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  1. San Felipe?

    I'm not sure I can give you certainty by Wednesday, but no worries: might I go, I can get myself a hotel room in San Felipe.
  2. San Felipe?

    There's a nice and easy dirt road going from La Rumorosa to Laguna Hanson, and on to Hwy 3. Then a few miles of pavement, and some more dirt from Hwy to San Felipe. Would that be a consideration?
  3. San Felipe?

    Any idea of the route you're taking from Mexicali to San Felipe?
  4. San Felipe?

    So, just to confirm: 2/16-19 with crossing in Mexicali?
  5. Anderson Lake

    http://lmgtfy.com/?iie=1&q=Anderson+Lake ;-)
  6. San Felipe?

    Are you crossing the border in Tecate? If so, what time?
  7. San Felipe?

    I might be able to join. Any idea on the route yet?
  8. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    @paulmbowers, Thanks for the valuable info. Your links to speakers and harness are the same, and they both point to the harness. Would you be so kind as to give us the link to your favorite speakers and mic? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the excellent ride, guys! And for putting up with this noob.
  10. USB Adaptor

    Thanks guys, very good recommendations on the Spot. I thought I'd read that the Lithium batteries only lasted 4 days, but 3 weeks changes the equation totally. I'll keep it on myself then. And I'll look into your USB recommendation for the phone.
  11. USB Adaptor

    Thanks, I actually have that one, but there are 2 problems with it: it's a single USB - I need one for the phone and one for Spot, and it's awkward to mount on the bar.
  12. USB Adaptor

    I've been through two USB adaptors in less than a month, and would like a recommendation for a robust USB adaptor. Any suggestions.