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  1. Nice bike! See you there
  2. Meeting at the pine valley cul de sac Wednesday morning around 8am. Taking kernan cycle trail to corral canyon ohv area and riding the big loop. Intermediate to advanced riders on smaller bikes. Hope to meet some of you there.
  3. Lark Sat/Sun AUG-12/13

    It looks like I'll be able to camp Sunday night and ride Monday morning. Will you guys still be out there?
  4. New owner of a 2016 Enduro r!

    Thanks guys! The previous owner never took it off road but also didn't have any service records for it so for the next few weeks I'll be revitalizing her and fixing some little things that happened when he dumped it ( first bike for the previous owner)
  5. New owner of a 2016 Enduro r!

    Glider port
  6. New owner of a 2016 Enduro r!

    I just bought a 2016 Enduro r. Love it so far and can't wait to get it off road! Anybody on here have any experience with these machines? If so, has it been reliable for you? Is there anything I should keep an eye out for? Thanks guys
  7. New guy in pb here. Excited to meet more motorcycle people, go on group rides and find new trails. Current bikes include.. 2003 klx 400sr with Supermoto setup. 2001 Yamaha fz1 for sale 1995 Yamaha wr250z 1994 Honda trx 300 Look forward to meeting you soon!