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  1. Sure, this afternoon? I'll PM a #.
  2. Last minute, who wants to go out? Rolling out on 250L from san diego around 9. Thinking pine creek road to sunrise to oriflame or so...
  3. Welcome. I've got a CRF250L and I'm new around here too. Let me know when you're gunna roll out. I'm in City Heights.
  4. I've been thinking the same thing lately. Why? Must be an e-bike conspiracy.
  5. I've had a lot of motos. Mostly sportbikes and supermotos. I had a DRZ400. I just got a used CRF250L, put a CRF450R front end on it, and love it. Been taking it all over san diego/riverside county on weekend day trips. It hates 80mph highway riding, but I make it do it anyway. Riding the crap out of it to justify getting a 300 big bore kit for it. Hoping to meet up for some good rides and learn about different routes. Pic from Santa Rosa mountain: