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  1. D’oh, I need to put the bike back together - next week maybe.
  2. Great Assist by Mr.JAJA

    On a little road trip this morning, a friend learned a valuable lesson in target fixation while riding my 990 ADV on the 67 into Ramona. (yes, it really was a friend...this time) Unfortunately the lesson came at the expense of my front rim, right crash bar and corresponding gas tank. In the midst of the problem, up rolls Mr.JAJA who proceeds to help tow the bike the remaining few miles to All American KTM. Thank you Mr.JAJA, your kind assistance is well appreciated. I definitely owe you a beer (or several) next time we meet up. DustMonkey
  3. I'm going up this week. Probably pass through Ramona around 6:30.
  4. Being new to the club, i'll be nice to meet some more of you all. I'm in.
  5. This is starting to sound like a party. Count me in.
  6. It's been a few weeks since I could make this. Anyone else planning on riding tonight?
  7. I think for this iteration, I'll just try to find you all on the trail.
  8. Lol, I'll see what I can fit into my backpack.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to the fourm and have been interested in this ride for a while. Mind if I join you tonight? Do you still leave from Packards @ 7:00?
  10. Rob from RB

    New to the site & checking in. I'm just getting into off road riding after 20 years of riding. I picked up a used KTM 990 ADV last fall and am looking forward to exploring the SD back country. As I gain experience, I'll probably start looking for interesting rides further abroad.