --Carlos La Jolla
  7. Whereas, as my track shows, there's a direct road.
  8. Yep, got them both in the highest possible detail. If I try to create a route from Lake Juarez to La Rumorosa, it'll send me through a 247 mile trip.
  9. CN NT is the only map I've got active. The screenshot I sent in the previous mail is from BaseCamp. So, either CN NT does not know the road from Laguna Juarez to Rumorosa (and many others that I've ridden last weekend), or I'm doing something really stupid.
  10. I'm using the City Navigator North America NT 2018.3 version. City Navigator. See attached.
  11. I was in Baja for the first time last weekend. As it turns out, the City Navigator NT turned out to be completely useless: as soon as you go into dirt roads, the Montana pleads the 5th. Even roads like the one from Hanson Lake to La Rumorosa, which a perfectly fine road, not requiring particularly developed skills, isn't there. Google maps know it! Am I doing something wrong, or should I just buy another map? And, if so, which?
  12. Thanks for all the good advice, guys. --Carlos
  13. I asked them which headlight model I should buy for my 701 and their reply was: "In order to run one of our lights you just have to find out what the stator output in watts is for that bike. as well as if that bike is EFI or not. If you have an EFI bike then you just want to make sure you are getting the DC powered light." I'm assuming EFI means Electronic Fuel Injection, but does anyone know what the stator output is for the 701? And when I have that information, what do I do with it? --Carlos
  14. Replacing the stock headlight seems like a good idea, I'll explore that. Thanks guys! --Carlos
  15. Can someone give any idea on what to buy in order to install a pair of Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights on my Husky 701? And where to install them? Tia, --Carlos